Silk 18 – the way you want your hair to look (and a giveaway)

One thing I’ve learned is that when I’m feeling like I look like a hag it means something has got to change. So I change up my eyes, lips, cheeks. Add a little highlighter or contour. If I look in the mirror and the hag is still there it means it’s my hair that needs a change.

How do you change your hair without getting a cut and color? Simple. Change the items you are using for haircare. Your look will be instantly brightened and you’ll feel like a new woman if you choose the right haircare.

SILK18 Shampoo and Conditioner

My suggestion is to start with SILK18 Shampoo and Conditioner. This line from Maple Holistics gave my hair new life. Even after getting my grays covered up I was still feeling like my hair was drab and dull. I didn’t have a lot of bounce to it. I’m not a fluffy hair woman, I like my hair sleek and shiny. But the shine and bounce were hiding.

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And then I received SILK18 Shampoo and Conditioner and I couldn’t believe the difference. My hair had most likely gotten so accustomed to the products I’d been using that it was having a temper tantrum.

SILK18 products are paraben free and silicone free. The brand is also cruelty-free which is what I look for in products I use and am comfortable promoting. The name SILK18 comes from the blend of 18 silk amino acids that are used in this formula.

Maple Holistics has one primary goal in mind: to provide a natural, holistic range of premium products which can enhance hygiene, health and daily living. We care about crafting and providing you with natural, cruelty-free and effective products which can enhance your day-to-day life.

SILK18 SHAMPOO is made for both men and women. It has a light vanilla fragrance that is uni-sex and wouldn’t smell or feel “girly” for your manly man. Yet it is girly in the way that it makes my hair look. It battles the frizzy look making my hair shiny and strengthened. It’s meant to protect hair from dryness, breakage, damage, split ends, and hair fall. My hair never feels stripped after using this.

Silk18 Shampoo

Silk18 Shampoo is enriched with argan and jojoba oil which is why my hair is soft and shiny – just how I like it. It’s a rich shampoo as you can see in the above photo that lathers nicely.

Silk18 Shampoo

I follow up with SILK18 CONDITIONER. I need a conditioner so that I can comb through my hair after washing. I find I don’t need that much, maybe a quarter size for my below shoulder length hair. I like to leave this creamy conditioner on my hair for several minutes to penetrate and add intense moisture. This helps fight the frizz and any dryness.

SILK18 Conditioner
SILK18 Conditioner

This may sound silly but I like that the shampoo and conditioner look different in the bottles. When you wear glasses all the time you need to be able to see in the shower without them. I don’t have to squint to find the right bottle. Silly? Maybe, but helpful.

Both SILK18 Shampoo and conditioner help protect my color treated hair. Nothing can help stop those pesky grays from growing in but these help keep my color true for a full 4 weeks before I have to start playing with my roots. And they keep my split ends and dryness at bay.

SILK18 Conditioner ingredients

Separately each 10 oz product is only $12.95 but together they are $19.95 at Maple Holistics Amazon store and their website which is the way I’ll buy them in the future. And I will buy them again. Even if I decide to get a keratin treatment I can use these since they don’t have the dreaded ingredients (sodium chloride especially) that pull the treatment out of hair.

If you are ready for a new outlook on hair as well as a new fresh look then SILK18 is where you should start.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Silk18 is giving away either this shampoo or conditioner to one US Beauty Info Zone subscriber. It’s your decision which is the one that will make your hair look special this summer. The giveaway is open through May 16, 2019 at 11:59 pm EDT. As always you must be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and comment. The rest of the Rafflecopter will give you extra ways to win. Tweet daily for extra chances too. Good luck from the BIZ and Maple Holistic’s SILK18.
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