The little things matter, and SoapStandle just might change your life!

I think it’s easy to forget just how important little things are in life.  Yesterday I really paid attention, and here are a few little things that reminded me how delightful life is:

  •  My kitten Beans curling up in my arms, and then later laying flat on her back while sleeping.  Adorable!!
  •  Washing the dishes while listening to KC and the Sunshine Band sing “That’s the Way” after a wonderful, simple dinner with a friend.
  • Laughing with a coworker as we compared wallpapering horror stories.
  • My SoapStandle.

I know, you are probably thinking what in the world is a SoapStandle??  It’s a soap stand and a handle, all in one.  Thus — SoapStandle!  It’s little, but it makes a HUGE difference.

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I know, many people prefer liquid soap at the sink.  It just isn’t messy like a bar soap.  However, did you know that some liquid soaps have harmful chemicals in them?  And other than eating, we get most of our nutrients through our skin.  A whopping 60% of substances that are applied on the skin are absorbed into your bloodstream.  Yikes.  An easy way to be sure you aren’t unwittingly exposed to those chemicals is – use a bar soap!

Use bar soap. An old-fashioned bar of soap should be your go-to in the shower or the bathroom sink. Antibacterial soaps and body washes generally contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals which disrupt hormone levels (including testosterone) and boost your risk of diabetes, weight gain and cancer. Besides, ‘there’s zero proof synthetics clean any better than regular soap.’ ” THE WEEK, 11/21/14, p.34.

The SoapStandle (2 Pack $8.99) is a small plastic device with little pointed knobs that hook into your soap.  The SoapStandle then becomes both a handle – so you can keep your grip on even super slippery soaps like Neutrogena – and a stand, which keeps the bar up off of the counter.  Because the soap is elevated, it completely dries in between uses.  You know that means?  No soap goo!

Say “goodbye” to messy soap dishes and counters with SoapStandle. Unlike traditional soap dishes and pads, it attaches to the bar and stays with it providing a no-slip grip. After you use the soap and set it down, all the water drains allowing soap to dry and preventing “goo” from developing.


Even if you use a soap pad, you still get goo.  And besides eliminating the mess factor, the SoapStandle also increases the life of your bar of soap by 30%.  Since the bar isn’t melting into itself and has less friction, it lasts so much longer…which translates into a very nice way to save some money.

The SoapStandle is so easy to use.  You just press the pointy side into your bar of soap.  If the soap is soft, it goes right in.  If not – my lovely bar of Antiquity BC Psyche Butterfly Jasmine Soap starts out quite substantial and pretty hard – then just put the SoapStandle on a counter and press the soap down into it.  

So above I have my wet bar of soap sitting on my sink.  Because it has the SoapStandle attached, it is actually NOT sitting on the sink – it’s elevated.  You can see from the below picture how the bubbles and wetness just sort of evaporate, leaving a lovely, clean sink counter.

This soap wonder is definitely of the ‘little things’ that makes me pause and reflect on the happiness factor.  I get less mess to clean up.  It’s not gross when I have guest come over and they grab the bar to wash their hands.  And my favorite soaps last longer, so I can enjoy them more AND save money.  How could it be any better?  Well, surprise – it does get better.

SoapStandle’s mission is to promote worldwide hygiene.  They do this through encouraging bar soap use, which cuts down on the plastic waste of liquid soaps.  They also encourage hand washing in places that don’t have encultured practices, which results in serious health issues.  So, every time a SoapStandle is bought, one is given to places in need.  Little things can bring about great positive changes!

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays in earnest.  I can’t think of a better stocking stuffer than the SoapStandle – everyone on your list will be thrilled!  You can find them online at and at Amazon.  – Lisa


  1. Lasey Owens | 6th Nov 19

    The Soap Standel definitely looks like a perfect product! I could use one, or a couple… My family uses liquid soap but I always keep a bar at the sink because that’s what I prefer for some reason and now I know it’s validated!!! Lol

  2. Cassandra D | 12th Nov 19

    The SoapStandle looks very interesting.

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