Sexy beach hair without going to the beach! Muk Haircare Summer 2015 Hair Collection

Ok…so who refuses to blow dry, flat-iron, or curl hair in the summer?

Raised hands

Yeah, me too. In the cooler months, I will spend 40 minutes trying to get my hair to look like this:

Big hair, don't care...
Big hair, don’t care…

But in the summer? Forget it. I have no desire to spend any time using hot air to dry my  hair, let alone spend any quality time with a curling iron. I go total low maintenance, blow drying my bangs and that’s it. My hair is pretty long – about mid-back. It’s fine and it has just enough wave to be annoying and unattractive without any product.

I find the very best product for sexy, beachy summer hair is sea salt…in fact, I have been known to jump into the ocean in spite of my irrational fear of sharks and stingrays just to get gorgeous salt water hair. Thankfully, the Australian hair care line Muk makes beach hair possible without the theme from JAWS.

MUK summer hair

Muk is Australia’s #1 salon brand and they sent me three styling products from their Summer 2015 Collection that turn my no-maintenance summer hair-don’t into an actual hair-do.

MUK Haircare

These three products give me soft, piecey waves that I can leave unbrushed – or I can brush them out for a smoother look.

Hot Muk Thermal Protection ($23.50) protects my hair from environmental stress like the sun. It also eliminates frizz and keeps hair looking smooth on hot, humid days. The UV protectors guard against color fade and sun damage. Just before drying my bangs, I spritz this citrus-scented protector on towel-dried hair. Go ahead and go crazy with it…you can’t overdo this wonderful stuff.

Next, I apply Hot Muk Smoothing Serum ($23.50). This beautiful serum makes my hair smooth and shiny, plus it gives hair even more protection from color fade and sun damage. It has the same sweet, clean scent as the Hot Muk Thermal Protection. In between shampoos, I put this on dry hair to touch up and add even more smoothing and moisture.

The ultimate summer secret weapon:  Beach MUK Sea Salt Spray
The ultimate summer secret weapon: Beach MUK Sea Salt Spray

The final step and my secret weapon? Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray ($23.50). This is, without a doubt, sexy beachy hair in a bottle.  The natural sea salts create fantastic texture. I spray this on my damp hair, then I spray more on my hair throughout the day after it dries. I can do this for three or four days with awesome results and no product build up. It is insanely good stuff.

Muk summer hair!
Muk summer hair!

If you want beachy waves without even stepping into hot sand, check out Muk Haircare. It’s an Australian brand but it is available in the US.  – Lisa

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  1. Anne Taylor | 18th Jul 15

    I wonder if this brand is available in Canada? These products sound wonderful, thanks for sharing!

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