Three must have lipstick shades from FACE atelier: Jolie, Kona, and Red Fuchsia

FACE atelier Lipstick

Yesterday, a colleague at work said, “April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring?”  Of course I said “Pilgrims!”  Just a little spring humor!  Spring also brings the most beautiful Pro Lipstick ($24) shades from FACE atelier, and today I have three of their best selling must-have shades:  Jolie, Kona, and Red Fuchsia.

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FACE atelier Lipstick in Kona, Red Fuchsia, Jolie

FACE atelier has some very cool, unique products like Lip Lock.  This is a fabulous cruelty free pro line that never disappoints, and I have several indispensable go-to’s from this line – Lip Glaze, Ultra Skin, and Ultra Bronzer.  The Pro Lipstick has joined my super hero trio of must-haves thanks to the fantastic pigmentation, hydrating and smooth formula, and lovely shades.  The Lipsticks are also fragrance-free, which is always a big plus.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Kona, Red Fuchsia, Jolie

Here are the major ingredients in the Lipsticks:

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil – a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus communisplant that acts as a skin conditioning agent. It’s a gentle oil and a non-irritant that’s used as an emollient to maintain soft and supple skin Conditioning. It’s also a humectant that keeps moisture close to the skin’s surface due to its water-binding abilities.

Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax – a multifunctional complex of natural wax esters derived from the waxy leaf structure of Candelilla shrubs.  It increases the time that natural emollients remain on the skin, and help provide a protective, moisture resistant environment for skin.  Hydrating, moisturizing and protective.

The three best-selling shades of Lipstick are perfect for spring and summer.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Jolie

Jolie is a vibrant salmon pink.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Kona

Kona is an enticing tropical red.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Red Fuchsia

Red Fuchsia is a classic blue red.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Jolie, Red Fuchsia, and Kona

The shades are all beautiful and the formula is fantastic.  The texture is creamy and smooth with lots of slip.  Although these are technically matte shades, they all have a bit of satin sheen so they aren’t overly flat on lips.  I would say the shade with the most matte wear is Red Fuchsia, which goes on with a bit of a sheen but has a matte dry down.  Jolie and Kona seem to stay more satin on my lips.

FACE atelier has 26 different Pro Lipstick shades to choose from in matte, satin, and frost formulas, so there’s no doubt you will find something to love!  Here are some amazing tips for your lips from the professionals at FACE atelier.  – Lisa

FACE atelier Pro Lipstick Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do lightly line the lips with a complementary lip liner and fill in the whole lip for a more even fade throughout the day
  • Do  top off lipstick with a transparent of shimmer gloss to enhance the color of lipstick
  • Do regularly apply a moisturizing product like Lip Putty of Lip Ex to prevent cracked lips and reduce the feathering  and bleeding of color into the lips’ fine lines or wrinkles
  • Don’t use a lip liner darker than your lip shade just to line your lip, without filling it in. As it fades, you’re left with an unflattering outline – the cosmetic equivalent of a panty line.
  • Don’t match your lipstick to your outfit.  Makeup should always match your skin tone, not your skirt.
  • Don’t set lipstick with powder. It dries out the finish and your lips, while accentuating those pesky fine lip lines and cracks.


  1. Why on earth *would* someone set lipstick with powder?

  2. These are so pretty! I really like Jolie a lot!

  3. FACE Atelier makes my favorite mattifying misting spray, I haven’t tried their lipsticks but love these colors!

  4. Red Fuchsia is not as dark as I expected but I love that shade of red!

  5. I love all three shades, especially Jolie and Kona for summer. I think I have a FaceAtelier lipstick. I’ve gotta check. These look like they’d be nice to wear too

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  11. Madhubani says:

    We have a brand in India called ‘Faces’. Love their product. Though I havent tried anything from Faces Atelier, but the colors look so pretty and would love to get a few someday.

  12. I’ve seen so many YT gurus set lipstick with powder *SMH*

  13. 25 Sweetpeas says:

    Those are some really pretty bold colors!

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  15. Have you actually tried setting with powder OVER a tissue? It can mattify the shade without caking up your lips.

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  17. I always set the first layer with powder!

  18. Ehmkay nails says:

    I don’t see these as matte, but they do look like they wear very comfortably!

  19. Gabrielle says:

    Red Fuschia reminds me so much of a gorgeous lipstick Stendhal made aeons ago. Wow! Love it madly!

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    These lip colors are stunning!!

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    Each one is prettier than the next