Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop – win $$

Are you ready for holiday gift giving? Even if you are done with your shopping there’s always something you forgot or want for yourself. This Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop is the perfect way to win things you can use for the holidays. Each participating blog has their own unique prize and you can enter all of them. Lots of chances to win.

Beauty Info Zone’s prize is $30 paypal or Amazon egift card. I’m sure you can find many great stocking stuffers or add to a gift you really want to give. This time it’s open worldwide except where prohibited. Our rules are simple – be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and comment. The rest of the entries are extra ways for you to win. You can even tweet daily to up your chances.

Thanks to The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It for organizing another terrific blog hop. Be sure you enter all the giveaways since winning is fun. Open through 11:59 pm on 11/26/19.

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  1. Nicole Fall | 17th Nov 19

    I haven’t even started yet :/ Soon though, very soon!

  2. lisa king | 17th Nov 19

    i havent started yet!!

  3. LB | 17th Nov 19

    I am about halfway. Waiting on Christmas lists from my extended family!

  4. Gia Welch | 17th Nov 19

    We’ve picked up a few things for the kids and the husband is waiting for the pre-order I’m giving him. I know he’s bought one thing for me already, since I wasn’t allowed to open the package when it arrived.

  5. Louisa D | 17th Nov 19

    not very far

  6. Patricia Crowley | 17th Nov 19

    I haven’t even started yet….

  7. Anita Duvall | 17th Nov 19

    I have my two grown daughters completely bought for now. On to the kids now.

  8. Maranda Hymes | 17th Nov 19

    I have very few gifts to buy this year but have not bought any yet. They shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days though so not worried yet!

  9. Terri Shaw | 18th Nov 19

    I haven’t even started yet!

  10. denise | 18th Nov 19

    haven’t even started

  11. Jenn e | 18th Nov 19

    I have been saving items in my Amazon cart but have yet to place the order!

  12. Terra L Heck | 18th Nov 19

    I’m behind this year. I’m usually mostly done by now but that’s not the case this year.

  13. Chris L | 18th Nov 19

    I have a few gifts but still need to do a bit of shopping.

  14. MelodyJ | 18th Nov 19

    I haven’t started yet.

  15. Lyndsey Rullman | 18th Nov 19

    I have got a few gifts but nothing serious. Kind of a bit more strapped this year then normal though.

  16. Lauren Becker | 18th Nov 19

    I’m doing okay, but I wish I was a bit further along hah

  17. Jennylyn Gross | 18th Nov 19

    I have one grandkid done and my hubby done

  18. Vickie | 18th Nov 19

    Done except for dinner things And putting up tree after Turkey Day

  19. Jennifer Sparks | 18th Nov 19

    I’m done except for stocking stuffers.

  20. jeanna | 18th Nov 19

    I just started!

  21. Steph | 18th Nov 19

    I haven’t started get

  22. Mallory D | 18th Nov 19

    Haven’t even started yet lol

  23. Jen De | 18th Nov 19

    I haven’t started my holiday shopping yet 🙁

  24. JanD | 18th Nov 19

    I haven’t started on my holiday shopping.

  25. Laurie Nykaza | 19th Nov 19

    I’m 3/4 done with my shopping. I do shop all year long for Christmas

  26. Samantha Tedesco | 19th Nov 19

    OMG, I’m very far. I didn’t have even buy a gift!

  27. Amanda Rauch | 19th Nov 19

    Definitely haven’t started shopping yet. We probably will not be doing gift exchanges this year.

  28. Linda | 19th Nov 19

    I’m about halfway through holiday shopping, which is better than I did last year.

  29. Audrey Stewart | 19th Nov 19

    Almost done. I shop only on line because I hate crowds.

  30. Polly Hall | 19th Nov 19

    I have not even started not until after Thanksgiving

  31. Stephanie Jones | 19th Nov 19

    i have not started shopping yet

  32. Tabitha | 19th Nov 19

    Haven’t even started.

  33. Kristin | 19th Nov 19

    I’d say I’m about halfway done…which is not great. I’m usually farther along by now! Ugh.

  34. Peggy Johnson | 19th Nov 19

    I haven’t started shopping yet

  35. Deb Pelletier | 19th Nov 19

    about half, the rest or gift cards.

  36. Tamra Phelps | 20th Nov 19

    Oh, boy. Honestly, I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping. Usually, I start in August, lol.

  37. bn100 | 20th Nov 19

    about half

  38. Lisa Williams | 20th Nov 19

    I haven’t started yet but I’m getting ready to kick it into gear.

  39. Shirley Emitt | 20th Nov 19

    I am about half done with my shopping.

  40. Barbara Montag | 20th Nov 19

    I am 1/2 done with my Christmas shopping.
    Want to wrap it up by the 1st week in December.

  41. Maria | 20th Nov 19

    Barely started here

  42. Sara Floyd | 20th Nov 19

    I am pretty much completed

  43. Jenny B | 20th Nov 19

    I actually haven’t started yet! Soon though..

  44. MPaula | 21st Nov 19

    All my gifts this year will be edible. I am still collecting the ingredients and then will have a baking/cooking marathon the second weekend in December.

  45. elizabeth miller | 21st Nov 19

    I have only picked up a few things so far so in other words, I am really just starting.

  46. Dave Gibb | 21st Nov 19

    not very far

  47. Michelle Tucker | 22nd Nov 19

    I’m buying very few gifts this year, but i’ve got 3 people done. Just got to do my hubs now.

  48. Miranda Sherman | 22nd Nov 19

    ummmm…shhhh don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t even started yet eeekkk!

  49. Allison Swain | 22nd Nov 19

    I am about halfway done with my holiday shopping so far.

    Thank you for the chance to win! This would help out a lot.

  50. Alissa A Apel | 22nd Nov 19

    I’m most of the way done.

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