Tips and Tricks for False Eyelashes

Today’s post comes from the unbelievably talented Olivia at The Unknown Beauty Blog and Into the Palette.  Olivia does fantastic reviews and tutorials…I not only subscribe, I even have her blogs bookmarked.  I find myself going back time after time to re-read her articles and memorize her tutorials.  Oliva absolutely rocks, and today she wrote this fabulous article for the BIZ with tips and tricks for false eyelashes.

False eyelashes are becoming a major accessory in the beauty field. There are
more styles of eyelashes than ever before, everything from fluttery showgirl
lashes to the exquisite mink lashes. Whatever style you choose, here are a few
tips I have gathered together to make falsies easier to handle.

Eyelash Trimming

Eyelash tips and tricks 8
Before applying your eyelashes, make sure you have trimmed off any hairs that
may have strayed from the rest of the pack. Also, if you find the lashes to be too
long, trim the OUTER end, leaving the desired length. I always save the
trimmings and use them as demi-lashes or incorporate them with other false
lashes for variation.

Double the Look

Eyelash tips and tricks 5
A double row of lashes makes for a glamorous and full look. You can pick two
different styles and layer them on top of each other before application. Just
apply glue onto the strips and apply like they were one.

Cleaning Lashes

Eyelash Tips and Tricks 4
False lashes should last you at least 3 to 4 more applications. What is important
is to remove the glue after application. Just spritz alcohol onto the lash strip and
with a Q-tip, remove the glue.

Putting the Curl Back
Eyelash tips and tricks 6Eyelash tips and tricks 7

Sometimes, after some wear and washing, you find the lashes aren’t curled as
much. You can re-curl them by wrapping them around a wooden dowel. Just
place the eyelash as shown. Place a kleenex beneath and fold it over. Then just
roll with it! Keep it that way overnight. When you unroll the kleenex, you should
have a nice curl.


Eyelash tips and tricks 2
Sometimes, you end up with no place to put your false lashes. You don’t want
them just scattered in a box, or find them on the floor and scream thinking it is
some huge spider! Just take a Post-It note and use the back of it; the strip will
keep the lashes in place and won’t damage them when removed.

Before Application

Eyelash tips and tricks 3
Did you know you have to break in those false lashes before application? You
have to soften the strip to make application easier onto the lash line. This is
where your fingers will have to do the hula, okay they don’t but it looks like they
should. Wrap those lashes (without the glue) around the fingers a few minutes
before application. This will make the strip easier to curve when applying onto
the eyes.

Eyelash Glue

Eyelash tips and tricks
Last but not least, get a good LATEX-FREE eyelash glue.  The worst thing
that can happen is having an allergic reaction to the glue and having your natural
lashes all fall out!  Created by a SFX makeup line Premiere Products, Add-A-Lash Adhesive ($6.50) is not only latex free, it is also sweat proof and waterproof.

There you have it, a few tips to make those false flutters more fluttery!

Get well soon, Marcia! I told you not to do that aerial flip on the skateboard.  Olivia, The Unknown Beauty Blog and Into the Palette


  1. Marcia | 29th Aug 14

    Thank you so much Olivia. I didn’t know about the hula part. When my leg unbreaks I’ll try to dance with some lashes.
    Great informative article.

  2. Elena | 30th Aug 14

    Hi Olivia. That was really very informative, as you always are. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Vivella | 30th Aug 14

    As always, great and clever info from Olivia!

  4. Olivia | 30th Aug 14

    Marcia – When your leg heals, not only will you be dancing and wearing lashes, you will be doing the hula too! And thank you for allowing me to be a guest poster on your blog.

    Elena – You’re welcome, glad you liked the post.

    Vivella – Thank you for reading

  5. Dee | 31st Aug 14

    Oh wow great tips especially the part about re-curling them! I’ve always been so lazy about false lashes – esp. about removing the glue after lol. Havent tried this glue but I have liked the DUO glue a lot so far!

  6. ifmakeupcouldtalk | 1st Sep 14

    Amazing post!! This has to be one of the most informative and thorough articles on false lashes I have ever come across. Bravo from start to finish.

  7. Olivia | 2nd Sep 14

    Dee – I am with you about the cleaning but if you ever get those expensive eyelashes (example mink ones), I think more than one wear would be important! LOL

    Maria – Thank you!

  8. beautyin | 4th Sep 14

    Olivia rocks. Her blogs are AMAZING, and we really hope she does another feature for us soon!!!

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