Relief from pain with CBD Essentials Body + Massage Oil

CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On

I’m now a fan of CBD Oil in products. I’ve found that with my osteoarthritis that it helps me get through some of the pain I experience. When Cannaisseur Brands sent me their CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On I was happy to try it. I was using it casually on my knee and ankle without giving it extra thought. But sometimes you have to learn things the hard way.

Last week I spent a long day trekking around to buy the groceries I needed for a big family dinner. I had used the CBD roll-on in the morning but my shopping was mostly futile and time dragged. Try finding a fresh turkey in September! Not going to happen unless you find an expensive specialty store. By the time we were at the third store I had had it. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t think straight. I came home without half of what I needed. Thank goodness when I came home I had the CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On to help me. I rolled it on and took a long nap.

Now this handy Body+Massage Oil Roll-On lives in my purse. I’ve used it in the bathroom of stores and salons to let me finish whatever I set out to do.

CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On

CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On (Cannaisseur Brand) is great as a therapeutic aid. It helps reduce inflammation associated with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, and Psoriasis. It also helps rejuvenate tired muscles. For me it takes the place of using an analgesic by order of my doctor.

This cute 3.5 inch tall bottle (10 mL) takes up no room on my nightstand or in my purse. It’s available in 5 scents: Natural, Green Tea and Cucumber, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint ($12 each). I have Lavender and will add Peppermint to my life so I can have it at home. I think the Peppermint would be especially great for headaches.

CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On

The oil isn’t tacky at all. You can’t really feel much other than a light cool sensation when you roll it on. It dries quickly and it doesn’t leave any oiliness on your clothing. In addition to the pain relief I’m getting I’ve noticed that my skin isn’t as dry which is a great side effect. If a roller ball isn’t your thing you can also purchase this in larger sizes of 1 oz or 4 oz.

The ingredients are important to know about: coconut oil, organic coconut water, 50mg per oz of Premium CBD, select terpenes, essential oil for fragrance. Safe and non-psychoactive. Here’s what Cannaisseur/CBD Essentials has to say about these – Fractionated coconut oil absorbs quickly without clogging the pores, is antibacterial, an excellent skin conditioner and hydrator and a natural UV inhibitor. Coconut water is included in our products to enhance the slip for deep tissue massage. Our products use a premium CBD and a select blend of terpenes. They do not include ingredients such as menthol or lidocaine which are often used to mask the effectivenesss of a product with very little actual CBD.

CBD Essentials Body+Massage Oil Roll-On

Even if you aren’t an arthritic old soul like I am, there are so many ways this will help you rejuvenate your muscles and joints as well as help with inflammation. I’m lucky this has found its way into my life.  —  Marcia




  1. NeverSayDieBeauty | 2nd Oct 19

    What a handy little applicator bottle! I am sorry that you suffer from arthritis, Marcia. I’m glad that you get some relief from this product. I hope your holiday dinner was wonderful!

  2. Natoya | 2nd Oct 19

    Love that the oil isn’t sticky and dries fairly quickly. I’ve never tried CBD oil but with all this new research it looks like a great alternative medicine route.

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 2nd Oct 19

    I’m so glad that you are able to find a relief to your pain! I like it’s packaging so that you can carry it around in your purse. 🙂

  4. My Nail Polish Obsession | 3rd Oct 19

    I find that there are so many CBD items for sale now – online, in show stores, at grocery check outs. But how good are they? I feel like you are only going to get high quality items that give results if you go to a dispensary. Maybe I’m wrong?

  5. Huguette E. | 3rd Oct 19

    I’m also a fan of CBD, I’d rather take that for pain that over the counter medicine.

  6. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 3rd Oct 19

    CBD has made its way into my daily routine as well as my husband’s. we’re believers!

  7. Sandy Pincombe | 3rd Oct 19

    Count me in on the CBD oils too. My own family doctor felt it was better then more medication! And I suffer from Osteoarthritis too. I use drops and a salve. I am a true believer! BUT I ONLY buy these products from a trusted shop. I would never buy from a grocery store or gas station. You need to be aware of the products you are buying.

  8. Kathryne | 3rd Oct 19

    I have a friend who swear by CBD. I have not used it yet though

  9. Carol | 3rd Oct 19

    I think this is some I seriously need!

  10. 25 Sweetpeas | 3rd Oct 19

    I need to look more into this!

  11. Polarbelle | 3rd Oct 19

    So it really works? I’ll need to look for some.

  12. Jen Walker | 3rd Oct 19

    I’m glad to hear this works for you and has found its home in your purse! I haven’t tried any CBD products myself.

  13. Nina Kasper | 6th Oct 19

    I’ve heard so many people having pain relief success from CBD oil! I am so glad to hear you had success too! I really want to find a good cream for my lower back!

  14. Katie Marie | 7th Oct 19

    I keep hearing that CBD oil is great for painful or achy muscles!

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