Roaring 20’s Giveaway Hop

A new year means a new giveaway hop and Beauty Info Zone is all for that! With the theme being Roaring 20’s for 2020 I’m giving away two prizes with 20 pieces in each prize. This is for the adventurous beauty lovers. Someone who loves to try new items without spending money, someone who travels and wants to save space, or someone who just plain loves beauty and wants it all. The pictures below will give you an idea of what’s in store for this hop.What you can win is 20 Deluxe size samples like the top picture. Then I’ll add in as many sample packets as I can to make the winner’s prize even more fun. Since I took the pictures the pile has grown so you’ll be in for a treat.While Beauty Info Zone is just one of the many blogs that are participating we want to make this a fun time for TWO email subscribers (open for US and Canada). This is open through January 28, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Each blog is responsible for their own rules and prizes. To be eligible for our beauty giveaway you must be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and comment. All the other entries are there to give you more chances. The more you tweet for example, the more chances you have.

When you are done here enter for more prizes since 2020 should be a roaring success for you.  —  Marcia

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    1. Francine Anchondo | 15th Jan 20

      I usually enter them when I see them so almost all the time.

    2. Wendy McBride | 15th Jan 20

      I enter them as often as possible! I’ll have to bookmark beautyinfozone to check it all out more often! Love this!

    3. Amie Gaudet | 15th Jan 20

      This is only the second Giveaway I have entered on this site.

    4. Darlene Carbajal | 15th Jan 20

      I always enter them! Hoping to win a giveaway soon!

    5. wendy hutton | 15th Jan 20

      I enter them all the time as soon as I see them

    6. Gia Welch | 15th Jan 20

      I enter almost all of them and I really appreciate the Sunday Scoop to remind me. I think so far I have won four drawings and I love that you don’t limit how many times someone can win. Thank you.

    7. Christina Gould | 15th Jan 20

      I enter Beauty Info Zone giveaways whenever I see them, usually monthly. Thanks for the giveaway!

    8. Cynthia C | 15th Jan 20

      I enter every chance I get.

    9. Lisa | 15th Jan 20

      I enter most giveaways!

    10. Randi | 15th Jan 20

      As often as possible— I love your giveaways!

    11. Lyndsey Rullman | 15th Jan 20

      I pretty much enter every single giveaway! And I’ve won a few too! 🙂

    12. jenn fike | 15th Jan 20

      I just found you recently, but I have entered every one ive seen

    13. Tracy Davis | 15th Jan 20

      I enter them everytime I see them posted!

    14. 409cope | 15th Jan 20

      I enter contests on your site all the time.

    15. gloria patterson | 15th Jan 20

      Every time I get a email from Beauty Info Zone

    16. Bonnie Peeling | 15th Jan 20

      I have never entered before.

    17. Nancy | 15th Jan 20

      I enter your giveaways as often as I see them.

    18. Debra Branigan | 15th Jan 20

      I enter them very frequently. What I am not so good at is returning every day. Thanks for the giveaways. I will try to do better :-).

    19. Kelley | 15th Jan 20

      I rarely enter Beauty Info Zone giveaways.

    20. amybelle2001 | 15th Jan 20

      I enter about two times monthly. When I have free time (not often).

    21. chelsea w | 15th Jan 20

      I enter them as much as I can, or whenever I see there’s a giveaway open!

    22. Robin M | 15th Jan 20

      Maybe once a month

    23. Vicki Wurgler | 15th Jan 20

      every time I get an e-mail

    24. Jeanne Coulombe | 15th Jan 20

      I enter them every chance I get love your giveaways Thanks for everything you do for us. 🙂

    25. Ann Berman | 15th Jan 20

      I enter the ones where I really like the prize.

    26. Nancy | 16th Jan 20

      Sorry if I messed up my linky description that I added. ?

    27. Edye | 16th Jan 20

      Everytime they get posted 😀

    28. Helga | 16th Jan 20

      I enter nearly all of them! Love to try new products!

    29. Debra Guillen | 16th Jan 20

      I try to enter all of them.

    30. Tabitha | 16th Jan 20

      As often as possible.

    31. Nicole Sue Krutz | 16th Jan 20

      I enter them as often as possible!!

    32. Rebecca Weiss | 16th Jan 20

      I try to enter as much as possible! I won a set of haircare products that I use, so I’d love to win something else!

    33. Beth Minyard | 16th Jan 20

      I enter them as often as I see them! Thank you so much for all the chances to win

    34. Tara L | 16th Jan 20

      I always enter. I look out for your Sunday scoop. I’m amazed at the giveaways. You guys are amazing!

    35. Donna Teller | 16th Jan 20

      Not sure. I enter as many as I can whenever I see them.

    36. Heather Kaufman | 16th Jan 20

      I enter them weekly.

    37. Tiffany S | 16th Jan 20

      I enter whenever I see them, maybe once a month.

    38. Connie Carpenter | 16th Jan 20

      I am new here – I have entered a few

    39. Leela | 16th Jan 20

      I enter when I get email links to enter.

    40. Harry | 17th Jan 20

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    41. Esther Whatley | 17th Jan 20

      I check beautyinfozone giveaways several times a week and enter every time I see a product I want to try.

    42. Laurie Nykaza | 17th Jan 20

      I come by everyday and enter some giveaways so many great items to win.

    43. Brittany Raisor | 17th Jan 20

      I enter all of them! Haven’t won yet, but I won’t stop!

    44. Victoria K | 17th Jan 20

      I enter as often as I can. Sometimes life gets in the way but I try to follow the page.

    45. Dianna | 17th Jan 20

      I enter often — I think we are usually on the same giveaway hops! 🙂

    46. latoya | 18th Jan 20

      I enter them pretty regularly when its a prize I’m really interested in.

    47. Jackie | 18th Jan 20

      I am an email subscriber and enter Beauty Info Zone giveaways on a regular basis.
      Thank you!

    48. Lindsay A. | 18th Jan 20

      I enter them sometimes, not every time. I love the Sunday Scoop every week!

    49. wen budro | 18th Jan 20

      I enter your giveaways every single time that I see one in your emails. I love being introduced to new and wonderful products.

    50. paige chandler | 18th Jan 20

      I enter as often as I can. I just love beauty

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