This & That Giveaway Hop – Becca and Luxie

We’ve gotten addicted to joining in these wonderful Giveaway Hops with The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. This giveaway will possibly be your favorite one since all prizes are valued at a minimum of $50.

I’m confident that all beauty lovers are going to love Beauty Info Zone’s contribution. It’s worth $79 and will be a hit for yourself or for a gift. Take a look.

BECCA Volcano Goddess eyeshadow palette and Luxie Eye Blender Brush Pack

The winner will receive the newest palette from Becca, Volcano Goddess. This contains

  • Cloud Matte, bone
  • Volcano Sand Matte, light peach
  • Granite Matte, neutral taupe
  • Gilded Molten, metallic gold
  • Diamond Dust Molten, metallic cream with gold and pink pearls
  • Haze Shimmering, mauvy rose gold
  • Red Rock, soft shimmering maroon
  • Lava Molten, metallic copper
  • Agate Ash, shimmering taupey grey
  • Crater,  deep shimmering stone
  • Hematite, shimmering gunmetal
  • Midnight Sapphire, shimmering midnight blue
    LUXIE Eye Blender Brush Pack

    This Luxie Eye Blender Brush Pack contains 3 premium cruelty free brushes with an antibiotic coating. This set is a Boxycharm special that I thought would be a perfect add on for the palette.

This & That Giveaway is open to US and Canadian Beauty Info Zone email subscribers. I know that not everyone likes to subscribe but with the number of giveaways on Beauty Info Zone it’s a bonus to be a part of our blog. The last date to enter is November 27th at 11:59 pm EST. Update: the comment section has closed so that means you’ll need to email me your comment at [email protected] and label your comment either Becca or This & That. If you have to do it be sure to click that box on the Rafflecopter or it won’t count for you. I hope that someone who’s as much of a cosmetic fan as I am happily wins.  —  Marcia

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  1. SABINA EDWARDS | 12th Nov 18

    I like Crater the most, thanks for the chance, good luck everyone

  2. Debbi Wellenstein | 12th Nov 18

    I really like Haze.

  3. julie | 12th Nov 18

    Love the bronzey color!

  4. Ashley C | 12th Nov 18

    I like the color crater

  5. Kathy Davis | 12th Nov 18

    I like Cloud and Diamond Dust. The palette has some great colors for holiday wear.

  6. | 12th Nov 18

    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a high risk decision outstanding post!

  7. Pauline Milner | 13th Nov 18

    I really love the Red Rock, soft shimmering maroon. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  8. Diana Powell | 13th Nov 18

    I like the Midnight Sapphire such a beautiful colour!

  9. Luna S | 13th Nov 18

    I really like the blue and the gold shades.

  10. Geraldine | 13th Nov 18


  11. jenny stratton | 13th Nov 18

    I really like the Midnight Sapphire.

  12. Laurie Nykaza | 14th Nov 18

    Crater, deep shimmering stone love this color its so pretty.

  13. Darlene Carbajal | 14th Nov 18

    Midnight Sapphire!

  14. Heather Kaufman | 14th Nov 18

    I like the Hematite.

  15. Sarah riffle | 14th Nov 18

    Midnight sapphire for sure!

  16. Rachel Williams | 14th Nov 18

    Midnight Sapphire!

  17. Dee Parker | 14th Nov 18

    Love Agate Ash!

  18. DeAnna Keller | 15th Nov 18

    I really like the Gilded Molten, metallic gold

  19. Emma Shetler | 15th Nov 18

    I love the bronze and gold colors!

  20. courtney hennagir | 15th Nov 18

    It’s a toss up between midnight sapphire and red rock! So many gorgeous colors!

  21. latanya | 16th Nov 18

    the gilded molten

  22. polly | 16th Nov 18

    I like the Diamond Dust Molten color

  23. Steph | 17th Nov 18

    I like midnight Sapphire

  24. Holly Thomas | 17th Nov 18

    I like the colors haze and red rock the most in this palette.

  25. Katie Bellamy | 17th Nov 18

    My favorite is the Red Rock!

  26. Marlene j | 18th Nov 18

    I like the blue shade so pretty

  27. Athena | 18th Nov 18

    I like Hematite.

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  29. Michelle Tamasa | 18th Nov 18

    Crater would be so pretty for an everyday look and Gilded would be a nice soft glam look! I’m such a sucker for golds!

  30. Louisa D | 18th Nov 18

    Midnight Sapphire

  31. Kathy Davis | 18th Nov 18

    My favorite is Hematite.

  32. Helen | 19th Nov 18

    I am loving the Lava Molten, metallic copper color.

  33. Amy Stonger | 19th Nov 18

    i love the gilded molten.

  34. Caroline Bock | 19th Nov 18

    I like Haze.

  35. Deanna | 19th Nov 18

    The Diamond Dust Molten is my favorite shade.

  36. Julie Bickham | 19th Nov 18

    I like the haze color.

  37. Deborah G. | 19th Nov 18

    Haze has to be my favorite shade in this palette!

  38. Chelsea m | 20th Nov 18

    My favorite shade is the Molten Lava it’s so pretty.

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