Rocking On with Napoleon Perdis Mattifying Mineral Primer

There are many reasons I’m grateful I was able to attend the IMATS show this past June but one of the biggest was being able to work with Elle, a pro from Napoleon Perdis (she works at the Hollywood store). She had the unhappy task of helping a very hot woman pick out the perfect foundation. Not only did she do a fabulous job but she introduced me to another product that I’m crazy about: Mattifying Mineral Primer.

image courtesy of Napoleon Perdis website

After assessing my skin and needs, Erin was testing out Napoleon’s amazing foundations on me to find the right formula and color. I was matched to China Doll foundation which I’ll review in the near future. What she realized though is that because of the redness in my cheeks that no foundation would be perfect until she could tone that down. When she showed me the Mattifying Mineral Primer Powder I was a little skeptical. First it has a distinct yellow cast to it. Second she wanted me to start with the powder not end with it. Since my skin at the time was basically wet I truly wondered the wisdom of this strategy. I shouldn’t have since she’s the pro and knows her stuff!

Napoleon Perdis Mattifying Mineral Primer

The powder is a double duty wonder. It’s meant to be both a primer and a finishing powder. I recommend it both ways. I pick up the powder with a fairly stiff kabuki brush and then buff it onto my cleansed, moisturized skin. For the areas  under my nose or a red spot I’ll take a concealer brush and buff a drop more there for extra coverage. I then follow up with the foundation of the day. I jump around from foundation to foundation so even though I really like Napoleon Perdis China Doll foundation I wanted to try it with a myriad of others to prove just how well it worked. Some days I finish up with the Mattifying Mineral Primer Powder, some days I don’t need anything extra.

Napoleon Perdis Mattifying Mineral Primer

The powder itself is superfine and contains none of the bad things like parabens, oil or talc. But it does contain great ingredients like grape seed extract, white tea extract and aloe vera to calm and nourish the complexion and prevent dryness. This mattifying powder helps absorb oil keeping me shine free throughout the day.

Ingredients for primer powder

Napoleon Perdis Mattifying Mineral Primer mechanism

The packaging of this powder is ideal. I wish everyone who had a loose powder packaged it this way but only Napoleon was smart enough. If you can see from the picture there’s a little spot where the powder comes out. The lid lightly punches into that area opening the ‘secret door’ and allowing just the right amount of powder to come out. If you need more it’s easy enough to turn it upside down and do this again. There’s no waste, no getting the powder everywhere. It’s terrific.

Mattifying Mineral Primer on my arm

Mattifying Mineral Primer blended

In the beginning of the review I mentioned that the powder was yellow. It doesn’t show up as yellow once I have applied foundation. What it does though is tame the redness. While I don’t have rosacea I do have redness in my cheeks plus I get flushed easily. The Napoleon Perdis Mattifying Mineral Primer powder is a wonder for skin like mine.

This sells for $29 at Ulta, and Dermstore.

Whether you use this as a primer or as a setting powder, my advice is to use it. Double duty products that really work rock my world. Rock On Mattifying Mineral Primer! — Marcia


  1. Beautiful~ love your reviews

  2. Thank you Serena. I try!! (Of course my husband says I’m “trying” but I think he means it differently.)

  3. It’s a shame department stores in Canada no longer carry the line. I never found anything interesting while it was here and now all sorts of great reviews are popping up. Figures!

  4. Ack, I knew I should’ve hung around the NP booth more at IMATS..

  5. Working with Elle really opened my eyes to the line. She showed me so many fabulous items. Next time Ulta has the right 20% off sale I know what to buy. This powder is really amazing for me.

  6. I almost gave up at IMATS because I was having hot flashes constantly but I’m so happy I continued. Finding this powder was absolutely worth it.

  7. shellystevens says:

    Thank you for posting a picture of the ingredient list! I have been looking everywhere for this. Am so glad I didn’t order it online, because the first ingredient is Mica. My oily skin just doesn’t tolerate it without getting itchy, and stuff that contains Mica makes my oily skin look even shinier than without any powder at all. That’s too bad because all of the other ingredients look awesome. I have only been able to find one powder that doesn’t have Mica, and it’s the Mattify Cosmetics Ultra powder. Wonder why so many places use mica in face powder when the goal of powder is usually to make the skin look matte, not shiny. So far I’m super happy with the Mattify Ultra, I use it every day under and over my makeup and my skin looks fresh for hours.


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