Smile brighter with Crystal True Minerals

They say “Let a smile be your umbrella” but why have just a regular smile when you could have a crystal white one?

True Minerals is the first truly clean at-home teeth whitening system. The line includes a two-step Daily Teeth Whitening Kit and a three step Advanced Dental Whitening System. Both options gently and visibly whiten teeth without the use of harsh chemicals for a brighter smile and boosted confidence. Both are mineral-enriched, enamel and gum safe, with no sulfates, no artificial colors, fragrances or flavors. 

Crystal True Minerals Advanced Dental Whitening System

I was sent the 3 Step Advanced Dental Whitening System to visibly whiten my teeth. It’s a gentle vegan system that’s sulfate free. There are 4 items in my box: Brightening Rinse (6 fl oz), Whitening Serum (.25 fl oz), Mineral Enriched Whitening Toothpaste, and the great Dual Energy Xenon & LED Light.

The great thing is that this Crystal True Minerals system takes about 6 minutes to use.

On the mornings I’m going to use the Advanced Dental Whitening System I start by brushing my teeth with the Mineral Enriched Whitening Toothpaste.

Crystal True Minerals Toothpaste
Crystal True Minerals Whitening Toothpaste

Next up is to prime with the Brightening Rinse for 10-15 seconds. It’s basically a mouthwash that I swish through my mouth but it’s working to start the whitening process.

True Minerals Brightening Rinse

Step 2 is to apply the Whitening Serum to each tooth. I usually do my bottom teeth first and let them dry; then move to my top teeth and repeat. It takes about 20 seconds to dry. I do the top and bottom separately so I can hold my lips away while it’s drying.

Crystal True Mineral Step 2: Whitening Serum

The priming Brightening Rinse and stain-lifting Whitening Serum are designed to remove stains gently and effectively. The whitening process is accelerated with the power of heat and light provided by the CRYSTAL patented Dual-Energy Xenon & LED Light.

Crystal True Minerals Xenon & LED Light off
Crystal True Minerals Xenon & LED Light on

The Xenon & LED Light stays on for two minutes since that’s what it takes to help the lightening process. With 2 AAA batteries you don’t need to worry about recharging it. Sitting for 2 minutes holding this lightweight device is so easy.

Of course you may not see instant whiteness since your teeth are building up to that. But you will have instant freshness of breath that are free of artificial coloring and flavors. After a few days of using the system though I happily noticed a difference.

Crystal True Minerals Advanced Dental Whitening System

The complete set is $30 on Amazon. A refill set with the 3 items you’ll use up is only $19.42. I used up the toothpaste first but then continued on with my regular one before purchasing the refill kit.

If you want a smile to be your umbrella make sure it’s a beautiful white Crystal True Minerals smile at the same time. — Marcia


  1. Lola Seicento | 24th Sep 20

    I could definitely use this right now!

  2. Jen Walker | 24th Sep 20

    My teeth need a little whitening, and they are sensitive to the harsh chemicals in other systems. I think this would work well for me!

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 24th Sep 20

    I wish I could use stuff like this. I have a fake tooth in front from a child-hood accident, so I have to be mindful of any whitening products so that my real teeth don’t look too different from my fake one. 🙂 Maybe that is a new product line – they need to make these so that fake ceramic teeth also whiten the same as real teeth.

  4. Laura | 24th Sep 20

    Very cool! I’ve been looking for options on how to whiten my teeth

  5. Sylwia | 26th Sep 20

    I am always interested in teeth whitening kits! I will definitely be checking out their website for more info although your review was very throughout

  6. Nina Kasper | 29th Sep 20

    That’s an amazing price for the kit! I have been wanting to try a whitening kit but my teeth are so sensitive, do you think this would be safe?

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