Tattoo Junkee Lip Kits are fun and affordable!

We hope you are reading this on Sunday 9-22 since there’s a big sale that ends today for Tattoo Junkee. Their prices are already terrific but when you can save 40% on items, that’s a double terrific. We previously shared with you some fun glittery eyeshadows and today we’re all about lips. We have two different types of lip sets that are not only beautiful but fun to wear. Now the two of us at Beauty Info Zone are relatively old but even over 40’s like some gleam in their makeup and Tattoo Junkee is the right place for it. On to the fun….



Tattoo Junkee lip kits

I have two different lip kits – a matte set that contains a lipliner and liquid lipstick plus a metallic lip paint + effects kit. SUGAR is the Lip Paint + Liner Kit (also available in 3 other shades). Sugar contains a long lasting, smudge proof liquid lipstick that gives me a matte lip. The color of Sugar is described as a grayish-mauve. I’m glad they describe the colors on their site since I don’t know how I’d describe it. For my very pale skin and lips it shows up pretty well but it’s not exactly what I’d pick to wear often. What is great though is the lip liner which matches this extremely well but works with a lot of the colors I wear.

Tattoo Junkee Sugar Lip Paint + Liner Kit
Tattoo Junkee Sugar Lip Paint + Liner Kit

The second type of Tattoo Junkee lip kit I have is their METALLIC LIP PAINT + EFFECTS. These kits are total fun in my book. Each lip kit comes with a tube of metallic lip paint and a small jar of effects. The effects add the fun. They are iridescent glitter that you apply with a lip brush over the lip paint. The liquid lipstick is a long lasting one that you can wear alone or add on the effects to give it shine. I have these in Obsessed and Spoiled.

Tattoo Junkee Obsessed Metalic Lip Paint + Effects

I’ve just worn Obsessed since it’s a Marcia color and I’m saving Spoiled to be part of a future giveaway. Obsessed is described as a pink nude (though it had a more golden look on me) while Spoiled is a copper red metallic liquid lipstick with matching effects.

Tattoo Junkee Obsessed Metalic Lip Paint + Effects
Tattoo Junkee Spoiled Metalic Lip Paint + Effects


I have three shades of Tattoo Junkee’s Matte Lip Kit and this has been way more fun than I ever expected! The Matte Lip Kit comes in 25 different shades with a matte lip color and a coordinating topper. The toppers aren’t all the same – in fact, you can find velvet effect, chroma, shimmer, prismatic sparkle and glitter.

The Matte Lip Kits are super affordable normally, costing $6.99 – and if you hurry you can get them for the real bargain price of just $4.19. Each kit comes with a highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick and a little container of topper. The matte liquid lipstick is excellent – once it dries, it is not coming off your lips until you use a makeup remover. I love the variety of these babies…the matte alone is excellent and the topper completely changes the look. If you pick up a few kits, it’s really entertaining to spend some time mixing and matching.

As with all matte lippies you want to start with flake-free lips, so be sure they have been exfoliated and are dry. Then after applying the matte liquid lipstick dip a finger in the topper and pat onto the still wet lipstick. You can go light or heavy on the topper. Your lips will have some texture from the glitter, but the fallout is surprisingly light.

Fabulous is a bright rose pink matte that really makes lips pop. The topper looks like it’s going to be silver shimmer, but it plays a cool trick on you and turns out to be golden iridescent glitter effects. The resulting shade is really adorable – I am impressed with how pretty the golden topper is.

My next shade, Diva, is considerably less mainstream.

Diva is a grungy matte lavender-gray. Remember when this shade was all the rage back in the ’90’s? Then it came back in about 2016, and it’s so good it’s here to stay. You can wear this as an edgy neutral, or top it with the dark purple glitter topper to really ramp it up as a full on deep sparkling purple. I put the topper on very thick for my swatch photo – you can be much more conservative with it which still deepens the color and gives it some pretty sparkle.

Switching back to something a little more neutral, Attitude gives two very different options. This is my favorite of my three Matte Lip Kits, a matte terracotta colored liquid lipstick that is extremely flattering. The dark multicolored glitter effects totally change up the look, turning it into a combination of terracotta, gold, and green…and somehow it works!

I really recommend getting a few of the Matte Lip Kits because I have amused myself by spending all kinds of time trying all of the shades with the toppers from other kits. My favorite? Attitude with the topper from Fabulous. 

I also want to give a quick shout out to the holographic hot pink Tattoo Junkee Makeup Bag ($1.35 – seriously!!). This is a funky cool bag that can double as a clutch for a night at the club.

  • Bag dimensions: 11.75” wide x 7” tall x 2” deep
  • Features holographic pink vinyl with a black Tattoo Junkee skull & bow logo
  • Cute chunky zipper with a wide handle for easy open and close
  • Perfect for storing makeup, using for travel or as a clutch handbag

Right now it is only $1.35 – and this is a sturdy, roomy, and totally adorable bag. Get one for you and then more for gifts!

All of the Tattoo Junkee lip paints are very long lasting. They last through a meal and sometimes need a remover at the end of the day. Do yourself a favor and try one of the kits, especially with the holidays and parties coming up. Or, pick up a few as stocking stuffers. Then get ready to have some fun!


  1. Helga | 22nd Sep 19

    This is a great gift idea. I’m a sucker for clever packaging too, love this concept.

  2. Debra Branigan | 22nd Sep 19

    I know the perfect person for this as a gift pack. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Tara L | 22nd Sep 19

    I love a good matte lip kit. I checked there site out and they have some great colors. I can’t wait to try some maybe.

  4. Calvin | 5th Oct 19

    Great kits to give as a gift, nice and well put together.

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