Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sunset Splash Collection

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sunset Splash Collection

Did I ever tell you that I love nail polish? Or that I am just about addicted to it? Considering I’m someone that bit their nails far far down it’s pretty amazing that I’m at this point. But I truly love polish and the mass market brand that I’m most excited about is SALLY HANSEN. I’m particularly enchanted with the polishes they create for their Miracle Gel collections.

While these are considered gel polishes they aren’t like the ones that came along several years ago that needed curing and special care removing them. Miracle Gel is easy to use and is applied just like any polish. The differences are that there is a fabulous brush on these bottles and that you just apply the polish without a base coat and finish with one coat of their Miracle Gel Top Coat. When it’s time to remove (these last on me for 2 weeks) use regular acetone. That’s it.

I have 3 polishes from the Sunset Splash Collection to show you. I’m absolutely crazy about one of them and will wear it again and again. Can you guess which one from the top picture? From glamorous sunset sky to glitter gradients this collection definitely has you covered.


SUNDOWN SOCIALITE is the glamorous sunset sky that Sally Hansen refers to in this collection. It’s a beautiful coppery sparkle that will catch the attention of everyone. Not only is this a great shade for summer end but it’s also a fall shade that you’ll love over and over.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sundown Socialite
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sundown Socialite

The copper sparkles non-stop but you can’t feel it on your nails, you just see it.

LA VIDA LILAC is a light milky lilac shade. On me it’s quite light and quite blue.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel La Vida Lilac

While I applied this without a problem I discovered that I’d run out of polish remover so I couldn’t clean up and didn’t want to torture you with a smurf manicure, Messy Smurf.

My favorite?? METRO MIDNIGHT is everything that I love about polish. I would love to own clothes in this shade as well. I consider it hard to describe but once you look at it you’ll see why it’s my favorite.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Metro Midnight
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Metro Midnight

Look how complex this is! In my eyes it’s a purple mauve with iridescence.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Metro Midnight

I see pink, purple, silver, light blue, and more in this stunner.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Metro Midnight

Totally smooth, easy to remove, and so beautifully shiny. I wore this for 10 days and then started playing with other polishes. It still looked perfect.

I’ll have more Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes to share later, I’m wearing a new one right now actually. Since SH is found so many places I hope you have luck finding these pretties. Try Ulta, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, sometimes Amazon, and Walgreens. Prices vary from store to store with Walgreens and Target often being the most reasonable.

You won’t go wrong with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel even if you have nails that hate polish since they won’t hate these.  —  Marcia

Don’t forget to get the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat to keep your nails looking shiny and lasting long.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat
Sally Hansen La Vida Lilac, Sundown Socialite, Metro Midnight


  1. Toni Sprouse | 24th Aug 18

    The names of these are absolutely fabulous!!

  2. Courtney B | 24th Aug 18

    I really like Metro Midnight! Who doesn’t love a good holo.

  3. Holly Thomas | 24th Aug 18

    Metro Midnight is my favorite.

  4. Lola Seicento | 24th Aug 18

    Metro Midnight is my kind of shade!

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 24th Aug 18

    I need to try these gels. Sundown Socialite is my kind of shade!

  6. Antoinette M | 24th Aug 18

    Love the Miracle Gel collection, especially Metro Midnight!

  7. Cindy Ingalls | 24th Aug 18

    I have a few of these but not Metro Midnight, I need to pick that one up–goreous!

  8. Kathryne | 25th Aug 18

    Good you mentioned the ease of use. I’ve always thought gels are daunting

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  10. Jenny B | 25th Aug 18

    Love this collection! Metro Midnight is beautiful.

  11. Lulle | 26th Aug 18

    Metro Midnight is such a beauty! I love muted purples on the nails, it’s perfect for fall too.

  12. Cindi | 26th Aug 18

    Metro Midnight is my favorite too. I haven’t seen Sundown Socialite on the display. I like it too.

  13. 25 Sweetpeas | 26th Aug 18

    Those look nice on you!

  14. Ehmkay Nails | 26th Aug 18

    These are great fall colors! Love the first burnt copper color.

  15. Jen Mathews | 27th Aug 18

    Wow Metro Midnight is gorgeous!

  16. Jess Scull | 4th Sep 18

    These are some gorgeous shades!

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