Robin McGraw Revelation has a secret – sheet masks

Starting the year the right way for me is to make sure I’m using a sheet mask more often than I had been in the busy fall months. I wanted to have fresher and firmer skin and turned to the Robin McGraw Revelation line. They have 4 different masks that all will provide what your skin is missing.

Here’s their info: “Think of our sheet masks as the beauty sleep your skin deserves but rarely gets. Loaded with hydrating ingredients and powerful antioxidants, these age-defying masks leave your skin feeling soft and plump after one use. Each anti-aging sheet mask is made with coconut-derived bio-cellulose fibers that hug the contours of your face for even distribution and deeper penetration of active ingredients. Now, radiant, refreshed skin is just one mask away!”


There are 3 sheet masks available from Robin McGraw and a set of eye masks (sadly I don’t have that). Each one addresses a different problem.

THE HYDRATING & FIRMING FACE MASK WITH ORCHID STEM CELLS aka She’s looking great lately! What’s going on?

Robin McGraw Revelation Hydrating & Firming Face Mask

Don’t we all want hydrated faces? I was reading an article in O Magazine that talked about hydration being so vital and I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time. As we age our skin sadly loses that vitality as it dries out. Even though a mask is a 15 minute treatment it can be a powerful one like this Hydrating & Firming Mask.

The mask is incredibly heavy in the package since it’s loaded with the serum that helps replenish moisture while providing a boost of antioxidants. Some of the ingredients include Vitamin B3 to reduce the appearance of fine lines, soothing chamomilla recutita extract and green tea leaf extract to calm, hydrate, and repair skin. Drench and replenish with this Hydrating & Firming Mask.

You know the drill on sheet masks but here is a pictorial to remind you:

THE BRIGHTENING & SPOT LIGHTENING FACE MASK WITH ICE PLANT STEM CELLS aka She must have a secret. I have to know what it is!

This Brightening & Spot Lightening Face Mask is my favorite of the three. One of my goals for 2018 was to lighten up my dark spots which I’ve been able to do but I want to keep it up and this mask is going to help maintain what I’ve done.

How does it do its job? The main ingredients are brightening grape leaf extract, collagen-boosting centella asiatica extract, and skin-smoothing vitamin B3. The Ice plant stem cells intrigue me since they provide not only a blast of cool moisture but also antioxidants to “soothe, hydrate, and protect against sun damage and pollution while improving overall skin texture.” Glow and protect with this mask.


Robin McGraw Revelation Fine Lines & Wrinkles Face Mask

This Fine Lines & Wrinkles Mask seems to be the one that does it all. It not only gives you intense moisturizing but it also nourishes your skin with both vitamins and minerals. These botanicals help reduce the appearance of your fine lines. The star ingredients are stem cells delivered from peach blossoms (it smells delicious) which not only adds the antioxidants but helps reduce hyperpigmentation as well as protecting your skin from UV rays. Tighten up and tone with the Fine Lines & Wrinkles mask.

There’s nothing new with applying the Robin McGraw Revelation Sheet Masks. They are very juicy so I make sure I’m wearing a washable tee shirt or nightgown. I arrange it on my face and relax for 15 minutes. What’s new though is the results you’ll get from wearing these. Your skin will stay soft and supple for days after using it.

All three of these are available in a set of 3 for $22 but what I’d try if I were you is their Sheet Mask Multi-pack which contains all three masks plus an Under Eye Recovery Mask for $28. That way you can tell which one/s you like best and for only $6 more get the eye mask. If you’ve never bought from the website a pop-up should happen the first time  with a discount code you log into it. There’s free shipping to US and Canada which sweetens the pot. (I hate paying shipping personally.)

Robin McGraw Revelation Sheet Mask Multi-Pack


Which one sounds like it would suit your needs? —  Marcia

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  1. Mary Gardner | 4th Jan 19

    I have seen lots about sheet masks but have not tried one yet but it sounds like I need to. I would really like to try the Brightening and Spot Lightening mask.

  2. Athena | 4th Jan 19

    I would love to try these

  3. Gabrielle | 6th Jan 19

    I love sheet masks so I absolutely have to try these! Especially the Brightening and Spot Lightening Mask.

  4. Teresa Koedyker | 8th Jan 19

    I love sheet masks! Definitely have to try this one!!

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