The best eyeshadow, lip gloss, and nail polish for the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!  Here is a holiday cosmetics Rorschach test for you.  What do you see in this photo?

photo from

photo from

Did you say patriotic Elvis?  Or did you say inspiration for your Fourth of July cosmetics???

Since you read this blog, I am guessing the latter.  And I’m with you!  Here are my top red, white, and blue eyeshadows, lippies, and nail polishes.

Red white and blue!

All you need for the Fourth of July!

Let’s start with RED.

left to right:

left to right: Face Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow 24, tarte cosmetics Lipsurgence lip cream in Promise; Zoya Nail Polish in Lisa

My red choices always tend to be on the ‘berry’ side of the realm.  Face Stockholm has the consummate raspberry red eyeshadow with Pearl Eyeshadow 24 – and yes, it does double duty as a blush.  It even does triple duty as a lip stain when mixed with some clear lip gloss.

Speaking of lippies, my most-loved red for this holiday is tarte cosmetics Lipsurgence Lip Creme in Promise.  This is a chubby lip creme that is self-sharpening and has a slightly minty taste.  It is a primo shiny strawberry red – not too warm or too cool.

My red nail polish choice is – but of course – Zoya in Lisa.  Lisa is the supreme 4th of July red – ruby-red with pink and red shimmer.  It’s fun and festive and not TOO over the top…just like me?  Maybe!

Next is WHITE.  All three of these products should be in every makeup artists bag.  Period.

left to right:

left to right:  Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in White Lies; Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss in Phuket; Cult Nail Polish in Tempest

The cream of the crop white eyeshadow is, hands down, Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in White Lies ($5.99).  This is a pure white matte shade that should be in everyone’s collection.

If you are looking for a true white lip gloss, Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss in Phuket Exotic ($24) is your answer.  This is an opaque white gloss that can be worn alone, or it can be mixed with other colors to create a lighter shade.

My go-to white nail polish is Tempest from Cult Nail Polish ($12).   It’s an absolute pure glossy white, and it looks great on its own or is, of course, perfect for nail art.

Last but not least, BLUE.

left to right;

left to right:  Senna Eye Color Glow in Capri; Whitening Lightning in Bahama; Lacquer Lust in Zircon

I adore blue eyeshadow with brown eyes, and my most cherished blue is Senna Eye Color Glow in Capri ($18). It is the loveliest sapphire blue I have ever seen.

My blue lippie choice is yet another from Whitening Lightning, this one is Bahama Exotic.  Yes, it’s a daring choice, but let me tell you that blue makes your teeth look super white!  If you can pull off blue, this is a lip gloss you need.

I have tons of blue nail polishes (can’t say that about lip products, ha!) so this was a difficult choice…but ultimately Laquer Lust’s Zircon ($12.50) won out.  This teal blue with microshimmer was part of the infamous Birthstone Collection, and lucky us it’s still available thanks to a relaunch!  The color is simply stunning, and the reflection from all those fireworks will only make it even better.

For those who would rather categorize by product type, here is the lowdown.

left to right:

left to right:  Whitening Lightning Bahama; tarte cosmetics promise; Whitening Lightning Phuket

left to right:

left to right:  Bahama, promise, Phuket

Top Three Fourth of July Lippies:

1.  Whitening Lightening Bahama Exotic

2.  tarte Lipsurgence promise lip creme

3.  Whitening Lightning Phuket Exotic

left to right:

left to right:  Senna Capri; Makeup Geek White Lies; Face Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow 24

left to right:

left to right:  Capri, White Lies, Pearl Eyeshadow 24

Top Three Fourth of July Eyeshadows:

1.  Senna Capri

2.  Makeup Geek White Lies

3.  Face Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow 24

left to right:

left to right:  Zoya Lisa, Cult Nail Tempest; Lacquer Lust Zircon

left to right:

left to right:  Lisa, Tempest, Zircon

Top Three Fourth of July Nail Polishes:

1.  Zoya Lisa

2.  Cult Nails Tempest

3.  Lacquer Lust Zircon

Get into the holiday spirit today with some red, white, and blue eyes, lips, and nails.  And Happy Fourth of July from Beauty Info Zone!  – Lisa

*some products sent for editorial consideration

Happy Fourth of July!!

Happy Fourth of July!!


  1. Nice reccos! Love Zoya Lisa, or anything from Zoya for that matter. But I’m that odd outlier: blue lipstick made my teeth look super yellow. Not a good look for me, lol