Straight to the top of my favorites list: Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am addicted to primers.  I am not ashamed to admit this addiction. Without primer…well, actually, without a GOOD primer…my makeup lasts for maybe three hours tops.  I just have that kind of skin.  With a good facial primer my foundation and blush can survive for 8 hours of fade-free wear.

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray
Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray

Marcia teases me all the time for having a bazillion primers.  Even with the obscene amount of primers I have on hand, I am always on the lookout for something even better.  But I have to give the credit for my recent discovery to my partner.  She insisted that I be the one to test Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray (4 oz. bottle $35) because it was different from the other bazillion primers I have, and she heard this one was pretty fantastic.

Another confession…I wasn’t particularly interested in trying this primer.  I put it off for a long time.  I am not sure why…I guess I just didn’t think that a wet, spray on primer was going to work, especially since my favorite primers tend to be silicone-based.  Luckily, sometimes my partner knows me even better than I know myself.

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray
Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray is a light liquid that feels like a very fine mist.  It needs to be shaken well before spraying, and once on it dries in seconds.  Unlike silicone primers, this doesn’t make my skin ultra crazy smooth.  However,  it does make it smoother, which helps my makeup apply evenly.  What is the most impressive, though, is how it keeps my makeup from fading all day long.  I don’t mean 8 hours…I mean 12, even 15 hours.  I have never experienced anything like it!!

The Makeup Primer Spray is absolutely one of the best primers I have ever used.  I can’t even fully articulate how impressed I am with it.  While I love my other bazillion primers, I do believe this is my most favorite of them all.

Whether you never use a makeup primer yet or are a primer addict like me, you need this primer.  It just plain rocks.  – Lisa

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  1. Rachel Beltz | 10th Jun 15

    I’ve actually never used a primer.. they’re one of those things that puzzle me..
    Also, I’m one of those people whose like “why buy a base coat when I could buy a new colored polish.”
    I probably have a lot of bad beauty habits hah!

  2. Anastasia | 11th Jun 15

    I looove that primer spray! In fact, I’m using it today 🙂

  3. [email protected] | 11th Jun 15

    It sounds great, but I’m a weirdo and I can’t stand spraying anything directly onto my face so I couldn’t use it. Glad you love it. I need to try some other Skindinavia products

  4. Heather | 11th Jun 15

    This is one of my favorite products I use in my pro kit and my personal kit. I use it before and after makeup application, and I always repurchase Skindinavia products!

  5. Kat Dinges | 11th Jun 15

    I use this every once in a while! It does the job!

  6. BeautyJudy | 11th Jun 15

    I really want to try this and their setting spray!!!

  7. Phyrra | 11th Jun 15

    I loved the Skindinavia sprays that I’ve tried in the past.

  8. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 11th Jun 15

    I need this for Vegas. I know I’m going to melt there!

  9. Kath TheFabZilla | 11th Jun 15

    Sounds like a product I need to try

  10. Kimberly | 11th Jun 15

    Now I know I have to get it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Erika | 11th Jun 15

    I vant to try this! I read and hear all of the good things.

  12. Nidia - Lit From Within | 12th Jun 15

    This is a great review! I’ve heard of this product, and I use primers, but like you, they tend to be liquid, and often silicone-based. My makeup just lasts longer on my oily skin with a primer. I also have a million primers, but am feeling a strange pull to try this one, too! lol!

  13. Mercedes | 12th Jun 15

    I have used this primer spray, and I really like it.

  14. Miranda Mendoza | 12th Jun 15

    I love this spray… I used it the other day when my face was feeling a wee heavy after using Cold Cream, and it mattified me right up without drying me out!

  15. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 12th Jun 15

    I have been wanting to try this.

  16. Destany | 12th Jun 15

    I didn’t know there was primer spray. How cool!

  17. Color Me So Crazy | 12th Jun 15

    One of my favorite brands!! I have not used this product but I must try it!!

  18. Robin W | 12th Jun 15

    I’ve never used a primer before. I didn’t realize what good it would do me. But I do now.

  19. Lisa Heath | 12th Jun 15

    I’m a huge primer fan so I’ll have to check this out!

  20. Honeygirlk | 13th Jun 15

    I hear so many great things about this spray – but I don’t use makeup primer, unless I’m doing a full face and I don’t use foundation so I normally don’t. But I would totally check this out.

  21. Meaghan | 14th Jun 15

    This stuff is amazing, my makeup normally lasts about 8-10 hours with a face primer, but with a spray it can last up to 14-16 hours… I can’t stress enough how good this stuff is and for dry skin too! 🙂

  22. Christy Peeples DuBois | 15th Jun 15

    I am so glad you reviewed this. I saw some reviews on this last year I believe and everyone I read felt like you that this was the best. Then I also saw that Mary Kay is using this as their primer with the Mary Kat name and the Scandinavia name also on the bottle, if I remember correctly. I will have to look that up again. After that I saw that Mary Kay primer was voted #1 on some poll or my some group. People always say we need a primer but all the ones I’ve tried make my face even more oily and by the time I blot several times because of this it is going to make my makeup not wear as long. But I am going to get this one ASAP.

  23. Top 10 beauty products to survive the heat | 16th Jun 15

    […] use it which is to set my makeup (including eyes) after I’m done. My blog partner Lisa just reviewed this and she uses it as a preprimer, I find it also sets my makeup helping it last longer. Wonderful […]

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