The first affordable corporate lunch box – eat in style with the T|W Lunch Tote

T|W Lunch Tote

Every once in a while, I need something but there is nothing on the market, and I think, “Someone really should invent that!”  Well, that’s exactly what Sherika Wynter & Shallon Thomas, the brains behind the  T|W Tote line, specialize in.  They “research and design products that solve overlooked problems.” With backgrounds in engineering and business, Sherika and Shallon take their ‘Eureka!’ moments and make them real.  If you ever pack a lunch for work, you are going to fall head over your high heels for their corporate lunch box, the T|W Lunch Tote ($49.99).


The back story is that Shallon, a pretty snazzy dresser, was not happy with the lunch box options available.  Choices like paper bags, plastic bags, and velcro neoprene just don’t go well with a suit and tie.  When Shallon searched online for a corporate lunch box, he found that it simply didn’t exist.  I’m sure he immediately thought, “Someone really should invent that!  Wait…how about me??”

Sherika and Shallon then created the T|W Lunch Tote.  There are three color options for the full size Lunch ToteMero Black, Mero Black with Cognac Interior, and the limited edition Guinep (camel brown with red interior).  There is also a smaller version of the tote, the Mini ($35.99), which is available in Mero Black.  

All versions of the tote are made with vegan leather, and it looks and feels so much like real leather I wondered if I was sent the wrong version!  Every tote is hand sewn, and the interior is extremely durable as well as water-repellent. This tote is seriously fab – it looks like a $500 bag and it complements any corporate dress.  You will be proud to have this sitting on your desk (no need for the fridge thanks to the insulated section), although you might want to keep your eye on it since everyone in the office will be wishing it was theirs.

The regular tote was designed with men in mind, but it’s an incredibly stylish accessory for anyone.  The dimensions are 10.0″h x 9.4″w x 5.5″d, and I can’t believe the roominess.  I stuffed everything I could possibly eat in a day, including my smoothie bottle, and still had room left over.  It’s perfect for traveling, and it’s roomy enough to carry snacks and drinks for two people.

The design is not only fashionable, it’s functional, with pockets and pouches exactly where you need them.  The Lunch Tote has two different compartments.  The bottom zippered one is fully insulated and keeps your hot and cold items at temperature. The other compartment holds an incredible amount of food. The whole tote is easily cleaned so no worries about any accidental spills. The handles are super sturdy so there’s no worry about breakage.

Overall, this is by far the most stylish lunch box I have ever seen.  It is the epitome of smart elegance and sophistication.  Men with this Lunch Tote look dapper, and women look polished and perfectly put together.  Goodbye to paper or plastic bags, velcro neoprene, and boy band metal lunch boxes – bring on the vegan leather T|W Lunch Tote!

You can find the T|W Lunch Tote as well as the Mini online at  Remember it for the holiday season, because it makes for a luxurious and practical gift for any man or woman!  – Lisa

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