Shared Planet Polar Bear Collection is good for you and the world

As you know your eyes are your window to the world and at this time they are often the only part of your face that the world is seeing. If you are following Covid-19 restrictions then you are wearing a mask when among other people. What shows but your eyes and a bit of your cheeks. Why not use an eyeshadow palette that looks beautiful while helping the world be a cleaner place? Shared Planet is your answer.

Inspired by the reflective, cool, icy hues of the Arctic, Shared Planet’s Polar Bear Eyeshadow combines a selection of 12 richly pigmented shades ranging from brilliant violets and diamond blues to stunning metallic silver to rich black.

You can find the palette alone or the collection that also has 2 lipglosses. Either way you’ll love the look.

Eyeshadow shades:

CUB: matte soft fleshy nude
ICEY: shimmering soft pink
PRISM: metalized bronze
POLAR: illuminating holographic iced white
FROSTED: intense sparkling amethyst

Shared Planet Polar Bear Eyeshadow Palette

CHILLY: rich matte smoky grey
SUBZERO: matte brown with a purple undertone
AVALANCHE: metalized brilliant aqua marine
GLACIER: shimmering vibrant sapphire blue
AURORA: metallic reddish brown
ARCTIC: rich metalized deep silver
BLACK ICE: matte ultra-saturated intense black

Shared Planet Polar Bear palette

As you can tell by Shared Planet’s description of the shadows the palette has a little of every type of finish. All work well though some are more powdery than others. I’ve found quite a few combinations that I really like together. With the very sparkly ones like Arctic and Polar I try to use those shades to brighten a look. I’ll wear those two together when I’m being daring.

Cub, Icey, Subzero, Avalanche

In this grouping my favorites are Icey and Avalanche. Avalanche can look less teal and more denim depending on your combination. Icey is the most neutral shade.

Prism, Polar, Glacier, Aurora

With this group Glacier and Prism are my favorites. Glacier is a darker blue on me and Prism is a gorgeous bronze. Polar shows us as a shimmery white on me but is more of an accent than a color.

Frosted, Chilly, Arctic, Black Ice

These are the ultimate smokey eye look. While Frosted is described as an amethyst if you rub it on you’ll lose that tone so my advice with Frosted and the others is to pat them on. And to use an eyeshadow primer with these eyeshadows.

Shared Planet Polar Bear palette

Shared Planet is a vegan, cruelty-free, 100% clean line. They make a point of they’d never use child labor which isn’t a statement I’ve seen before but I’m impressed with. Truly sharing our planet starts with giving back to it. We want our customers to know that supporting Shared Planet means more than just receiving high-quality cosmetics, which is why we donate 10% of all proceeds from our cosmetics to Panthera and Polar Bears International, and other select global charities involved in protecting at risk animals and their habitats.

To see their Tiger Collection be sure to read Lisa’s review here. Whether you like warm shades in the Tiger collection or the cool shades of the Polar collection you will look great and know you’re doing your part. — Marcia


  1. Cassandra D | 20th Jul 20

    The different colors looks so awesome and shimmer. as well.

  2. Lola Seicento | 21st Jul 20

    What a pretty palette! I like all of the colors, and would wear a lot of them! I love your swatches, Marcia!

  3. Sylwia | 21st Jul 20

    Love your pretty swatches! The palette looks very nice, I like the shades selection!

  4. Judy | 21st Jul 20

    Love your swatches! The palette is so pretty including the holographic packaging!

  5. Kathryne | 21st Jul 20

    I like the blue and teal on this palette. New to me brand so I’m checking it out

  6. Courtney | 21st Jul 20

    What a gorgeous palette! Love your swatches.

  7. Cassie Tucker | 22nd Jul 20

    This looks like it would be a gorgeous palette. I didn’t think I would like some of the icier shades in the pan but your swatches sold me.

  8. Claudia A. Materdomini | 22nd Jul 20

    Nice brand! I’ve never heard of it before. I love some of the same shades you were drawn to!

  9. Krystal | 26th Jul 20

    Nice! I hadn’t heard of this brand before but looks like a good palette to add!

  10. Katie Marie | 26th Jul 20

    Ohhhh this brand is new to me, pretty palette!!

  11. Polished Hippy | 29th Jul 20

    I love the kind of colors in that palette! I’m glad to see some cooler palettes coming back.

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