Stay warm in style with Invroheat Wall Heaters

The best thing about Michigan?  All four seasons.  The worst thing?  Three of those seasons!  I don’t like the cold.  I love the beautiful shades of fall, the gorgeous snow of winter, and the coziness of rainy days in spring…but I do NOT like to be cold.  My house was built in 1850 so it is incredibly drafty, and I have tried everything – electric fireplace, ceramic room heaters, 6 inch thick blankets…but I am always cold.  Especially in my front room which is a closed in porch.  It is a beautiful sunny room with tons of windows and in the winter it crazy cold.  It’s kind of long and narrow, so a floor space heater never seems to do the job.  You know what does, though, and does it in style?  Invroheat Wall Heaters ($70).

I never even thought of a heater that hangs on the wall…definitely a new concept for me!  And I certainly never thought of one that looks like artwork.  Invroheat raised the temperature of a room about 15 degrees and you can hang it anywhere – it only weighs about two pounds.  It heats the room via infrared technology, sort of like the way the sun heats the ground.  There is no sound…just beautiful, lovely heat.

Invroheat Wall Heater

Raises room temperature 10-15 degrees, while adding a decorative touch
• Perfect for babies room, dorms, craft rooms, home office
• Easily transportable, completely portable
• Size: 40 x 22 / Weight: 2.2 lbs
• 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
New Patented Infrared Technology

The room I am using it in is 12×6, and the Invroheat has taken my supposed-to-be-4-seasons porch and turned it into a really-and-truly-4-seasons porch!  It can actually heat up to a 12 x 12 ft. room, and it is super inexpensive to run.  It actually save over 50% on electricity cost compared to a conventional space heater.  Plus, it supports healthy breathing because it retains the moisture in the air.  Another one of my winter woes is dry indoor heat but this heater even reduces allergy and asthma symptoms because it doesn’t dry out the air.

I don’t worry about safety because it has an auto safety shut-off that prevents overheating.  There is an on/off switch, and you just hang the heater, plug it in, and let it do its thing!  Once it warms up outside you can easily store the heater because it rolls up.  There is no assembly required – seriously, it couldn’t be any easier to use.  And your room heats up in about 30 seconds.

The Invroheat hangs perfectly flat up against the wall…amazing.

There are lots of different artwork styles to choose from, so there is something for everyone.  Head over to Amazon and take a look…the Invroheat is the most impressive room heater I have ever come across.  – Lisa

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Invroheat Wall Heater