Suns Out! KBShimmer Tri-Thermal Nail Polish Collection

KBShimmer Suns Out Collection – photo from KBShimmer website

We have been waiting all winter for the newest KBShimmer summer collection and it’s finally here…the Suns Out Tri-Thermal Nail Polish Collection. This is a fabulous set of nine stunning polishes that change colors based on temperature. Each polish has three main shades that it shifts through, making your nails a fabulous indicator of just how hot it is in here! As always, the KBShimmer nail polish names are adorable and the polishes themselves feature shifty aurora shimmer and are truly gorgeous. We have four of the fabulous shades for you today and we will share the remaining five for you soon – we didn’t want to overwhelm you with all the gorgeousness at once! Let’s see what Lisa and Marcia are wearing as the sun comes out this week.



This was my first time using a tri-thermal nail polish. Having seen the beautiful photos from KBShimmer and other bloggers, I was intrigued…would the polish apply like that? Or dry down in three shades? On me, the polishes applied in the deepest shade and dried that way. Only after a clear top coat and then warming up did they turn colors, and it was like magic. Very very cool!!  Like a mood ring for my fingertips! I have to warn you, tri-thermal nail polish becomes addictive.  You are going to want to wear one all the time once you try it.

KBShimmer Slay La Vie

KBShimmer Slay La Vie

KBShimmer Slay La Vie

KBShimmer Slay La Vie

Slay La Vie applied a deep magenta with purple shimmer on me and when it gets warm it transforms into a medium rose then a sweet light shimmery pink. It is adorable. I love it – very sweet and feminine. It has sparks of an indigo to blue aurora shimmer.

KBShimmer Aft Backwards

KBShimmer Aft Backwards

KBShimmer Aft Backwards

KBShimmer Aft Backwards

Aft Backwards applied first as a very dark midnight purple with bright indigo blue aurora shimmer. It then warmed up into a lighter purple, which then transformed into a hot shimmery pink. This is a gorgeous bright shade that is a real attention getter! It is perfect for hot summer days at the beach and going out dancing at night.


I feel like these polishes bring some magic into my life. The 9 shades have varying amounts of thermal changes. Some are a little stubborn and some like to live it up.

JUST GLOW WITH IT is my shy polish which is sort of an oxymoron when you first see the neon shade in the bottle and on your hands.

KBShimmer Just Glow With It

Just Glow With It has three colors as expected. It starts out as a neon red, changes to a neon orange, and adds in a neon pink when it’s in the mood. It has accents of classic aurora shimmer, going from a coppery orange to a bright green (I haven’t seen green yet but I’m just on my third day). There aren’t dramatic changes like you’ll see in Best Buds. But all three of the colors are really beautiful. I’m not one to love neon but this polish is so bodacious that I can’t help but love it.

KBShimmer Just Glow With It

KBShimmer Just Glow With It

KBShimmer Just Glow With It

BEST BUDS on the other hand is my lively polish. This changes and changes and changes. I had the most fun wearing it for a week and can’t wait to get back to it. In the bottle this looks like a well worn pair of denims, then it gets sassy and turns different shades of purple from lilac to a deep blurple. But it’s the green that gets to me every time. It’s a bright minty green and shows up when your hands are warm. When I’m in the shower this is the color that blows my mind.

KBShimmer Best Buds

KBShimmer Best Buds (cooled)

KBShimmer Best Buds

KBShimmer Best Buds (after my shower)

These outstanding polishes reminds me of all I love about KBShimmer. These are $11 each and can be purchased on the KBShimmer website as well as at Amazon. They are 5 free and 100% vegan and cruelty free. You’re going to want more than one, we can promise you that!


  1. These are gorgeous shades, and I love the Best Buds look that you created, it is simply stunning!

  2. oh wow what a cool idea! Looks really nice actually… I need to get one now lol

  3. Jen Walker says

    Great picks, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. I am loving Just Glow With It so hard this summer!

  4. These are some of the most fun thermals I have seen lately!

  5. Kristina says

    These look so cool! I really like Best Buds and the one in the bottom middle of the stock photo.

  6. Oh, what terrific thermals! Thank you for mentioning that i can buy them on Amazon. Hopefully they qualify for free shipping via Prime. That makes a difference for me

  7. All of these look really awesome! I love the color change in them all!

  8. I’m so smitten with how fun this collection is! Best Buds is so cool, it’s definitely my favorite pick!!!

  9. How fun!! I love the way these apply with the ombre look. The price is really good too.

  10. Wow, so fun!!

  11. Kathryne says

    The tri thermal looks gorgeous!!! What a fun collection for the summer

  12. I had heard of thermals before but not tri-thermals. They look so cool!

  13. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    Just Glow With It is definitely my favorite from this collection! So bright and beautiful!

  14. Just Glow With It is so pretty!

  15. 25 Sweetpeas says

    These polish area just SO fun!

  16. These are all such amazing shades. I see several I’d add to my collection even though living in South Carolina I don’t know much thermal action I’d have going on.

  17. Best Buds is SO pretty. KBShimmer really done well in these tri-thermals!

  18. Pink to purple is always my favorite thermal combo!!!

  19. Madhubani says

    These look terrific.. beautiful colors and came out really well.. Best Buds I’d pure love.


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