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There are so many days to celebrate between Christmas and New Year’s and there’s nothing like a new polish to change up your look. SPARITUAL has a new long wear collection, Rise, that has quickly become a favorite. There are 4 holiday polishes that were sent to me for review. There’s not a one that you won’t want to wear on your nails. I see Christmas, I see Chanukkah, I see New Year’s Eve, and I see Bowl Games when I look at these polishes.

SPARITUAL GOLD ($18) has 3 finishes in their line and all are true winners. There are cremes like Take a Stand and Come Together, shimmers like Rising Spirit and Soulful, and glitters like Beyond Love. What makes these more unique is that they are quick drying polishes. But what reallllly makes them unique is that these are truly a self leveling polish when you use their Flexible Topcoat. They bounce back if you smear them when wet. I always mess up my nails putting on my jacket or seat belt and it happened again when I had my nails done with Rising Spirit. But where is that mistake? It’s gone, totally gone. I did nothing to it and it came back to its original finish. I’m amazed and grateful.

Sparitual Gold and Flexible Topcoat
Sparitual Gold and Flexible Topcoat

The brush on these polishes is one of the best I’ve used. I had my nails done with Rising Spirit as my first choice and one brushload was able to cover 3 nails. My nail tech was as amazed as I was. The name of the brush is the Mindful Brush and Sparitual created it with over 600 bristles that fan out for a precise application.

SPARITUAL GOLD RISING SPIRIT – when you look at the bottle you might not be attracted to it. I know I wasn’t and even my nail tech wasn’t impressed. Until, that is, we opened it and saw the beautiful yet subtle gold shimmer and outstanding shade. The bottles have a cover over them which I think is a shame because you can’t see the beauty within.

Sparitual Gold: Rising Spirit
Sparitual Gold: Rising Spirit

Rising Spirit is a work friendly gold which I didn’t think was possible. It’s not garish as some golds can be and that’s because the shimmer is within. It’s a stand out without being a turn off. I am crazy about it!

Sparitual Rising Spirit and Soulful
Sparitual Rising Spirit and Soulful

The shade I’m going to be wearing for Christmas is Soulful. It’s not labeled as a metallic but it definitely is plus it has that subtle shimmer that I’m loving. It’s the type of red that I crave on my nails any day of the year but especially around the winter holidays. When you add the Sparitual Gold Flexible Topcoat you are guaranteeing long wear on their polishes. I never did well with the original Sparitual polishes but these are out of this world with wear time.

Sparitual Gold in Soulful
Sparitual Gold in Soulful



Take A Stand is the holiday green polish that you need on your hands. This is just the perfect green to match the holiday colors. This green creme is practically a one coater. It’s thick and rich. It applies like a dream.

Sparitual Gold in Take a Stand
Sparitual Gold in Take a Stand

Come Together is harder for me to describe. It’s also a creme though it was a thinner cream. It’s not a red, it’s not a purple, but it has some of each of those colors in it.

Sparitual Gold in Come Together
Sparitual Gold in Come Together

Sparitual has a whole new take on glitter polishes ($12). Not only did they create some beauties but knowing of the complaints of glitter removal they also created a Peel Off Basecoat, Unveil. This is a wonderful basecoat for any polish you use with glitter but especially with Sparitual polishes. Apply a coat of Unveil and then a polish like the beautiful Beyond Love that I was sent, apply as many coats of the polish as you’d like. When you are ready for a new shade all you have to do is peel it off. No soaking, no acetate all over your hands that dry them out. Just peel. You’ll love it.

Sparitual Unveil Peel Off Basecoat
Sparitual Unveil Peel Off Basecoat
Sparitual Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat
Sparitual Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat
Sparitual Glitter polish in Beyond Love
Sparitual Glitter polish in Beyond Love
Beyond Love
Beyond Love

These shades are just a small picture of all the beautiful polishes that Sparitual Gold has created. I’m so much happier with this formula than the original and I love that it’s a vegan, cruelty-free brand. It’s dramatic to say these are a Christmas Miracle but they come close to one that you can buy. Have a happy holiday with Sparitual Gold.  — Marcia

*sent for review and worn with delight

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  1. Naked Without Polish | 21st Dec 16

    I love the color of Take a Stand.

  2. Shilpa | 21st Dec 16

    These look good and I like the fact the the top coat is one that helps even out smudges

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 21st Dec 16

    Curious about their peel off base coat. I tried the one from OPI a few years ago, and it didn’t work too well for me. But I’m open minded about trying another brand. That gold shade is gorgeous!

  4. Michaela - The Mani Café | 21st Dec 16

    Come Together looks pretty! Not a huge fan of the gold though im afraid!

  5. Lola Seicento | 21st Dec 16

    What a gorgeous collection! I absolutely love Come Together!

  6. Judy | 21st Dec 16

    I haven’t tried this line from SpaRitual but I may need Come Together!!!

  7. Kristi V BeginNails | 21st Dec 16

    Come Together is speaking to me – it has my favorite hues red/purple! <3

  8. NORAH | 21st Dec 16

    This is a new name for me and it looks super fabulous!

  9. Kat Dinges | 21st Dec 16

    I’ve always heard amazing things about this brand! Would love to get my hands on that peel off base!

  10. My Newest Addiction | 21st Dec 16

    Beyond Love is appropriately named!

  11. Amber | 21st Dec 16

    Wow the Flexible Topcoat sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be picking that up to try. I hate smearing a fresh mani!

  12. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 21st Dec 16

    They are so prettier on that what they look like in the bottle!

  13. Carleen | 21st Dec 16

    I love the look of the gold.

  14. Phyrra | 21st Dec 16

    The gold is so gorgeous

  15. Shipra | 22nd Dec 16

    How stunning are these?! <3

  16. Krystal E | 22nd Dec 16

    I’m glad to see Spa Ritual around. There’s only one Spa locally that uses them in their line but they’re a bit behind in collections.

  17. My Nail Polish Obsession | 22nd Dec 16

    Gorgeous colors and that topcoat sounds pretty amazing!

  18. Ehmkay nails | 22nd Dec 16

    I didn’t know Sparitual was still making polish! It’s awesome to see a new collection from them

  19. Jessica Scull | 22nd Dec 16

    This brand is so underrated! They have great shades

  20. Stacie Hamilton | 22nd Dec 16

    I’ve never tried a peel off base coat. I bet it would help get rid of glitter polish faster. I need to try it!

  21. Honeygirlk | 22nd Dec 16

    That base coat is so great. I’m eyeing Rising spirit – such a gorgeous shade.

  22. Kath Thefabzilla | 22nd Dec 16

    I own few shades from this brand

  23. Lisa Heath | 22nd Dec 16

    I love their base coat! I actually have several polishes from them and they are a tried and true favorite

  24. Emily Draher | 26th Dec 16

    I am yet to try this long-wear line, but I’ve always loved SpaRitual!

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    […] SPARITUAL GOLD in RISING SPIRIT – The bottle belies the beauty within. A subtle but stunning gold that wears magnificently and even repels smudges! […]

  26. Nina | 28th Dec 16

    I love that glitter bomb!!! I have yet to try this brand and I don’t know why.

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