Say goodbye to dry winter skin with nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion and Organic Body Balm!

nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion and Organic Body Balm

Some product lines seem made for cold weather and nyl skincare is one of them. Their products are so moisturizing they are simply heavenly…and dry winter skin is a thing of the past with these ultra hydrating, handmade, all natural, fresh, clean, organic goodies. If you have dry skin, there are two excellent body moisturizer options…which one is destined to be your skin savior?

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nyl Organic Body Balm

nyl Organic Body Balm

The nyl Organic Body Balm, Organic ($30.00) is a thick, solid balm that melts with your body temp to become soft and spreadable. It is extremely soothing and healing, and it actually seals in mega hydration and the healing ingredients, including tamanu oil, kokum butter, and calendula extract. The full ingredient list is truly impressive:

Organic Kokum Butter
Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Tamanu Oil
Candelilla Wax
Organic Calendula Extract
Organic Rosemary Extract
Organic Vitamin E Oil (from 100% sunflower seeds)
Organic Essential Oils

Nothing but wonderful ingredients that skin loves. The Body Balm is a jar of fabulousness that your skin will love.


If you are more of a body lotion person, check out the Whipped Hand and Body Lotion.

nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion

nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion

nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion

nyl Whipped Hand and Body Lotion ($35) is a thick, rich lotion that features one of my favorite moisturizing ingredients, meadowfoam seed oil. Like the Body Balm, it not only moisturizes it also creates a moisture barrier to keep all the great healing ingredients locked in so they can do their work. This lotion is rich but it isn’t greasy, and it has tremendous healing properties. It heals dry skin lickity split with the most luxurious ingredients.

Purified Water
Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Organic Candelilla Wax
Organic Rosemary Extract
Organic Vitamin E Oil (from 100% sunflower seeds)
Organic Essential Oils
Grapefruit Seed Extract

The scent is wonderful, very fresh and clean. The grapefruit seed extract gives it that citrusy scent – there isn’t anything artificial in nyl products, including fragrances. Every product is vegan and cruelty free, gluten and soy free, with organic ingredients and hand-made in small batches in the USA.

Fight against dry winter skin – and easily win! – with either of these two wonderful options from nyl skincare.  Your skin will love you for it! – Lisa


  1. Paula Pennachio says

    This looks really nice and luxurious, would love to try it. Christmas time though Mom comes first, she will love it ??. I love this site

  2. I could really use the body balm right now. Tamanu oil is a great oil for oily skin.

  3. I’m loving this brand already. The lotion looks really nice and I hate winter dry skin and chapped lips the worst!

  4. Robin Creager says

    This is a must have for my skin during the winter months. Not only does my skin dry out it also cracks and is very painful.

  5. I know I’d love both of these products! The whipped lotion looks especially innovative and appealing

  6. Sounds like a great line, I would love the body lotion, especially with a citrus scent!

  7. I need that lotion, it sounds divine

  8. That sounds really nice. I’d like the lotion.

  9. The balm texture looks soooo nice. I need that for my knuckles.

  10. that body balm sounds like something i would love for my legs and feet. then put on some cozy socks and sweatpants!

  11. I haven’t been keeping up with moisturizing my hands, that whipped hand and body lotion seems so nice

  12. 25 Sweetpeas says

    The balm looks like an interesting texture!

  13. I love balms for the winter, and this one sounds fabulous.

  14. Ehmkay Nails says

    I love whipped lotion. They really get into the books and crannies of my dry skin.

  15. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    I love that so many brands are going the way of natural and organic ingredients! These both sound great.

  16. The balm sounds really nice. What kind of smell does it have?