The best matte lipsticks around: Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick

If you love semi-matte or matte lips, look no further than Decorté Cosmetics The Rouge Matte Lipstick ($35) at Saks Fifth Avenue. This line has the most exquisite matte lipsticks I have ever come across. These amazing lippies are creamy, long-lasting, highly pigmented, and comfy…all the while keeping true to the matte look. Incredible.

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Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipsticks in RD457, BR355, RD456

Saks says: EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. An incredible conditioning cream-like texture for high-impact matte color transfer. Protects lips from dryness, maintaining a hydrated feel for hours. Available in 5 matte shades. 0.12 oz. Paraben free. Made in Japan.

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipsticks in RD457, BR355, RD456

The Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipsticks come in five different shades and I have swatches of three of them for you today. The texture is unlike most matte lipsticks – it’s actually creamy, not only when applied but for hours and hours, with great slip even though the appearance is matte. It leaves lips feeling wonderfully moist and hydrated which is always my beef with matte lippies. I can’t stand dry lips so I always end up throwing on some gloss. With The Rouge Matte Lipsticks I can wear them all day long and keep the cool matte look going strong.

The three shades I have are:

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick RD456

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick RD456

RD456, a medium pinkish red

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick RD457

RD457, a deep brownish red

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick BR355

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick BR355

BR355, a warm nude

The pigmentation is incredible. This stuff just doesn’t wear off! Even after applying when I blot it hardly comes off on the tissue. It takes some pretty greasy food to make a dent and generate cause for reapplication. With the lovely mouth feel of the lipstick I just can’t believe the staying power. I’m telling you, these lipsticks are like miracles in a tube.

Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick swatches, left to right: RD457, BR355, RD456

You can find these beauties and the other 2 Decorté The Rouge Matte Lipstick shades exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in the states.  – Lisa


  1. So so pretty! I love all three shades

  2. What beautiful, richly saturated, shades!

  3. These look like they applied smoothly. I’m always looking out for new matte options!

  4. Wow they are nicely pigmented. I never heard of this brand before!

  5. Gabrielle says:

    I am a devotee of matte lipstick and these look stunning! MUST TRY!

  6. These sound lovely! I wish they had more color options though.

  7. I really love both reds! You know me and my penchant for reds!

  8. Such rich shades! Loving these! I wish I could wear matte shades – I love the look of them.

  9. I like that it’s matte yet creamy. Glad they were able to mix the right formula coz mattes can be drying.

  10. 25 Sweetpeas says:

    I feel like these are nice fall colors!

  11. I’m not familiar with this brand at all but these lipsticks are so vibrant! They really swatch beautifully.

  12. Pretty colors! I love the nude!

  13. Wow, you weren’t kidding about the pigmentation – these do pack a punch. Beautiful colors as well!

  14. My Nail Polish Obsession says:

    Those are gorgeous colors! Impressed with the wear time!