The biggest Shopbop sale of the year is finally here!

Break out your wallets, because the biggest Shopbop sale is finally here!  I wait all year for this amazing sale. Shopbop has incredible high-end brands, and with the sale you can save a tremendous amount of cash.  This is the Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale. The sale begins 11/26/2019 7:18 AM Eastern Time (New York) Zone and ends 12/1/2019 11:59pm Eastern Time (New York) Zone.


Here are the details:

Up to 25% off full-price items | Up to 75% off sale items

15% off orders of $200+

20% off orders of $500+

25% off orders of $800+

With code MORE19

The code is valid towards contemporary, contemporary sale, designer boutique, and designer boutique sale.  You cannot use it to purchase a gift card and it does not include shipping.

This time, I attempted to be a responsible adult and I did an inventory of my closet to figure out what I really, really need.  My flat black mid-calf boots are worn out, so I need a replacement.  I also want another khaki jacket, one that leans more green than brown.  I want to round out my long necklace collection with something that has a vintage flair.  I need more workout leggings.  I have spent so much money on cheap ones that just don’t last, so I want to find some super cute ones that are high quality.  And, just because I love them, I want to see if Shopbop has any of the Converse slip on sneakers.  I have four different colors right now, and these no-tie sneakers are so comfy they are literally classified as ‘slippers’.  I have my mission, so now it’s time to shop!

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See by Chloe
Eddie Tall Western Boots

I looked through every single mid-calf black boot in stock, and the one that really caught my eye is See by Chloe Eddie Tall Western Boots.  Normally, these babies cost $560.00, but they are on sale for $392.00 – which is better once the sale coupon is applied.  I think they look like a biker and a cowboy had a baby.  What a perfect combination of tough yet funky!

See by Chloe
Eddie Tall Western Boots

They aren’t flat, but the heel is certainly reasonable at just 2.75 inches.  I love the silver hardware, chunky heel, and rounded toe. The round toe and fat heel make the See by Chloe Eddie boots comfortable and wearable, which is exactly what I want for everyday boots.  They also have a great versatility and can be worn just as easily with a dress as with a pair of jeans.

Lily Aldridge for Velvet Ruby Jacket

Oh my gosh, look at how perfect the Lily Aldridge for Velvet Ruby Jacket ($150) is!  I love the color Forest, which is an army green, exactly what I am looking for.  The style is fab, with the look of a well work favorite and the military detailing.  I think the draw string waist puts it right into perfection for me.  So many jackets this style are too boxy to be flattering, but the Lily Aldridge for Velvet Ruby Jacket gives an excellent silhouette.

Shashi Vintage Necklace

I wanted a long, vintagey but not old-fashioned necklace, so I searched for ‘vintage jewelry’ and look what I found.  The Shashi Vintage Necklace ($69) is absolutely gorgeous.  It has a layered design with a coin pendant and freshwater cultured pearls.

Shashi Vintage Necklace

It’s made with 18k gold-plated brass and has a lobster-claw clasp closure.  I love the combination of gold and pearl, and the look is beautiful without being too quaint.  I am in love.

I have been working with a personal trainer and all of my leggings are shot – I usually go rather cheap with my leggings, and unfortunately you get what you pay for.  In looking for some excellent quality leggings with a bit of style, I found the Tory Sport Chevron Full Length Leggings ($125).

Tory Sport Chevron Leggings
Tory Sport Chevron Leggings

They also come in black and red, but I am loving the navy.  The material is moisture-wicking performance jersey, and those chevron stripes are fabulous.  Unfortunately, Tory Sport is one of the brands not included in the sale…insert hysterical crying here…so I am not sure if I am going to splurge or not.  There are also these gorgeous Reebok x Victoria Beckham RBK VB Seamless Leggings ($130) that ARE included in the sale, so I think I am going to go with them.

RBK VB Seamless Leggings

Which brings up a great point – everything included in the sale actually has the code MORE19 right underneath the name, so as you are adding to your cart keep that in mind.

Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip On Sneakers

To finish off my order, I looked to see if by any miracle Shopbop had Converse slip on sneakers.  Guess what I found? Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip On Sneakers ($55)!  I am obsessed with them…they are no-tie sneakers that are the ultimate in comfort.  In fact, they aren’t even classified as ‘sneakers’ – they are classified as slippers, which cracks me up.  They really are sneakers, but they have a soft heel with light elastic at the back so they slip right on.  I’ve got navy, black, red and pink in my collection, so finding them in white is fantastic.

My total order – with the VB/Reebok leggings instead of the Tory Burch – comes to $796.  However, with the discount I save $159, so my final total is $637 – not too shabby for the perfect boots, army jacket, vintage necklace, leggings, and Converse slip ons!  I am happy.  You will be too – but hurry because all the good stuff is going fast!  – Lisa


  1. Sylwia | 26th Nov 19

    Love your picks especially the white converse! ?

  2. Sylwia | 26th Nov 19

    Love your picks especially the white converse! ?

  3. Allison | 26th Nov 19

    love those boots and the double necklace!

  4. Cindy Ingalls | 26th Nov 19

    Love the necklace! I chose some party looks and sweaters.

  5. Krystal E | 26th Nov 19

    Perfect timing! I needed some new pants for work!

  6. Lola Seicento | 27th Nov 19

    Their sales are always fantastic!

  7. 25 Sweetpeas | 27th Nov 19

    Those Converse and work out leggings look great!

  8. My Nail Polish Obsession | 27th Nov 19

    I love all of those things! Such great items!

  9. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 27th Nov 19

    I’ve wanted a jacket like that for a while! Need to shop this sale.

  10. Polished Hippy | 27th Nov 19

    I love those Chloe boots! I have the Frye versions.

  11. Madhubani | 2nd Dec 19

    Wow… Amazing stuff… Love those boots and the white Converse…

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