Save your feet and shoes with Formé!

Have you ever gotten advice to wear something really tight and uncomfortable to take your mind off those killer shoes that are killing you? I’ve tried it. Doesn’t work. But oh…there are so many gorgeous shoes, especially heels, that are sitting in my closet just begging me to forget they are torture devices so I will wear them.

I am super excited this holiday season though because I know what Formé Shoe Shapers ($48.95) can do for me.  These funny looking devices just saved me probably thousands of dollars, because now I am able to wear shoes that previously I could just gaze at longingly.


Formé Shoe Stretchers are made from theroplastic polymer and stainless steel. They are super strong, but lightweight. You order your normal shoe size, then adjust the Formé Shoe Stretchers and place them into a shoe that is too tight in the toes, too tight in the heel, not quite long enough, or has wrinkles. Formé Shoe Stretchers were designed by a woman who has walked a mile in ill-fitting shoes, so she knows what we need!

They work on any type of shoe from flats to 6 inch pumps and beautifully reshape them to whatever you need. The Formé Shoe Stretchers help to relieve numb toes by expanding the toe box up to a half-size. They also minimize wrinkles and tight shoe marks. Basically, they leave your shoes looking brand new while at the same time making them fit you so much better. My feet grew a half-size from an 8 1/2 to a 9 the last time I was pregnant, so I’ve got gorgeous shoes that I haven’t been able to wear in years. I tried my Formé Shoe Stretchers on all my too-tight shoes – pumps, flats, patent leather, suede, pointy open toe, boots…I haven’t found anything yet that they didn’t work in.
The Formé Shoe Stretchers have wings that expand outward. The button on the handle moves forward to deploy the wings and I just moved them out a small amount then placed the Shoe Stretchers into my shoes. Even if the handle doesn’t fit all the way into your shoe it still works since the Formé Shoe Stretchers were engineered to work without needing counterforce from the heel area. For some of my shoes, a few hours was all that was needed. Others needed the Shoe Stretchers in overnight. If I found the toe box was still too tight, I just expanded the wings a bit more. 

My Formé Shoe Stretchers are a size 9 miracle! If you have any shoes you love that could fit better, I absolutely recommend this shoe magic. I love what Formé says about them too – “Ethically sourced and manufactured because what’s good for the sole is good for the soul.” Yes indeed!  You can purchase them online at  – Lisa



  1. Lynne B | 24th Dec 19

    I think these belong in every woman’s closet!

  2. Lola Seicento | 24th Dec 19

    I have these, and they are great!

  3. Laurie Nykaza | 24th Dec 19

    The e Formé Shoe Stretchers sound amazing to use. My daughter has wide feet so these would be so perfect to stretch out her shoes that little extra to make them comfortable to wear.

  4. Helga | 25th Dec 19

    That is a must-have for every woman with nice shoes. I have wide feet so I would like to try them.

  5. Ann | 25th Dec 19

    This product looks like an absolute life-saver! I would love to try this, 100%. I can think of a few pairs of shoes could benefit greatly from these stretchers.

  6. LeAnn Harbert | 26th Dec 19

    I definitely need to try these. My shoes always squeeze my feet.

  7. Anthony S | 31st Dec 19

    I love shoe stretchers.

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