Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow love continues

Last week I wrote about my first delivery of Rouge Bunny Rouge products from in the U.K. I opened that package and instantly placed a second order. There is something quite magical about the shadows that I’ve purchased. The colors are just beautiful and the type of shimmer they contain make them unique to my collection. I didn’t always get the clearest photographs of these shadows because of the shimmer factor, it seemed to blur the beautiful RBR design on them. But what I did get was some of the most beautiful shadows I own.  A lot of people in my age bracket will only wear matte shadows but that’s not me. At the same time I dislike glitter and won’t wear glitter anymore so when I rave about a shadow with shimmer you can be assured that it’s not glittery.

Not only are Rouge Beauty Rouge shadows incredibly beautiful but they are good for your eyes. They contain “orange-derived flavonoid to improve blood microcirculation, enhance luminosity and serve as a free radical scavenger”. Zuneta describes how these come alive on your eyes with multi-toned pearls and shimmer that is reminiscent of the plumage of the birds that inspired these shadows.

Let me introduce you to three more shadows that will get your motor running.

Angelic Cockatiels – “metallic finish golden honey with a hint of copper”. To my eye this is a light creamy shade with a golden undertone. The metallic effect is slight but as I wear it and it melds into my skin I notice it more. I’ve seen it described as similar to MAC’s Naked Lunch but it’s really much prettier. Naked Lunch can appear a little frosty on me but I don’t notice any of that with Angelic Cockatiels plus I don’t think it’s got the same peach undertone that Naked Lunch has.

Fire Tailed Swallowtail – “Holographic effect iridescent apricot pink”. To me this is a true peach. On my fair skin this is a very light peach shadow with minimal shimmer. This is closer to MAC Naked Lunch actually than Angelic Cockatiels. The peach is very soft and flattering.

Veiled Lovebird: “iridescent pale pink copper with peach overtones”. Veiled Lovebird surprised me when I got it. I expected it to be lighter than it is and at first I thought I might use it as a blush but it makes a gorgeous eyeshadow. It’s darker than Fire Tailed Swallowtail even though the two swatches on Zuneta look similar. I enjoy finding some unusual combinations to wear with this, for example MAC Star Violet looks amazing with it as does RBR Delicate Hummingbird.

Now for a few looks:

Top two: Angelic Cockatiels all over with Absynnian Catbird in the crease.

Above two: Veiled Lovebirds on lid, Bejeweled Skylark in the crease and Rock & Republic Skintight on the browbone

Above two: Angelic Cockatiels all over with Fire Tailed Sunbird in the crease

I’m so enchanted by Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows that it’s hard for me to reach for anything else these days but being the intrepid blogger that I am I’ll try for your sake. In the meantime start making your own list of RBR since your collection needs some of this brand!! — Marcia

For a terrific blog post about Absynnian Catbird please check this one out at Everyday Beauty. Her descriptions and pictures are always perfect.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is sold exclusively at Zuneta. There’s a lot to love from this brand.


  1. RBR makes me want more and more. Angelic Cockatiels is on my list to buy.

  2. Wow! Angelic Cockatiels with Absynnian Catbird in the crease looked fabulous on you! I hope I’m not going to regret getting Le Metier de Beaute Jojo now–you’ve made me lust for Angelic Cockatiels!

  3. Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks for the review and photos Marcia, I’d never heard of this brand until you introduced it on your site. 🙂 The shadows are so pretty! 🙂 As usual, great job – love your site! 🙂

  4. Argh! I missed this. I have to figure out a way to get your post in my feed read. Marcia, Angelic Cockatiels all over with Absynnian Catbird in the crease looks stunning on you. I am afraid I now want AC and VL. Dammit. I have none of these colors!

  5. I haven’t tried anything from RBR yet, but the more I read and see the more I want to! These colors look amazing on you!

  6. Science Teacher says:

    These are just gorgeous. My wish list keeps growing. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

  7. Wow! What beauties. I want all 6 of the ones you’ve reviewed now.

  8. BlackCat says:

    Great post and gorgeous eye looks! I can’t wait for my Unforgettable Oriole to show up. Though Angelic Cockatiels looks like it may be more all-purpose.

  9. These are so beautiful!!


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