The delicious way to glowy skin: drink your adaptogens with Moodbeli

Moodbeli Ceremony Cloud

Every so often I feel like my health and beauty routine needs a reset. I want a fresh start, so I reflect on what has been working for me, and what needs some work. Now that the weather is getting wet and cold I am switching to indoor workouts until spring so I have started to work with a personal trainer every week. And I met with a nutritionist to go through my eating habits and come up with a plan to actively and mindfully pursue wellness. One thing my nutritionist emphasized was the importance of adaptogens, plants that help your body deal with the physical and environmental stress we experience every day. He said that because adaptogens support antioxidant and immune health benefits, they give you amazing, glowy skin. I’m hooked.

Moodbeli Ceremony Cloud

There are many foods that contain adaptogens, and they range from herbs to mushrooms. Products that feature them come in powder form that is used to make tea or a tincture, or you can add the powder to coffee, smoothies, soups, or oatmeal. You can also add it to juice or even just plain water.

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Moodbeli is a company that specializes in adaptogen powders.  They describe adaptogens as: plants and mushrooms that help the body adapt to physical, environmental and emotional stress. Moodbeli products blend adaptogens with organic botanics, spices, and minerals to make it easy to add stress-relieving ingredients to your daily rituals.

An ingredient is considered an adaptogen in herbalism if: 1) it is safe and non-toxic, 2) it builds adaptive energy in the body, and 3) it has a balancing influence on our physiology. Using adaptogens daily over time can have a profound impact on overall well-being and health.

I have been testing two products from Moodbeli that together make the Ceremony Cloud set:  Cloud Powder and Ceremony Tonic. The set is $53, a nice deal since purchased separately the two products would cost $63. I figured that the powders were going to be really good for me…and they probably didn’t taste bad, but probably didn’t taste very good, either. I was right – and I was wrong!  Here’s the scoop.

Cloud Powder (purchased separately $28) is a dairy-free creamer powder. Even though dairy isn’t very friendly to my digestion I have a major creamer addiction that I never thought I would be able to kick. However, Cloud Powder is an INCREDIBLE creamer! I cannot believe how amazing it tastes…so creamy and yummy yet it is sugar-free, dairy-free, Vegan, paleo, gluten-free, organic, and has no added sweeteners.

It’s billed as a perfect addition to any of the Moodbeli adaptogen blends like their Calming Adaptogen or Mushroom Adaptogen blends. You can just combine a scoop of the Cloud Powder with 1 teaspoon of any Moodbeli blends for an instant, creamy, sugar and dairy-free adaptogenic coconut latte. Cloud Powder is made with organic coconut and tocos, which are fluffy rice bran solubles. I love the vanilla ice cream taste – you can actually eat this right from a spoon and it does have a cloud-like texture – and I also love that it gives me super healthy and glowy skin. It has tons of vitamins E, D, and biotin from the tocos, as well as magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. It hydrates your body, balances your electrolyte levels, and heals skin from the inside out.

Cloud Powder adds sweetness although it doesn’t have any sweetener in it, so I have been able to take my daily Sweet & Low consumption level down to zero. I have tried Cloud Powder so many ways – it really is an incredibly versatile product. So far, I love it in coffee, tea, smoothies, sprinkled on fresh-cut fruit, and added into pancake mix. It’s light and fluffy. It’s sweet but in a natural way, not a chemical/fake/overly sweet way. It instantly dissolves in whatever I put it in, from hot to cold liquids. With 50 servings per jar, Cloud Powder is a great dairy alternative that doesn’t hurt the wallet.

Cloud Powder takes care of my sweetener and dairy needs, but I have another addiction to tackle…chocolate. My rescue is Ceremony Tonic (purchased separately $35), a blend inspired by the ingredients that have been used in ceremonies for centuries. It is meant to inspire focus, mindfulness, and shared ceremony, something that I have always loved and appreciated.  The blend includes raw cacao, which has iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants and is a natural mood elevator; matcha green tea, which has l-theanine, a nutrient that increases concentration and focusing power while simultaneously calming you; maca root, which improves mood, energy, and skin; and Himalayan pink salt, which supports nutrient absorption and has tons of essential minerals, while also balancing electrolytes and pH.

Ceremony Tonic tastes like cocoa – not overly grassy from the matcha, but more chocolaty from the cacao with a slight caramel note from the maca. It takes a little more mixing than the Cloud Powder and in fact I have found that using a whisk gets great results quickly. I love it in my coffee, tea, smoothies, and added to any powder mix like pancakes or cookies. It also tastes great in hot water. Here’s the recipe I typically use in the evening, when I take twenty minutes to sit quietly and meditate:

Instant Ceremony

2 teaspoons of Moodbeli’s Ceremony Tonic
3/4 cup hot (but not boiling) water
1/4 teaspoon of your favorite sweetener (optional – I add a scoop of Cloud Powder)


Add Ceremony Tonic to the bottom of your cup or tea bowl. Pour hot (but not boiling) water into your tonic vessel to cover the bottom and stir until combined, then slowly add more water until you reach your desired potency.

Ceremony Tonic also has 50 servings per jar and if you buy the combo Ceremony Cloud set you save $10. I find that Ceremony Tonic definitely does great things for my mood and whenever I need extra focus or energy I use this instead of turning to caffeine.

I am very, very excited about the Ceremony Cloud set from Moodbeli and I really want to try some of the other adaptogen blends like the Mushroom Adaptogen. Apparently, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms – it tastes like rich cocoa. It does lots of good things for your body, including enhancing aerobic capacity and improving cellular energy stores.

Why not do a reset with me? Check out the cool stuff that Moodbeli has, either at their website or at their Amazon store.  – Lisa

Cloud Powder ingredients:  Organic rice bran (United States), coconut milk powder (Vietnam), organic coconut water powder (Indonesia), tapioca dextrin (United States).

Ceremony Tonic Ingredients:  Organic raw cacao (Peru), Organic matcha (China), Organic maca (Peru), Pink salt (Pakistan).


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