Spring pigment collection from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I was first introduced to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics two years ago at the IMATS in California.  Maxi, reality television star and makeup artist from the show Blush was there promoting OCC.  He was putting lip tars all over a model’s face, creating a gorgeous volcano of color that somehow really worked.  That’s all it took – I was hooked.

OCC sent the BIZ their latest pigment collection for this spring to check out.  Now, I have more pigments that I even care to admit to – and I am pretty picky about the texture, feel, and wear of pigments.  In my opinion, OCC has some of the best pigments out there.

OCC pigments ($12) come in amazing colors, and they are a very finely milled powder so they apply super smooth. The first three of the new releases I tried are the brighter, lighter colors.

This is Flawed, which is described as an old gold sleek sheen.  I get a lot of gold with this one, love it in the center of the lid for a great pop of color.

This is Hum,  peach with pink shimmer.  This one is a terrific lid color, especially if you have deep-set or hooded eyes.

Here is Bitmap, a leaf green with gold sheen.  It looks extremely bright in the jar, but this is a surprisingly wearable color.

Here they are swatched:  Flawed, Hum, and Bitmap.

The next three are deeper colors.

This is Noise, plum with blue duochrome.  Beautiful eye color, but I especially like this one for lips.

Probably my most favorite of the group is Artifact, which is a bronze and pink duochrome.

And finally Distortion, navy with teal sheen.  Love this, used wet it makes a great liner, and it sheers out perfectly for a smoky eye look.

Here they are swatched:  Noise, Artifact, and then Distortion.

Here I am with my OCC pigments on – lips are Noise mixed with clear gloss.

Here are the eyes.  I lined with Distortion, and then used Hum on the lid.  Artifact is in the crease, and I put Flawed in the center of the lid.

I think pigments are a great way to get really creative and have fun, and the new colors from OCC get a big thumbs up from me.  – Lisa


  1. Oh wow, those are really gorgeous pigments. Thanks for the swatches and for the pics of the pigments applied, very helpful!

  2. All the pigments are beautiful but Artifact is fabulous. I definitely want that one.

  3. I never tried pigments because they seemed so messy. These are so pretty though, I think I might try one or two.