Surround your body with delicious mousse from Humboldt Soap Company

Humboldt Body Mousse

Humboldt Soap Company is a company that hits all the right buttons for us on Beauty Info Zone. It’s an independent company developed by Arice Miranda, a Certified Massage Therapist and Spa Treatment Tech. She built her company from the ground up with support from her family to meet the needs of people like us who want high quality products at affordable prices.

We’ve shared other products made by Humboldt with you (Cremeplexion Face Cream and Body Butters) and have raved about them because there’s everything to like about the brand. Today we are sharing their newest product: Humboldt Body Mousse. The body butter that we love has a new formula that makes it melt on your skin. These body mousses are made with a skin nourishing formula that uses Shea, Mango, Babassu and Cocoa Butters,, Argon Oil, Jojoba Oil and Panthenol. The formula is phthalate free.

We thank Arice for sending us each an exciting choice.


If you are a follower of Beauty Info Zone you know that I don’t rave about fragranced items very often. I stopped using them a long, long time ago to help ward off migraines. I’m starting to appreciate certain products but it still takes a lot to impress me. I’m impressed with my Strawberry Pear Body Mousse though.

Humboldt Soap Co. Strawberry Pear Body Mousse

The description of the body mousses tells us that these are whipped so you’d expect them to be light and airy. Well they definitely feel light and airy on your skin but they are actually thick, nourishing body products.

Humboldt Soap Co. Strawberry Pear Body Mousse

I apply this early in the day since the scent is strong to my delicate (ahem) nose. I continue to smell it on and off throughout the day. It’s a true strawberry fragrance while the pear helps mellow it a little. The mousse itself is even a light pink in case the scent didn’t tip you off.

Humboldt Soap Co. Strawberry Pear Body Mousse

I barely need any since a little goes a long way – and the end result is soft, moisturized skin without my winter flakes. I love how my skin feels when using this. It’s exactly what my body needs. The cutest part is that my 5 year old granddaughter is in love with the smell. She keeps asking me to take her to the bathroom and the first thing she does is pick up the jar and smells it. Aaah! Then after she’s washed up she’ll do it again. When this is empty I’ll have to save the jar for her pleasure too.

Humboldt Soap Co. Strawberry Pear Body Mousse

Anything that can convert me to love a fragranced product has to be one of a kind and this body mousse definitely is.


I’m the polar opposite of Marcia when it comes to fragranced body products.  I don’t avoid them, I seek them out. I want to smell good!  I layer on complimentary scented products in the morning and I am always happy when I am wearing a particularly lovely combo.  I don’t go for scents that knock people over the head – I like ones that are noticed when someone comes in close.  Many of my products are some variation of a coconut scent, so the Blackberry Coconut Body Mousse was right up my alley.

Humboldt Blackerry Coconut Body Mousse

Like Marcia said, the body mousse is very thick and rich.  It has a unique texture though – almost pudding-like.  It goes on slightly wet and stays tacky for about 15 seconds before drying down into a lovely softness.  I use this in the mornings over dry oil after showering, and I also use it on my hands and elbows throughout the day, especially since the air is dry now with the indoor heat.

Humboldt Blackerry Coconut Body Mousse

The scent is so good and really unique.  I can’t say I’ve ever had anything scented with a combo of blackberry and coconut, but it really works!  You would think this would be foody, but it isn’t.  The blackberry actually gives it a sophisticated edge so it’s not overly sweet.  I really like it – beautiful fragrance, great texture, wonderfully moisturizing – there’s lots to love here!

These lovely mousses are also available in three more scents:  Hot Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla Frosting, and Banana Mango.  Choose your scent and indulge in this wonderful body mousse!


  1. Debra Branigan | 10th Feb 19

    These sound absolutely wonderful. Shopping as soon as I post. Thank you for highlighting.

  2. Reka | 10th Feb 19

    the strawberry one looks really nice, I hope it has a good effect on the skin as well because I wanna buy and try one 🙂

  3. Arice | 10th Feb 19

    Marcia and Lisa,

    As always it is such a pleasure working with you both. Thank you so much for trying the new HSC Body Mousses. I’m beyond thrilled that you like them so much! Your description of how HSC started (amazing writing skills) actually gave me a joyful and sentimental emotional response that I wasn’t quite expecting. Thank you for that as well.

    I went ahead and made matching soaps and “Smoothie Bath Bombs” (made with natural fruit and veggie powders) for each body mousse since the fragrance combinations turned out so nicely and are being well received by customers. This is an exciting time for HSC and I am so happy and grateful to be sharing this with you on your blog.

  4. Lola Seicento | 11th Feb 19

    These body mousses look amazing, and their scents sound delectable! I would LOVE to try them this winter!

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 11th Feb 19

    I couldn’t love these Body Mousses from HSC more! I am currently wearing Chocolate Espresso, and I already finished up the fabulous Banana Mango!

  6. Arice | 11th Feb 19

    Allison! Thank you so much for your wonderful words! You truly motivate me! It was your idea after all for me to make an all over body moisturizer that had the same texture as my Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer and I couldn’t be more excited and happy that the Body Mousse is being so well received!

  7. Krystal E | 11th Feb 19

    Both of these sound amazing – I really want to try a body mousse again.

  8. Judy | 11th Feb 19

    Their scent combos are striking!

  9. Kristi V BeginNails | 11th Feb 19

    This sounds nice – I love a good moisturizer.

  10. Painted Fingertips | 11th Feb 19

    Those scents sound delicious!

  11. Glamorable | 12th Feb 19

    These sound absolutely delightful! I would love to take a whiff of Banana Mango since that’s my favorite ice cream combo haha 🙂

  12. Kathryne | 12th Feb 19

    The combination of scents are totally unique!

  13. Beauty and Fashion Tech | 12th Feb 19

    Blackberry Coconut sounds heavenly!

  14. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 12th Feb 19

    That texture looks SOOO rich and fluffy!!!

  15. Nina Kasper | 12th Feb 19

    The blackberry coconut sounds divine!! I love blackberry and coconut but never thought to combine them!

  16. 25 Sweetpeas | 12th Feb 19

    These look really creamy!

  17. Courtney | 13th Feb 19

    I think I would love Blackberry Coconut scent

  18. Polished Hippy | 13th Feb 19

    Those look so rich!

  19. Kristina | 13th Feb 19

    I love the packaging of these and Blackberry Coconut definitely sounds like a scent that I’d like.

  20. Ehmkay Nails | 15th Feb 19

    I really love the product as well and I just love the professional packaging. It’s all
    Top notch!

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