Snow Fox Skin Care review

Snow Fox Soothing Facial Mousse, Arctic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask, and Day & Night Defense Cream

Makeup Wars is interested in fall skincare this week. With a new season comes new and better suited products for the time of year. I’ve actually been using SNOW FOX SKIN CARE for longer than just fall but I think the products I’m using are well suited for this time of year.

SNOW FOX has 9 different products and they are all natural and organic. Those may be the buzzwords you’ve been hearing but they are great words when it pertains to your skin. I’ve received 3 products from them – Snow Fox Soothing Facial Mousse, Arctic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask, and Day & Night Defense Cream – to tell you about.


Here are some things though that tell us about the brand

-While our key ingredients are from Australia, Snow Fox products are specially packaged using advanced, proprietary technology in Taipei, Taiwan. This technology allows our products to maintain maximum purity, potency and freshness without typically used synthetic chemicals that may dilute or harm the efficacy of the original plant formula.

– Snow Fox products are best used within 3 months of opening, but they do have shelf life of two years if kept unopened. This is why they are designed and packaged to be used daily – to keep your Snow Fox items as fresh as possible, make sure to put the caps back on after use.

-We support animal rights and rescue charities across the globe and promote the use of cruelty free beauty products. Snow Fox and its team have a strict policy against animal testing or the use of animal origin ingredients.

SNOW FOX SOOTHING FACIAL MOUSSE is a great way to start your day and end it.

Snow Fox Soothing Facial Mousse

Snow Fox Soothing Facial Mousse

This very gentle mousse is said to brighten skin, as well as remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residue. It doesn’t strip my skin in fact I’d say it adds a little moisture to it. I never feel the need to use a micellar water after it to remove any tightness. It contains citric acid, peppermint oil and aloe vera leaf. With the peppermint oil there’s a very natural fragrance to the mousse, it’s not overwhelming nor does it linger. Peppermint can be an irritant to some people but I find this to be refreshing and I know it can help prevent future breakouts.

SNOW FOX DAY & NIGHT DEFENSE CREAM is a repair cream that contains Essential Fatty Acids Omega -3,-6,-7,-9 to help recover damaged skin & stay hydrated. I love that this is perfect for people with my skintype: dry, stressed or mature skin, hyper-pigmentation and those who are sensitive to silicone but still want a hydrating primer. Speaking of primer Snow Fox considers this to be your moisturizer and primer. They suggest pouring some into liquid foundations to help avoid caking and to boost hydration. While I’ve never done that I think it’s a great idea with a medium to full coverage foundation.

Snow Fox Day & Night Defense Cream

My only regret with Day & Night Defense Cream is that it doesn’t contain sunscreen so I have to use this with a separate one. I tend to use it more at night for this reason. The three most beneficial ingredients in this are

Olive Fruit Oil – Packed with essential fatty acids Omega 3,6,9 as well as high levels of squalene and antioxidants.
Ginseng Extract –  A powerful topical antioxidant that enhances skin metabolism, which helps the skin effectively repair itself.

Macadamia Oil – rich in Omega-7, this rare mono-unsaturated fatty acid promotes skin regeneration. Also contains Omega 6, 9.

Snow Fox Facial Mousse and Day & Night Defense Cream swatches

Day & Night Defense Cream has the same peppermint fragrance that is in the mousse. As someone who is ultra sensitive to fragrance I find this to be a non-issue. I smell it at first and then it’s gone. The moisturizing cream is comforting and I wake up to softer skin. Plus it plays nicely with my serums and eye cream without balling up at all.

SNOW FOX ARCTIC BREEZE DETOX COOLING MASK was a surprise when I first used it. It could be because I didn’t really look at the name carefully enough to notice the word cooling. I am a mask person and own dozens of brands but Snow Fox stands out.

Snow Fox Arctic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask

There are 5 masks in the box and they are very juicy. These have the strongest fragrance of the 3 products I’m reviewing. I notice it as soon as I open the package as well as on my face. Because it’s left there for 20 minutes the peppermint is noticeable. I haven’t used all the masks in the box since I want these for when my skin feels inflammed or on the verge of breaking out. Key ingredients are:

Peppermint Oil – A natural anti-microbial rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it cools down irritations and soothes inflammation.
Aloe Vera Leaf- Soothes irritations and allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring.
100% Organic Cotton Sheet Mask – Unbleached organic cotton material to retain masking serum, never mixed with cheap synthetic textiles. *Due to non-bleaching, sometimes masks may contain natural dark spots/bits from cotton plant husks. Don’t worry, it’s harmless.
There’s a long long list of what Snow Fox doesn’t contain which makes this natural, organic and plant based line one to seriously look into.

No Parabens  –  No Silicones –  No SLS  –  No Palm Oil or Palm Oil Derivatives – Talc  – Mica – No DEA, MEA or PEG  – No Phthalates  – No Formaldehyde  – No Petrochemicals  – No Phenoxyethanol  – No Mineral Oil  – No Sulphates  – No Artificial Colours or Dyes  – No Artificial Fragrances  – No Synthetic Preservatives  – No Animal Origin Ingredients

Snow Fox Skin Care

Put Snow Fox on your shopping list and then find out what other Makeup Wars bloggers think you should buy.  —  Marcia


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