Size matters and Mammoth Wipes deliver!


Forget baby wipe baths. Sometimes you need to clean your whole body and it could take almost half of a tub of those small wipes. Size does matter and a towel sized wipe is perfect for getting clean head to toe without any water at all. I never knew that such a product existed, yet it does – and they are called Mammoth Wipes.


Mammoth Wipes are huge wipes – as big as a bath towel or the size of 25 standard wipes (120 cm x 80cm) – and they are made from a sustainable bamboo material that’s fully biodegradable. Traditional wipes made from spun cotton are not, which makes Mammoth Wipes that much more special. There are two towels in each pack and you can purchase one pack or a number of them for a discount price – $6.99 1 pack, $32.99 5 packs, $59.99 10 packs. They are manufactured in the UK so shipping is extra – but follow them on social media for coupon codes.

Mammoth Wipes clean you with a water based antibacterial liquid and an Aloe leaf juice skin conditioner. Skin is left super clean and also moisturized. They are scented with a fresh smelling lemon fragrance – it’s not too strong nor is it too industrial. It just smells…well, clean! The wipes don’t have any parabens, palm oils, or plastics. It’s also worth noting that the wipes kill 99% of bugs thanks to the antibacterial liquid, which is a huge bonus for any outdoor activities. They are super easy to transport since they are housed in a resealable pouch. If you are going anywhere where showers and running water are either limited or else not available at all, these giant bamboo wipes are the answer. They are gentle but they completely remove sweat, grime, grease, dirt…it doesn’t matter how dirty you are, they will get you clean!

Mammoth Wipes

One towel cleans your entire body. If you don’t need a whole towel, you can rip off whatever size you want and save the rest in the resealable package for another time. That said, these towels are strong – they don’t rip unless you purposely want them too, so feel free to scrub away!

The possibilities for needing and using the Mammoth Wipes are endless. Of course those athletes who participate in events like the Tough Mudder are huge fans. But if you participate in any type of athletics from running to motocross to an in-studio Pilates class, the Mammoth Wipes can be a life saver. Besides exercise though the wipes are a no-brainer for camping and for days at the beach. I will always have a pack or two in the car when I am traveling and even when I’m not going on a long trip, because you never know when you might get caught in a mess and not have any access to water.


Mammoth Wipes are also incredibly useful for things like caring for your elderly parents or handing out to homeless people – what a perfect way to help others! In fact, when you purchase Mammoth Wipes you are given an option to donate a pack or more to the homeless and the company will match your donation. And of course, Mammoth Wipes are truly indispensable for any sort of disaster relief. They are simply a brilliant invention.

You can find Mammoth Wipes online at Watch for coupon codes and order in bulk because when it comes to wipes, size definitely matters!  – Lisa

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  1. monique s | 3rd Sep 19

    These look like great wipes. I can think of so many ways that I need these

  2. Lynne B | 3rd Sep 19

    Wow! This is great. I can see how this is a must-have for Tough Mudders. Or camping. Or hiking. Not that I do any of those things.

  3. Viva Glow | 4th Sep 19

    This sounds amazing! Glad they were able to make it fully biodegradable! Kudos to this company!

  4. Nancy Jachcik | 5th Sep 19

    These would be great to take along when camping when shower availability is rather limited sometimes . I believe these would do the trick in making your entire body feel refreshed and clean.

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