Thirsty Towels will quench your desire for an updated bathroom

January is an interesting month in the retail world. When I shop I find that all the organization items have been brought out, more vitamins and supplements are lining the shelves, and our home is the star again. Sheets and towels are ready to be refreshed to bring your house up to date for 2019.

Thirsty Towels packaging

May I suggest the most incredible towels I’ve ever tried? Thirsty Towels has a whole line of products like robes, spa towels, bath towels and mats in every size. They even have soap and a line of robes for little ones that are just so cute.

Thirsty Towels bath sheet and hand towel

The towels I was sent are from the Presidential Line and are 700 gram weight. They are thick and plush and drink up all the water from my skin after my shower. I love to wrap myself in a bath sheet and enjoy the warmth and luxuriousness of the experience.

Thirsty Towels navy and natural bath sheets

I am thrilled that the two bath sheets and hand towels I have are perfect colors for my bathroom. I received navy and natural for my gray and white bathroom and they liven it up from the gray towels I’d been using. They are available in 12 beautiful shades: White, Natural (No-Dye), Shore, Azure, Pewter, Iron, Celery, Moss, Peony, Wine, Navy Blue and Turkish Coffee.

Thirsty Towels Presidential colors

100% Genuine Turkish Cotton-Made in Turkey

In search of the perfect bath sheet? This is our answer to our customers who asked us to provide them with the towel that no luxury department store or specialty store could. It has been specially woven using zero-twist technology to allow air and water molecules to be incorporated in to the individual terry loops to result in the plushest, most absorbent and softest bath sheet one could ever hope for. Here it is; the unbelievable 24 oz. per sq. yd. plush, thick and thirsty? Turkish Towel which translates to a lofty 700 gram weight. Our genuine Turkish Towels get only better with every wash as the thick terry loops bloom and absorb every drop of water on your body. 

The bath sheets are 40″x 80″ so they are big enough for both my husband and I to each wrap ourselves after a shower or bath. I’m in love! A regular bath towel doesn’t compare.

Thirsty Towels hand towels

The lush hand towels are 16″x 28″ so they aren’t skimpy. They sop up the water easily when you are washing up and dry quickly when hung up. While these luxurous bath sheets are $65 each Thirsty Towels have a variety of thickness in their towels so you can find love at all prices with them. They’ve washed beautifully and I’m sure they aren’t going to fade like my less expensive towels.

Thirsty Towels finishing

The towels are finished perfectly and haven’t rolled at all when washed.

Are you ready to update your home and enjoy it at the same time? If so try out Thirsty Towels.  —  Marcia




  1. Claudia Materdomini | 15th Jan 19

    I’d love a new set of towels like these!

  2. Lola Seicento | 15th Jan 19

    These look so lovely and plush! I could use a new set of towels!

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 15th Jan 19

    Your post reminds me of my dad who used to work as a buyer for “domestics” years ago, and January was the month for White Sales. Those towels look wonderful. I love the edging. And Turkish towels are indeed the best, though I have a soft spot for French waffle cotton towels as well.

  4. Jen Mathews | 15th Jan 19

    I need new towels! We normally buy the ribbed Turkish towels, but our dryer eats them.

  5. Kristi V BeginNails | 15th Jan 19

    I’m such an odd ball when it comes to towels. I have to have white towels. LOL, my husband thinks I’m crazy. I once heard that white towels absorb more water and so it’s stuck with me.

  6. Glamorable | 15th Jan 19

    These look so soft and plush! I feel like it’s time to update my towels 🙂

  7. Courtney | 16th Jan 19

    I need to update mine!

  8. Painted Fingertips | 16th Jan 19

    Those look so luxurious and wonderful!

  9. Jess Scull | 16th Jan 19

    Ooh these look so soft! I’m always looking for new towels!

  10. Marisa Hernandez | 16th Jan 19

    These look so comfy and afforadable! I’ve never heard of them…

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 16th Jan 19

    Those looks so soft!

  12. Ehmkay Nails | 16th Jan 19

    I’m definitely looking for new towels. These look great!

  13. PolishandPaws | 16th Jan 19

    These really sound nice! I am definitely due for new towels.

  14. Nina Kasper | 18th Jan 19

    Those are really nice towels!!! I am a sucker for a good quality towel!

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