theBalm LID-QUID Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow

I recently reviewed my new favorite mascara, Mad Lash by theBalm HERE. Lately I have been pairing it with another great theBalm product – LID-QUID® Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow ($14.00). Now, for the most part I avoid anything on my eyes that has the word ‘sparkling’ in it…after all, I am upwards of 50 years old and I look pretty silly in anything too sparkly or glittery. However, I am making an exception for my LID-QUID Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadows because they are just so gorgeous!

I think these shimmery liquid eyeshadows are great for summer nights. TheBalm says LID-QUID Liquid Eyeshadows are “long wearing, creaseless and versatile. These effervescent, picture perfect shades are truly “neat”. Feel the buzz with these refreshingly pigmented must-haves.” There are six shades which from the light sparkling Champagne to the deep coppery brown Irish Coffee. I have Rosé, which is a very light gold/pink with shimmer, and Irish Coffee.

TheBalm isn’t exaggerating when they say no creasing. The application is easy and you can use whatever method you prefer – the does foot, your fingers, a brush…I typically swipe some of the shadow onto a steel palette then either use my fingers or else a brush. One tip is to make sure you pat the shadow on – don’t rub or sweep. Patting makes for perfect shimmer distribution.

The shadows can be sheer or opaque, depending on how much you build them up. There is a fair amount of play time before it dries down, so blending and building are easy. The color stays bright and true all day, although I have oily lids so I used a primer. The end result is quite shimmery (I find Rosé to be more shimmery than Irish Coffee) but the texture of the eyeshadows is super, smooth and not the least bit grainy.

If I have a gripe, it’s that removal can be tricky. I often find some stray shimmer on my face even though I have thoroughly cleansed. A small price to pay for pretty summery eyes!

You can find theBalm online at their website, thebalm.comAmazon, and Walmart. – Lisa


  1. Tara L | 20th Jun 20

    Oh I really like this brand and I love the Rose color that is my go to style and color for eyes (:

  2. Dana Rodriguez | 20th Jun 20

    I have never been a fan of liquid eye shadow. However I would give these a try. The colors are so pretty!

  3. Sandy C. | 21st Jun 20

    I never heard of this brand before, but the rose looks gorgeous. I have brown eyes, I think it would suit me.

  4. Helga | 22nd Jun 20

    I love sparkling eye shadow for a night out. These look fabulous.

  5. Lola Seicento | 23rd Jun 20

    Those are both such pretty and wearable shades!

  6. Kristi V BeginNails | 23rd Jun 20

    I have only tried a few liquid shadows and I feel like I am not skilled enough to get them to apply evenly. Do you utilize a brush for application or do you use your finger? I’d love some pointers because I adore the shimmer that is packed into liquid shadows.

  7. Stacie Hamilton | 23rd Jun 20

    Those are so pretty! I can tell that I would love both shades.

  8. Kathryne | 23rd Jun 20

    These are my kind of shades! Fabulous for everyday wear

  9. Honeygirlk | 23rd Jun 20

    It’s been a while since I’ve used anything from The Balm… and I always forget about the brand honestly. But, these colors are really pretty and I think I’d definitely enjoy the ease of use.

  10. Cassie Tucker | 23rd Jun 20

    I didn’t know that theBalm had liquid shadows! I need to get some of these.

  11. Claudia A. Materdomini | 23rd Jun 20

    Wait, you can get The Balm on Walmart? I had no idea! Ive tried a few blushes but never their liquid eyeshadow!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas | 24th Jun 20

    Oooo, both of those are just lovely!

  13. Natalie | 24th Jun 20

    I’ve never tried a liquid shadow but I’m obsessed with the rose and gold shades. Nice choices!

  14. Courtney | 25th Jun 20

    I have a few of these! I like the soft shimmer.

  15. Polished Hippy | 25th Jun 20

    Those look great for one-and-done quick looks!

  16. Krystal E | 29th Jun 20

    I haven’t seen liquid eyeshadow in a hot minute – thank you for showing it on the eye… it makes a huge difference!

  17. Nina Kasper | 30th Jun 20

    Oh wow! I love the sparkle and it applied beautifully! I had almost forgotten about liquid eyeshadow…comeback product… The Irish Coffee is a must have for me.

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