RoC’s newest: Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector with Copper-Zinc Technology

RoC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector
RoC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector

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I was very curious when I  received RoC® Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector with COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY from the company.  As a RoC® Ambassador I’m fortunate enough to have their products in my life. It’s not often that they come out with something that’s more cosmetic than skincare though. The new RoC® Instant Line Corrector with COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY is a combination of skincare and cosmetics though and one that’s great.

I call this my blurring product since that’s what it does. It instantly smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps fill in large pores so that your face looks smoother than ever. They say that if you continue using it you’ll find longer lasting results that will help your skin look younger and hopefully you’ll be able to go without foundation.

Roc Instant Line Corrector
Roc Instant Line Corrector

My first surprise upon using this was that it’s a gray shade which comes from the active ingredients Copper and Zinc. It doesn’t stay gray though so don’t worry about that. My second surprise is that this is totally fragrance free. I love that since many of RoC’s products do contain fragrance.

This contains COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY to help bridge the gap between the skincare qualities and a cosmetic product. The goal (which they’ve met) is for the user to have beautifully smooth and visibly firm skin using just this one product.  According to RoC® “Copper-Zinc technology harnesses the science of bioelectricity to safely and gently stimulate skin’s renewal process”.

RoC® Instant Line Corrector
RoC® Instant Line Corrector

While you don’t have to use other RoC® products they do complement each other. You’ll want to use either RoC® Retinol Correxion® Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or RoC® Multi Correxion® 5 in 1 Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 depending on your skin type. I happen to apply INSTANT LINE CORRECTOR under my moisturizer but I’ve also used it over and alone. When to use it is up to you, just use it.

This is a great, reasonably priced (MSRP $22.95 but you can probably find it for less), product that blurs lines like the more expensive alternatives while adding in all the technology of RoC®. Do you see why I it’s my new favorite from RoC? — Marcia

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INGREDIENTS: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Trisiloxane, Silica, Dimethicone/Vinyl, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Zinc, Tocopheryl Acetate, Copper Powder.roc ambassador logo


  1. [email protected] | 3rd Jun 15

    I used to use a similar product from Roc a few years ago. This sounds like a good one too.

  2. BeautyJudy | 3rd Jun 15

    “Blurring” seems to be a new beauty buzzword! That’s awesome that this does that double duty for ya!!!!

  3. Cindy Ingalls | 3rd Jun 15

    I’m very intrigued by this product, especially since it seems to deliver on its promises.

  4. Nidia - Lit From Within | 3rd Jun 15

    I realized that RoC was probably the first anti-aging skincare I’d heard of. You’re so lucky to be an ambassador for them, and they’re lucky to have you! I need full-body blurring technology – can you tell them to get on that? lol

  5. Erika | 3rd Jun 15

    I’m going to have to hunt this baby down. ROC Retinol Corexxion Eye Cream is my HG eye cream. I LOVE that stuff and burn through tube after tube. If this is half as effective for me, I’ma love it.

  6. Jess Scull | 3rd Jun 15

    Ooh this sounds promising!

  7. Color Me So Crazy | 3rd Jun 15

    I love these kinds of products to wear alone especially during the summer. I am happy to see it’s so reasonably priced, too. It sounds fantastic!

  8. Kim | 3rd Jun 15

    I like the sound of this although the gray color threw me off. I’m glad you cleared it up by saying it doesn’t stay that way.

  9. Miranda Mendoza | 3rd Jun 15

    Sounds fantastic for lines!

  10. Kath TheFabZilla | 4th Jun 15

    I think this will make a great primer too!

  11. Destany | 4th Jun 15

    This sounds like it could be promising.

  12. Chelsea | 4th Jun 15

    I have expression lines in my forehead, I wonder if this would help to blur those!

  13. Mai | 4th Jun 15

    This sounds like it would be super good for some of the small lines starting on my face!

  14. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 5th Jun 15

    I haven’t used RoC in awhile but this sounds like it’d work out well for my needs. I did love what I tried from them in the past!

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