Side by Side – Face Stockholm cake eyeliner

Oh if only Beauty Info Zone lived in New York City. There’s so much that’s alluring in that city. One of our stops would be at a Face Stockholm store so we could choose among the gorgeous colors and formulas of product they have there. Another item on our agenda would probably be to take some of the makeup artist classes that they teach. Instead we have to be satisfied with ordering online or over the phone. Receiving a Face Stockholm package is pretty satisfying.

On today’s Side by Side we’re comparing cake eyeliners. These come in 5 colors (black, eggplant, navy, green and brown) for $18. We both tried this but in different colors so let’s see what Marcia and Lisa think.

MARCIA’s side:

Not too long ago I reviewed an Illamasqua cake eyeliner and mentioned how Face Stockholm had been my favorite cake eyeliner for years. I used up my last one a few years ago and I obviously forgot how wonderful it was. Just one time using it again brought back the memory of what I loved so much about it. The only thing that has changed is the packaging and that’s for the better. The product is just as wonderful as I thought it was.

What I noticed instantly with the eyeliner (mine is Eggplant) is just how velvety this was. I lightly wet my eyeliner brush and was able to work the liner into a beautiful cream consistency that made it so easy to apply. I didn’t have to fight with it to get it on my brush. I was able to pick up the right amount instantly. In addition I only needed water; I didn’t need to spend extra money for a sealing product. Face Stockholm Eggplant Cake Eyeliner went on smoothly, darkly and evenly without anything other than water. It lasted just as long with water as when I tested it with the sealing agent. I even went one day with applying it on one eye with just water and on the other eye with the sealer. No difference! What could be better?

In the above picture the top is liner with water while the bottom is liner with the Illamasqua sealant. I see no difference and it made no difference on my eyes.

Eggplant appears almost brown in my swatch but on my eyes it has the right amount of purple. It isn’t a glaring shade at all. It’s a subtle eggplant that works easily with all my purple eyeshadows. I’m not the person that wears eyeliner that’s very obvious most of the time so for my everyday looks I want subtle yet lasting color. Face Stockholm Eggplant fits that bill perfectly.


I went for the Navy cake eyeliner.  It’s gorgeous.  I love how it is slightly more subtle than black, and the dark blue really plays up the brown in my eyes. 

Like Marcia, I found the cake eyeliner to be extremely easy to use.  Both water and sealant work terrific, the resulting thick liquid goes on smooth and stays on all day.

I love cake eyeliners because they give you the consistency of a gel liner, but they don’t dry out like gel liners do.  The Face Stockholm cake eyeliners are especially wonderful because they truly do work just as well with water.  Be sure to check these out – just like Marcia, Face Stockholm cake eyeliners have become a staple for me.  – Lisa


  1. You both apply eyeliner so well. I loved that shop in Soho when I worked in NYC.


  3. I love my Laura Mercier cake liners but these look even better.


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