The Vintage Cosmetic Company comes to @JCPenney #jcpsalons with the best products @thevintagecosco

When I was first introduced to The Vintage Cosmetic Company I suddenly became a girlie girl. Normally I’ll pick sleek and modern products but the vintage floral designs on The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s products and their adorable take on what they create turned me mushy and I wanted it all. And I’m getting there slowly but surely.

You’ve seen these great products already:

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Bunny Twist Headband, Exfoliating Face Sponge, Gel Bead Eye Mask

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Peach Shower Cap

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban

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But now you get to see the Pedicure Purse which is the most adorable of them all. Exciting for all of us is that The Vintage Company is now available in JCPenney salons with a new collection of products. At the end I’ll share some pictures of sets like the Pedicure Purse that are exclusive to @JCPenney. #jcpsalons

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Pedicure Purse

The Pedicure Purse is everything you need to give yourself a perfect pedicure. Plus it’s just the cutest gift that you could give. If the recipient can reach their toes, this would be great for any age.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Pedicure Purse

I’ll quickly go through the quality pieces in this $13.50 kit (that’s on sale @JCPenney for $11.47 right now).

Clip clip clip

nail clipper

Trim your nails or fix broken nails with this very sturdy nail clipper

Snip snip snip

nail scissors

Trim trim trim and Push and clean

Trimmer and Push and Clean

“Apply a cuticle cream to your nails and soak in warm water to soften. Then gently push your cuticles with the larger cuticle pusher. Next step, clean under and around the nail with the narrower end of the tool.”

Trim trim trim: Use this cuticle tool to trim any hangnails and keep your cuticles in the best shape.

Twinkle toes

Twinkle Toes separators

Shape, clean, dab

Shape, clean, dab orange sticks

You know you can’t do a mani or a pedi without orange sticks. How else do you clean those mishaps?

The Vintage Company Pedicure Purse

Can you see why I like this so much? It’s got all the tools for a pedicure and actually for a manicure (minus a file). Plus the pink purse can come in handy for a mini purse once you empty it. Not only is this the best set you can get but I really think that they made a mistake on the price since this is worth so much more than $13.50. I’d grab it and several more to put away for gifts. You will be thrilled with these and patting yourself on the feet back.  —  Marcia

@JCPenney. #jcpsalons @thevintagecosco

The Vintage Company Brush Collection #jcpsalons

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Girls Night Tin #jcpsalons



  1. OMG what cute packaging! Love the vintage look.

  2. Love this! And its a great way to ensure my husband doesn’t steal my clippers! LOL

  3. That pedi set is so cute!

  4. Sandy Pincombe says:

    Love the packaging on this line. Saw a couple pieces at Ulta but will definitely check JCP out for more items.

  5. I love their packaging, the products are so cute and priced well too!

  6. LittleNuclearReactor says:

    Such a cute asthetic! I think I’ve seen this brand before at Marshall’s!

  7. Ehmkay Nails says:

    All the products have such cute packaging!

  8. These are the cutest!

  9. The nail kit is my go-to for traveling!

  10. It really is adorable packaging. I think the pedicure set would make a lovely gift. The Girls Night Out tin is awesome as well.

  11. 25Sweetpeas says:

    Cute lil carrying case!

  12. Lacquerexpression says:

    These look super girly and I love them all!

  13. I love the style! So cute and feminine. I really want that hair turban!

  14. I just love the packaging, it’s so cute!

  15. Their packaging is always super cute!

  16. My Nail Polish Obsession says:

    I am giggling at the shower cap pic, you look thrilled to be wearing it.

  17. MD Kennedy says:

    The packaging and graphics are adorbs, but the products look and sound even better! Too bad there isn’t a JCP near where I live…

  18. Cute packaging is the way to my heart, every single time! That manicure set is adorable.

  19. Loving the floral print! So cute!

  20. These products are adorable! They would go great with a 50s themed house.

  21. Love the Vintage look of all these products! Would make lovely gifts!

  22. Its been a very long day

  23. Vintage Cosmetic Company is definitely one of my top super savers/JCPenny finds. I love when I come across these products.

  24. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one, but I am not sold on anything vintage. No clue why. BUT. Your photos look wonderful, and these all look like pretty neato products 🙂