Side by Side: Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush, where you have been all our lives??

Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Cream blush - 6 gorgeous shades

Make Up For Ever HD Cream blush – 6 gorgeous shades

HD Second Skin Cream Blush ($26), the latest launch in the Make Up For Ever High Definition collection, is extraordinary. This wonderfully natural looking cream blush melds into skin, providing a true glow-from-within look that is perfect enough for camera close-ups. It blends in perfectly thanks to the silicone oils, dry oils, and waxes, while silica powders and synthetic mica create a truly satin texture. Add in the Mother-of-Pearl and powerful pigments for gorgeous color and this cream blush has it all. The lightweight compact includes a mirror while application techniques range from fingertips to sponge to brushes.

Here is what Lisa and Marcia think of the six gorgeous colors that were sent to the BIZ.

Lisa’s Side:

This blush is, in a word, DREAMY.  I am completely, head over heels in love.  They are a joy to apply (I start with a brush then finish blending in with my fingers) and they have amazing longevity. The texture fascinates me – they aren’t sticky at all and they have a gorgeous satin finish. Swoon!! They are my favorite cream blushes possibly ever.

Lisa's shades, left to right:

Lisa’s shades, left to right:  215, 310, 510

I tend to go for darker blush shades than Marcia, so I chose 215, 310, and 510 to review.

215, Flamingo Pink, is a coral-pink that is a perfect spring shade. This is a warm shade that is a great coral option for those who want more of the pink and less of the orange tones.


215 Flamingo Pink

310, Rosewood, is a pretty rose shade with brown undertones. Rose can look a little ‘old lady’ish, but not this one! This shade really brightens up my look and is a fantastic blush that isn’t too light or too dark…it’s just right.


310 Rosewood

510, Raspberry, is a deep berry that I was a little concerned would be too dark for my light/medium skin tone. However, it is absolutely gorgeous on. A little goes a long way and with a light hand it really makes cheeks pop and gives that Snow White/just in from a run look. Those of you with deeper skin tones will absolutely love this color.


510 Raspberry

swatched left to right:

swatched left to right:  215, 310, 510


Marcia’s Side:

Make Up For Ever 220, 225, 330

Make Up For Ever 220, 225, 330

Make Up For Ever HD Cream blush in 210, 225, 330

Make Up For Ever HD Cream blush in 210, 225, 330

Look at those gorgeous shades of blush! To me it’s like looking at a little piece of heaven on earth. I adore cream blush and will pick a cream over a powder any day. Of course I love powder blush too but I find it easier to work with most cream blushes especially now that I’m older and my skin isn’t oily. Make Up For Ever brought out 16 shades so that there’s something for everyone.

The ones I’m showing you are perfect for my fair cool skintone. These blend like a dream and are never the least bit tacky or greasy. They blend so easily and look like a second skin once on. They can easily be built up to a darker shade if you want. My preference is to use my fingers with these. My skin warms up the blush and allows it to meld onto my cheeks.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush in 210 is perfectly described as a Cool Pink. It’s the darkest of the three I have but that doesn’t mean it’s dark. This definitely looks best on skin that wants to wear a pink that’s cool. On me it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a crisp pink without any muddiness to it.


210 Cool Pink

Make Up For Ever Cool Pink 210

Make Up For Ever Cool Pink 210

225, Peachy Pink is more peachy than it is pink. When I look at this I’m reminded of a Georgia peach with its slight pinkness that makes you want to bite into it. Once on my skin it does not have the orange appearance that it has in person. It’s very mellow and refreshing on, the perfect blush to wear with warmer shades of eyeshadow.

MUFE HD in 225

MUFE HD in 225

MUFE HD cream blush in 225

MUFE HD cream blush in 225

330, Rosy Plum is probably the most universal of the three shades I have. This is the one that’s always sold out at Sephora where these are exclusively carried. There’s a reason for that – it’s fabulous once on. It looks very natural on, never garish, and works well with any tones I use on my eyes. 330 is more of a chameleon in that way. You won’t have a bit of trouble finding the right lip color to wear with this one. You will have more trouble finding it to buy so jump on it if you see it.



MUFE 330 swatch

MUFE 330 swatch

These three cream blushes are all I’ve been using lately and I plan to buy more. The swatches on Sephora or Make Up For Ever’s websites aren’t perfect so I’m going to get myself to the store to play and buy.

Even if you think you aren’t a candidate to wear cream blush, do yourself a favor and go try these out. We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the wear and blendability of these and we’re sure you’ll find a color you can’t live without.

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  1. These are utterly gorgeous! You know how much I love high quality cream blushes– especially in pink– so I definitely need to go and play with these! Thanks for the wonderful review, ladies! 😀

  2. These blushes are all SO pretty! I’ve got major blush envy lol!!I have to say 330 is probably my favorite!! <3

  3. Oh I really really need to look into these! Everybody seems to LOVE them! I like the shades as well. Pretty sure most of these will work on me 🙂

  4. Wow! These are just beautiful blushes!

  5. beautyin says:

    Thank you @Carol. They are so much prettier in person than the pictures. #225 photographs so much darker than it really is. It’s this gorgeous apricot shade in person. I’m loving these. — Marcia

  6. beautyin says:

    Hi Sunny, I think that the MUFE HD blushes are amazing. There are colors for everyone. I’m so happy with the three I have and I definitely want to go to Sephora to see them and buy just one more. LOL

  7. beautyin says:

    Thank you Lola dear. These are both high quality and gorgeous. I’m crazy about these. I use my fingers with them while Lisa likes a brush. But I’ve done both and they work beautifully both ways. — Marcia

  8. Love the peach one, I’ll have to check these out at Sephora!

  9. Cindy, I love 225 but it’s much lighter than it photographed. It’s a perfect shade for me. I understand that the one called Coral (410) is the most universal of all the shades.


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