Top 10 Under $10

Top Ten Tuesday is always fun but today is especially so. I got to pick out 10 items that cost $10 or less to show you. With the winter holidays peeking around the corner you need to find some stocking stuffers or just something to perk up your own life. Here are some of my favorite cosmetic items. I’d love to learn what yours are too. — Marcia


1.  PIXI BEAUTY SHEA BUTTER LIP BALMS ($8) come in 5 colors plus clear and they are totally awesome. They are a combination of a nurturing lip balm and a lipstick except they aren’t sticky at all. My blog partner Lisa raves about these constantly so I had to see what the fuss was about and now I agree with her. Pick from Ripe Raspberry, Coral Crush, Pixi Pink, Natural Rose, Honey Nectar or clear. I can’t wait to go back to Target to pick up Pixi Pink.

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose

2.  COLOURPOP is the hot brand of 2015. Their products are all so reasonably priced ($5-$8). They are known for their Ultra Matte lipglosses but those don’t do it for me. I do like their Lippie Stix though and I have several including the sheer Juice Bar in the collage. While not my favorite I appreciate all the choices and that they have matching Lippie Pencils for most of the Lippie Stix ($5 for the Lippie Stix, $5 for the Lippie Pencils). Totally fun pick me up and if you use the code “thanksbabe” you’ll get $5 off your order.



3.  Speaking of ColourPop, they have 24 shades of blush in three different finishes (matte, satin, and pearlized). The texture of ColourPop blush and eyeshadows is not what you expect. They have a spongy feel to them and are a bit tricky the first time you apply them, but after you get the hang of them you’ll come back for more.

4.  MILANI ROSE POWDER BLUSHES aren’t in my collection but they need to be. There are nothing but raves for these. At $7.99 if you see them, grab them.



5.  HARD CANDY SASSY EYES SULTRY PALETTES ($8) are in sturdy metal palettes with shadows that belie their price. There are 3 variations of these and if they are anything like the Smokey Eye Palettes that I have from the spring, then they are top rate. I still use my Smokey Eye Palettes all the time.

6.  SLEEK I-QUAD EYESHADOW & EYELINER PALETTES  ($8.99) are on my wishlist. There are 3 different palettes with three eyeshadows and a gel eyeliner. I’d have chosen one of the I-Divine eyeshadow palettes if it were under $10 but those are just above the limit at $11.99. This is a brand that I’m loving the more I use it.



7.  SINFUL COLORS ($1.99) amazes me. I’ve had the opportunity to review quite a few of their polishes and they last a full week on me. I know I mention them often but there’s a good reason for that.

8.  PIXI BEAUTY NAIL POLISH ($8) is another polish brand you’ll hear about from me over and over. I love how easy these are to find at Target, I love the colors, I love the wear. I just bought Olive Gold at Target after craving that shade for so long.With 40 shades you’ll easily find some you’ll crave too.



9.  e.l.f. ILLUMINATING PALETTE ($6) will satisfy your craving for highlighting aka strobing. 4 shades, $6. Can’t be beat. I just wish I could find the newer e.l.f. in stores.



10.  SIMPLE SKINCARE MICELLAR MAKEUP CLEANSING WIPES (approx $6) don’t totally fit this week’s theme for me but I just bought them and I’m impressed with a capital I. These wipes are different than the other brands I’ve tried. They are refreshing and remove cosmetics really well. They are gentle enough for my eyes which surprises me. Normally I use a separate eye makeup remover but so far I’ve even been able to get away without that. These may end up on my Top 10 list of the year.


  1. Awesome picks! I couldn’t believe how much I loved those Hard Candy palettes!

  2. I love these picks too! Loving the Pixi Polish.

  3. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Thanks for your top 10 under $10. I agree with the Sinful Colors polishes and have quite a few myself. But I always forget about the Pixi polishes and brand in general when I am looking for beauty items. Hopefully this will change for me now and I will be trying the ones on your list that I don’t already have. Thanks.

  4. Aren’t those Simple wipes amazing?

  5. I have a hard time finding the newer E.L.F. releases, too! Good picks!

  6. Great picks! I totally forgot about those Hard Candy palettes!

  7. <3 Milani blushes! I am just getting in to ColourPop stuff.

  8. What fantastic choices, Marcia. It is so nice that there are so many fantastic and affordable drugstore finds. I really need to add some Pixi products to my life!

  9. I absolutely LOVE ColourPop HARD. I think it’s so awesome that they have such an affordable price, but it adds up quite fast! <3

  10. A great selection of goodies, especially ColourPop because I’m an addict. I wish Pixi Balms were under $10 here, they are almost $15 at my local Target.

  11. Wonderful picks! I need to try both the Sleek and the Hard Candy shadow palettes. Both have been on my to try list

  12. Great picks! I adore the rose blushes and dig Colour Pop.

  13. Great suggestions! I love the Milani rose blushes!! I also have some of those Pixi lippies, but I haven’t tried them yet. Now I’m really excited to use them!

  14. I love the Pixi lip balms and Milani blushes are awesome. I have my first colourpop product on the way to me and I’m so excited to finally try them!

  15. There isn’t too much that truly rings in under $10 in Canada, but these are such great picks! I’m a big fan of the Milani Rose blushes.

  16. You are making me want to go shopping! I’m hoping to pick up that ELF Illuminating palette, too… and some other things on your list!

  17. Thanks for the legwork!! I love these picks, esp the e.l.f. highlighter. I have never tried one before but at that price I just have to. Also want to try some ColourPop items.

  18. Illy Junus says

    i love all the picks, never tried colour pop before, making it in my list now

  19. I am sitting here looking at your list and agreeing with every single item hehe. I haven’t tried Colour Pop yet but everything else is amazing!

  20. Jess Scull says

    awesome picks! Love all of them!

  21. Definitely like your choices. Good stuff

  22. Colourpop is the bomb! I seriously recommended their products to everyone I know.

  23. Sandy Weinstein says

    great list of cheap but nice beauty products, i like the pixel stuff found at target, but they dont carry enough shades for me, i like their eyebrow pencil but it does not come in brown or blond. the simple wipes are great to carry around in your car or purse.