The World’s First Anti Coronavirus Mask from Wakamono

We are all wearing face masks these days, and will likely be doing so for some time. I have many different types of masks – washable fabric masks, throw away surgical masks, gators. I feel protected whenever I wear any of them, but the WAKAMONO Anti-Coronavirus Mask takes the ‘protection’ cake. Wakamono’s mask doesn’t just filter viruses and bacteria, it also kills them on contact, and Wakamono has the data to prove it.

Wakamono Americana Mask

The WAKAMONO Americana Mask is an antimicrobial medical mask that does what any good mask should do – filter viruses and bacteria so they don’t reach your mouth. It doesn’t stop there, though. This mask has four layers, and the Gecide fabric layer is covered with millions of organic nanoparticles that trap, weaken, then kill viruses and bacteria.

Wakamono Americana Mask

At first, I thought well…as long as my mask blocks bacteria and viruses, why does it need to do anything else? I didn’t even think about how if a virus is on the outer surface of my mask, I could potentially be spreading that virus everywhere. Viruses and bacteria that are on the surface of a mask are still alive and still growing – research indicates that they can live and grow up to 7 days on a mask. Ewwww. That’s why Wakamono developed a mask that doesn’t just filter but also destroys viruses and bacteria.

Wearing my Wakamono Americana Mask

The Wakamono Americana Mask is effective against 99% of the strains of COVID-19. It also inactivates influenza A H1N1 and Poliovirus-I! The Wakamono Americana Mask kills 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria, and if you go to the website they have all the data and tons of studies that prove their facts and figures.

I find the Wakamono Americana Mask is very comfortable to wear. I never feel like I am struggling to breathe the way I do with fabric masks. It is adjustable for a tighter fit around the nose. I find the best way to adjust is to fold the mask directly in half, which creates the bend needed for a snug fit. The mask does have a scent – it smells minty, very close to the scent of Pepto Bismal, actually. It’s not a strong scent and after about 15 minutes I don’t even notice it. However, if you are very sensitive to fragrance it might bother you. The WAKAMONO Americana Mask is priced at $79.99 (box of 50 masks), 2 to 4 boxes are $45, and 5 or more boxes are $29 each. The masks are available for purchase at – Lisa


  1. Heather | 10th Nov 20

    These are great, they are exactly what I need working with the public!

  2. Claudia Materdomini | 10th Nov 20

    Sounds like you found some top notch masks!

  3. Lola Seicento | 10th Nov 20

    These sound like really good masks! You simply can’t have too many these days!

  4. Bailey | 10th Nov 20

    Wow, these sound pretty much perfect!

  5. Glamorable | 11th Nov 20

    Well, I’m a little bit skeptical about such a targeted mask and I think the anti-COVID claim is just marketing, but masks like these work wonders for all kinds of airborne diseases. The material is looking nice and soft too!

  6. Jen Walker | 12th Nov 20

    As a microbiologist, I would be particularly interested in knowing more details about their gecide layer. That being said, I’m all for wearing masks and am glad this one is comfortable!

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