Sally Hansen Sweetshop polishes and an attempt at a dotticure

Who among us doesn’t love sweets? Personally I can’t live without them. I’m a sugar and carb addict and my day isn’t complete without something sweet to make it even better. Sally Hansen is after my heart with their new Sally Hansen Sweetshop Collection inspired by Dana’s Bakery macarons. I can indulge in sugary treats without the guilt behind them.

There are 5 polishes in the Sweetshop Collection. Bright and shiny, vibrant and delicious.

Sally Hansen Sweetshop Collection

The two I get to share with you today are Pinky Promise and Sugar Fix. Bring a napkin close to you to wipe away the drool when you see these Miracle Gel Polishes.


Sally Hansen Sugar Fix and Pinky Promise

I’m a sucker for blue polish even though years ago when they first became popular I was saying “no way”. Sugar Fix wouldn’t have been on my nails in those days although Pinky Promise would have been. Now it’s the other way around. I couldn’t wait to wear Sugar Fix ($7.81 on Amazon).

Sally Hansen Sugar Fix Miracle Gel Polish

For me Miracle Gel polishes last and last. They might grow out if I leave them on for more than 2 weeks but they won’t chip on me and it’s rare to see my nail edge. No base coat is needed and just one coat of Step 2 Top Coat and you are set.

Sally Hansen Sugar Fix indirect lighting

With Sally Hansen Sugar Fix I was amazed at the number of compliments I got. I think it’s the boldness of the blue which is almost like a Tiffany Blue but bluer that got people’s attention. I had male friends, waitresses, family and strangers tell me how much they like this color on me. Swelled head – or rather swelled nails – anyone?

A few days before my nail appointment I decided to have some fun. I found my Bundle Monster tools (renamed Maniology) and wanted to pretend I was a nail blogger so a dotticure happened. It’s harder than it looks!

Sally Hansen Sugar Fix and Pinky Promise

I was trying to get different nail designs so I played around but then I blobbed out my middle finger.

Sally Hansen Sugar Fix and Pinky Promise

The solution was Pinky Promise saving the day. Pinky Promise ($6.49 on Amazon) is a light warm pink. In the bottle it appears more pastel pink than it does on my nails. Both of these polishes cover beautifully in two coats.

Sally Hansen has been keeping my nails looking lovely this summer and is a brand I can always trust for top notch beauty. How sweet it is!  —  Marcia


Both of these are available at Walgreens for $9.99 with a buy 2 get 1 polish free deal at the moment. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is also available at most drugstores.



  1. Dotting has a little learning curve as you discovered. It looks easier than it is the first few times. It takes a really light hand and a tiny bit of polish plus redipping to keep dots evenly sized. It’s much easier to find a stamping plate with dots the right size and stamp them on and way faster that way too. I do like the organic look of hand dotted nails a lot though.

  2. I love dotticure manis! I love the color combination that you chose, Marcia!

  3. I love these shades and your adorable mani!

  4. Holly Thomas says

    Sugar Fix is so pretty!

  5. I really like Sugar Fix! I am mad at myself for missing out on this collection but it may still be on local shelves so I need to go look!

  6. I like the simple yet fun nail art you came up with. The colors relax me

  7. What a cute dotticure! I think it was a great attempt and the final design is pretty. It’s one of my favorite techniques to do although it does take a little practice to get down.

  8. I love SH Miracle Gel polishes. Yes, dotticures are definitely harder than they look! 🙂

  9. Love Sugar Fix, I have it and it’s such a fun blue! And I agree – sweets round out the day. 🙂

  10. I just love how creamy and opaque these shades are!

  11. Sugar Fix was the first shade I bout from this range and I love it. It looks so great with the pink!

  12. These are so pretty and so shiny! And that sale deal sounds like the perfect time to stock up.

  13. 25 Sweetpeas says

    I am liking this color combo!

  14. Dotticures are way harder than they look! I have yet to do one that I really like. Typically I get the placement all wrong and it just looks jumbled.

  15. I keep seeing these in stores but haven’t tried them (yet)! I really love the opacity and vibrancy of them.

  16. I think the minty green and peach would be my favorites in this collection!

  17. Oh I like the blue one! it’s such a delicate color.

  18. What a cute combo of colors! I feel like the whole collection works nicely together for nail art.

  19. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    Mmmm, macarons! What a cute polka dot mani!

  20. Madhubani Chakraborty says

    Such pretty nail colors and love the polka dot nail art. Its so simple, but adds so much oomph to the look…

  21. Ehmkay Nails says

    Yay I love seeing you do nail art. One of the easiest tips is to put a blob of polish on a piece of foil and to dip your tool into that rather than into the bottle. You want a light hand. Also, I usually do a line of dots down the center of my nail and then they line up nicely. I want to see more art from you!!