RoC® eliminates #For Your Age with their newest creme – which you can win in this giveaway

RoC® Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme

What ever you do don’t say to a woman “You look great … for your age.” That’s an insult that I certainly don’t want to hear. I want to be told “You look great” but leave off the modifier please. “#For Your Age” is not flattery. That’s a subtle way of reminding women that their looks are dependent on their age. They aren’t. You are more than a number and you know it as does RoC®.

Welcome to the newest product created by RoC® Skincare: Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme. This is a 24 hour moisturizing formula made to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. There’s so much to know and you can find more about the campaign here.

RoC® Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme

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What makes MAX Daily Hydration Creme so unusual is that it’s only needs to be used once a day yet it works for 24 hours to moisturize and leave your skin looking more healthy. As with all RoC® Retinol Correxion products you need to wear sunscreen with it since retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays.

RoC® Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme

RoC® Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme is an intensive formula that leaves your skin feeling moisturized the entire day. RoC®uses a proprietary technology that enures the hydrating retinol formula won’t lose effectiveness in the jar. It’s been clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles and the longer you use it, the more effective it becomes.

After 1 week, skin is smoother and more radiant.

After 4 weeks, under eye wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed.

After 8 weeks, deep wrinkles and dark spots are visibly reduced.

To top it off the formula is oil-free and won’t clog pores.

RoC® Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme

When you first start using the MAX Daily Hydration Creme it’s recommended that you apply it every other day for the first two weeks since your skin may need to adjust to the ingredients within. As you notice that your skin is doing better and better, you can increase it to daily so that your skin can notice the wonderful effects of the cream.

I’ve just begun using this so I’m unable to give you the results I’ve seen but what I’m really looking forward to seeing is my dark spots being reduced and my fine lines not showing. There is a mild fragrance with the creme but it truly is mild and one I can tolerate when applying it in the morning. It doesn’t last long luckily and because it’s during the day I can put up with it easier than I can at night. It’s a thick moisturizer but you only need a little. Be sure to use it on your neck as well.

You’ll find this at Walmart and Amazon for $24.99. It’s available for anywhere up to $28.99 at other outlets but then again coupons help at CVS and Walgreen.

Don’t let anyone use #For Your Age when you can change that to “You look beautiful”, “You look great”, and “Your skin is fabulous” by using RoC® Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  RoC®has generously offered a giveaway for 2 US Beauty Info Zone subscribers. Be the first in your age group to look your best. Open through 12/18/17. Be sure you are an email subscriber and that you comment to be eligible to win.

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  1. I definitely need max hydration in the winter!

  2. Debbie Yoder says:

    I need this to take care of my skin, I need alot of hydation,especially in the winter!

  3. Cathleen King says:

    I need this because of the winter weather and help take care of my skin.

  4. My skin is so dry and this weather is making it worse. I could sure use this.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I would give it to my mom, or mother in law. Luckily I don’t have wrinkles yet, but they both complain all the time about wrinkles.

  6. Sharon Rooney says:

    I am older and my skin gets very dry in the winter so I would really like to try this product. I really like that it doesn’t clog pores, so many products do.

  7. Nancy Jachcik says:

    My skin is dry especially in winter I would love to use this for the 8 weeks to see if it helps with deep wrinkles

  8. I need RoC Creme because I’m getting older and my skin is starting to show wrinkles.

  9. I have dark spots which I would like to see get lighter.

  10. Ann Fantom says:

    I need the RoC Skincare Retinol Correxion MAX Daily Hydration Creme because I’m almost out of my current supply!

  11. My skin is aging and I need to keep it moisturized.

  12. I’ve heard RoC is a great cream and have wanted to try it on my aging skin!

  13. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I need this creme because I have very old, dry skin!

  14. This seems like it would be perfect for my current skin type!

  15. I need this because I have sun damage and a lot of retinol products irritate my skin – but so far, nothing from ROC has done this. Basically, it’s either this or Sunday Riley, and this is WAY more affordable than Sunday Riley.

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