Roaring 20’s Giveaway Hop

A new year means a new giveaway hop and Beauty Info Zone is all for that! With the theme being Roaring 20’s for 2020 I’m giving away two prizes with 20 pieces in each prize. This is for the adventurous beauty lovers. Someone who loves to try new items without spending money, someone who travels and wants to save space, or someone who just plain loves beauty and wants it all. The pictures below will give you an idea of what’s in store for this hop.What you can win is 20 Deluxe size samples like the top picture. Then I’ll add in as many sample packets as I can to make the winner’s prize even more fun. Since I took the pictures the pile has grown so you’ll be in for a treat.While Beauty Info Zone is just one of the many blogs that are participating we want to make this a fun time for TWO email subscribers (open for US and Canada). This is open through January 28, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Each blog is responsible for their own rules and prizes. To be eligible for our beauty giveaway you must be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and comment. All the other entries are there to give you more chances. The more you tweet for example, the more chances you have.

When you are done here enter for more prizes since 2020 should be a roaring success for you.  —  Marcia

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    1. Katrina Dehart | 18th Jan 20

      I’m new

    2. Jennifer R | 18th Jan 20

      I enter the giveaways from Beauty Info Zone as often as I can.

    3. Helen | 19th Jan 20

      I enter your giveaways as often as I can. I love to get any and all types of beauty products and grab bag surprises are so awesome.

    4. Rita Sheppard | 19th Jan 20

      I enter the sweepstakes every timeI see one.

    5. Gwendolyn Jordan | 19th Jan 20

      Every time I see one posted

    6. Audrey Stewart | 19th Jan 20

      I enter all Beauty Info Zone giveaways. I enter all the Sunday Scoops. I follow you on every social media you have.

    7. polly | 19th Jan 20

      I enter when they are in a Blog Hop

    8. Sarah | 19th Jan 20

      I’m still using the Milk And Sass Macaron Brush I won from you on an almost daily basis so I enter a number of your giveaways if it’s for items i can see myself really using,

    9. Mary Gardner | 19th Jan 20

      I enter your giveaways as often as I can. I don’t always have the time but try to enter most of them.

    10. Amber | 19th Jan 20

      I enter giveaways all the time. Thanks for a great one !!

    11. adriana | 19th Jan 20

      Whenever i see a post.

    12. Stephanie Liske | 19th Jan 20

      I enter them as often as I can. 🙂

    13. Linda Walker | 19th Jan 20

      Not too often.

    14. Judy | 19th Jan 20

      I enter weekly if not daily!

    15. Susan P. | 19th Jan 20

      I enter all the BIZ giveaways I find.

    16. Jeanna Massman | 20th Jan 20

      I like to enter contest at Beauty Info Zone and I have participated in in many of them!

    17. Sandy Bonesteel | 20th Jan 20

      I enter Beauty Info Zone contests every so often. Sometime months more, some months less.

    18. Carla | 20th Jan 20

      I enter most of the giveaways…maybe someday I’ll get lucky.

    19. Judy | 20th Jan 20

      I forgot to add that it depends on what country restrictions the giveaway has. Would love to enter more than I do but I’m in Canada.

    20. Michelle Garrity | 20th Jan 20

      I try to enter every one, but sure I miss some! They’re great!

    21. Rae Nelson | 20th Jan 20

      Actually this is the first time I’ve seen you! Thanks very much!

    22. Anne C | 20th Jan 20

      I have been a long time follower or Beauty Info Zone and I have joined all the giveaways that have awesome prizes! Thank you for all those chances!

    23. patricia caradonna | 20th Jan 20

      I enter every chance I get. Definitely daily or weekly. Love your giveaways!

    24. Sandra Dufoe | 20th Jan 20

      I enter them daily when I find them.

    25. Luna S | 20th Jan 20

      It depends on the giveaway, I’ve entered several giveaways.

    26. Lisa Williams | 20th Jan 20

      I enter most of them,I know I enter on Sundays, I love all the beauty products they give away.

    27. Gina Blades | 20th Jan 20

      I enter a few a week.

    28. KV | 20th Jan 20

      I enter whenever I can.

    29. Mary Kirkland | 20th Jan 20

      Every once in a while when I have the time to.

    30. Julie Barrett | 21st Jan 20

      I enter all of your giveaways, as long as they’re open to Canada and I can use the prize foe myself or to gift to family or friends. I also enter all of the Sunday Scoop giveaways that are open to Canada.

    31. Virginia Rowell | 21st Jan 20

      I try to enter as often as I can but for only items that I will use.

    32. April | 21st Jan 20

      I have entered a couple of them in the past.

    33. April | 21st Jan 20

      I have entered a few in the past. (I already commented this but my laptop glitched so I wasn’t sure if it went through.)

    34. Marianna | 21st Jan 20

      this is my first time

    35. Shannon Citrino | 21st Jan 20

      Thank you for the opportunity to win

    36. ashley | 21st Jan 20

      Not often, honestly. :/ I’ve kinda slacked with entering giveaways lately, anyways…

    37. Stephanie Jones | 21st Jan 20

      i enter often!

    38. DeAnna Keller | 22nd Jan 20

      I enter anytime I see that you guy’s having one!

    39. Dawn Monzu | 22nd Jan 20

      I used to enter them all the time! However, since I started my blog I don’t have as much time as I used to. I still enter them once in awhile. Thank you!

    40. Lindsey Tanberg | 22nd Jan 20

      I enter giveaways on a weekly basis.Thanks for this gracious giveaway! I love samples for travel.

    41. LeAnn Harbert | 22nd Jan 20

      I enter giveaways every chance I get. It depends how much free time I have.

    42. brigette | 23rd Jan 20

      i enter every time i come across one.

    43. isabel o | 23rd Jan 20

      I try to enter once a week

    44. AuntySuzany | 23rd Jan 20

      I try to enter

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