The Kungfu Apothecary Complete Facial Tool Kit

I am fascinated with beautiful, effective facial tools. The Kungfu Apothecary has a collection of tools based on traditional Chinese medicine that are truly gorgeous – and they do a terrific job of enhancing your own beauty and wellness. These tools not only improve your skin, they also improve your state of mind.

If you want the Cadillac of facial tools, check out the Kungfu Apothecary Complete Facial Tool Set ($115.00). It comes with three items: their signature noise-free Facial Roller, a heart shaped Gua sha, and a soothing Eye Wand. The collection is available in three different crystals: Amethyst, White Jade or Black Obsidian. Each crystal does different things, and the one I chose – Amethyst – aids in healing, cleanses negative energy. All three items can be purchases separately, but if you buy the set you save over $13.

The Amethyst Facial Roller ($48.00) is nicest one I have ever used. The amethyst is substantial but not too heavy, and it doesn’t squeak or make any noise when using it. I love it for making under eye bags go away, especially when I put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using it. The Facial Roller is a great tool for applying serums and creams, and it does a wonderful job of increasing blood circulation.

I am particularly obsessed with the Amethyst Gua Sha ($48.00), a facial tool that I have never tried before. Like my other Kungfu tools, it’s made from pure amethyst, and it does all sorts of wonderful things for skin. It lifts, tones, plumps, lessens fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen production, and promotes the renewal of skin cells.

Facial massage with the Gua Sha will also help relieve stress, leaving you relaxed and able to sleep better. You can also use it on your body, just be sure to use an emollient with it, like water, serum, moisturizing cream, or oil. I found that the best way to use it is to hold the curved side to your face and just kind of glide it around. It’s best to use short strokes that go in the same direction. You can also press the flat side underneath the eyes or on red, irritated areas to de-puff and soothe skin. I also like to use it on my neck, and I read that it always best to use downward strokes on the neck.

The third item in the Kungfu Apothecary Complete Facial Tool Set is the Amethyst Eye Wand ($32.00). The wand has a smaller end and a larger end, so you can chose the correct size for massaging skin and various acupressure points on your face and body. It’s a lovely tool for massaging in eye creams and serums, and it’s just the best for soothing a migraine or tension headache. Massaging the temples feels amazing, and you can also use it on acupressure points on the hands, feet, back, and neck. I typically employ the services of my SO for this treatment, and it is simply divine. The Amethyst Eye Wand stimulates collagen, massages out muscle knots, and helps with lymphatic drainage.

I think the Kungfu Apothecary Complete Facial Tool Set is incredible – I find myself using these beautiful crystal tools every day. Oh, and a quick tip – when you very first get your set (or any crystal, for that matter), wash it and leave it outside for an entire night under the full moon. Then the crystals are free from any previous energy and you can use them to their full potential!

You can find the Kungfu Apothecary Complete Facial Tool Set online at – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 2nd Oct 20

    This looks like a very nice set. I have a rose quartz face roller that I love, but I haven’t used it in a while! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 3rd Oct 20

    A couple of years ago, I went several times to the Peabody Essex Museum to an extensive exhibit about the famed Chinese Empress Cixi, one of the most formidable women of the early 20th century. Her beauty tools were shown in one of the cases. Her facial roller was made of jade with enameled handles. It was gorgeous as were her mirrors, combs and other items. The amethyst set looks beautiful. I wasn’t familiar with a gua sha (though maybe that was in the exhibit too?) or the eye wand.

  3. Mai | 3rd Oct 20

    I have a facial roller but it’s a plastic one. I’d be curious about the gua sha and how it’d work

  4. Krystal | 4th Oct 20

    I’ve never seen an eye wand before! I love my facial tools but don’t have a Gua Sha yet! I love how they really are a relaxing experience!

  5. Glamorable | 5th Oct 20

    What a beautiful set! The eye wand looks especially interesting!

  6. Angie | 5th Oct 20

    Hi, Lisa – What a beautiful set! I have a rose quartz facial roller that my sister got for me. I was confused about which gemstone to get. I understand now from this post that you can have them all! — just for different purposes. I sprayed mine with sage spray to clear it. Then you have to put your intention into it before using it. You are inspiring me to collect all three tools. Thanks! – Angie,

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