Relief is on the way with Body Glide

BODY GLIDE in Relief, Foot, Body, and For Her balms

I love learning about new products that I’d never heard of and today’s, Body Glide balm, is something I really truly wish I’d known about before. Body Glide has 8 products that are all preventative ones since “prevention is better than a cure”. Prevent from what? How about chafing, pain, rubbing? That’s a great start.

Relief is on the way with Body Glide products. The goal is to stop trouble before it starts. With the 4 Body Glide products I was sent I feel completely covered with this. I have the 0.80 ($7/99) size which is great for travel or keeping with you but many of these these also come in 2.5 oz ($14.99), 1.5 oz ($9.99), and 03.5 oz ($4.99). This way you can experiment to find the product that best suits your needs and then invest in a larger size.

BODY – The Original Anti Chafe Balm


Body is their original product and they’ve grown from there. The main thing about Body is that it stops chafing that’s caused by rubbing. You can use this just about anywhere including your bustline and thighs. You’ll get all day protection without fragrance and 100% natural ingredients.


Since Body is sweat and water resistant it’s a great pal for your active lifestyle. It keeps your pores free by allowing sweat to escape and your skin able to breath. I love that it’s not the least bit messy or greasy feeling. Body contains Vitamins A, B, E, and F. It’s a hydrating balm that is especially great in skin creases and folds. Without petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils it’s even safe for children.

FOOT GLIDE is the one I have used the most. No one wants my feet, even my podiatrist feels sorry for me. I get blisters easily but so far (knock on wood) since I’ve been using Body Glide Foot I’ve been without. “Ideal for work, play, travel, and nights out when you don’t want to risk blisters. Use Foot Glide® balm for rubbing that causes painful irritation, chafing, hot spots under feet, blisters, or raw skin. The balm does not contain petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils and is never wet or greasy. Instead, it’s invisible and comfortable, like it’s not even there.”


Apply this (and all body glide products) directly from the container. Anywhere you are likely to get rubbing or blisters is perfect for Foot Glide. Even between your toes. Like the other body glide protects this natural ingredient balm has ingredients infused within to help soften skin, minimize inflammation and restore dry, chapped or chafed feet. Foot Glide has Apricot Kernel Oil, Comfrey Leaf Extract, and Vitamins A & C to help do this work.

RELIEF, Muscle Pain Relief Balm

This will soon be my best friend. As you are reading this I’m in the hospital having total knee replacement. Since Relief Balm is a temporary but ultra strong relief giver to be used before and after activity for muscle and joint pain, I know I’ll be using it even more once I’m having physical therapy. It is only available in this 0.80 oz travel size but luckily I haven’t used it up since it glides easily. If you have arthritis, bruises, or even a simple backache you’ll want this relief.

BODY GLIDE Relief Muscle Pain Balm

This is the only one of the balms that has a fragrance. Body glide says it’s a citrus but I find it to be stronger than that since it contains menthol and camphor. It’s also the only one that is a little oiliness to it and isn’t white. It contains a higher level of active ingredients to give you that relief you need.

BODY GLIDE Relief Muscle Pain Balm
BODY GLIDE Relief Muscle Pain Balm

BODY GLIDE For Her is one I highly recommend. This Anti Chafe & Moisturizing Balm is perfect for us. Everywhere we are sensitive including our inner thighs, under arms, breasts, and feet will appreciate this protective balm. It starts with the original balm and “adds in Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils. This, rich in Vitamins A, B, E and F, formula is never wet or greasy, keeps pores clog free.  Sweat escapes and lets skin breathe. Helps protect natural skin moisture – ideal for sensitive, dry, cracked skin.”


BODY GLIDE For Her is the one I’ll be buying in the full size since it solves many problems for me. Since BODY GLIDE has free shipping on all orders it makes it easy to buy and keep around. The pocket size and travel size are great ones to keep around for emergency use too (like the times you have razor burn on your pits or legs!)

body glide

Body Glide products can also be found at Amazon and sometimes for a lower cost. These vegan approved, cruelty free products will make a pain free addition to your life so you can live it to its fullest.  —  Marcia