Robin McGraw Revelation skincare will reveal the skin that you love


Robin McGraw’s skincare line, REVELATION, is continuing to impress me. I’ve previously reviewed the night cream, Hydra Qwench, which is a total delight to use. I love this gentle moisturizer that is fragrance free and I’ll continue using it until there’s not a drop left. I’ll also purchase it once I don’t have a backload of others to review.

And now it’s time to review 3 more pieces in the collection:  FOAMING JOY, 50 FIERCE, and LIVE LIFE LIFTED. Revelation is a cruelty free brand that is paraben free, SLS free, and doesn’t contain mineral oils. Now that we’ve established that – – –


FOAMING JOY  – this is a purifying facial cleanser, the only cleanser currently in her lineup. It’s meant for all skin types and I can use this year round even though sometimes a foaming cleanser will strip skin of moisture. But this has a gel texture that lightly lathers and washes away easily. It’s formulated with Dynamic Infusion Technology™ a patent pending delivery system meant to transport active ingredients deep into your skin.

Robin McGraw Revelation Foaming Joy

The wash contains both Chamomile Extract which deep cleans pores and green tea oil whose antioxidants protect skin from free radical damage. Foaming Joy also helps gently exfoliate skin since it contains Vitamin C apple fruit extract. It’s not on my skin long enough to prevent me from using another exfoliator but it’s nice to have a way to boost collagen production.

Robin McGraw Revelation Foaming Joy

Robin McGraw Revelation Foaming Joy

There is a light fragrance with Foaming Joy but it doesn’t linger after it’s washed away.

50 FIERCE  –  This is both a moisturizer and a sunscreen which is the perfect way to start the day. When I learned that this is also a great anti-wrinkle sunscreen that sealed the deal.

Robin McGraw Revelation 50 Fierce

50 Fierce has SPF 50 (thus the name!) and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. The active sunscreen ingredients are Avobenzone (3%), Homosalate (3%), Oxtinoxate (7,5%) and Octisalate (4%). At $52 it’s on the high side for a sunscreen but it’s also two products in one.

Robin McGraw Revelation 50 Fierce

50 Fierce works well for me and even though it has a fragrance at least it dissipates quickly so that I can use it without a problem.

Key Benefits:

  • Facial moisturizer with sunscreen protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays

  • Potent natural antioxidants defend against pollution and other destructive free radicals

  • Hydrates and nourishes for supple, visibly healthy skin

  • Encourages collagen production to restore skin’s elasticity and firmness

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage

LIVE LIFE LIFTED  –  I love the names of the Revelation line and this one is so unique. Live Life LIFTED ($42) is a firming neck & decollete cream. Even though I know I should be using a neck cream daily I usually forget but now I keep this on the counter with my other night products so I’ve gotten better at it. During the day I prefer to use 50 FIERCE on my neck so Live Life LIFTED is in my night routine.


Live Life LIFTED is an peptide cream that contains hyaluronic acid so it’s adding moisture deeper into the skin. It’s meant to firm, tone and life the neck and decollete areas. It contains Dynamic Infusion Technology™ like Foaming Joy and it also contains jojoba esters, Vitamins A, D and C, plus sunflower oil. It does have a fragrance but it doesn’t prevent me from falling asleep.

Hydra Qwench Moisturizing Night Cream

Hydra Qwench Moisturizing Night Cream remains my favorite product of the 4 I use and one I recommend without  hesitation. You’ll love how it feels and how bright and smooth you’ll look using this and the other REVELATION Skincare products.  —  Marcia

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