Red lip palette perfection: The New Reds Lip Palette by Decorte

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Decorte The New Reds

I raved about the Decorte The New Nudes Lip Palette at the beginning of summer and I’ve been wearing it all season.  The colors are gorgeous and the wear is fantastic!  Today I am once again professing my profound admiration for this Japanese brand found exclusively at Saks.  They have incredible lip palettes, and I am in a mega swoon over The New Reds Lip Palette ($95).

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

The New Nudes Lip Palette transformed me into a lip palette fan, and now I am moving on to The New Reds Lip Palette, fall-friendly shades that have the same pluses as The New Nudes.  The shades in The New Reds range from medium pink to deep reddish-brown. They are all gorgeous, wearable, and mixable colors. They look great alone or in combination with one another. The formula has great pigmentation and lasting power. The finish is semi-matte and leave lips nicely hydrated. I’m not a huge fan of the brushes that are included in the palette, so I would recommend using your own. Otherwise, just like The New Nudes, I think this is a perfect palette just with deeper shades.

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette
Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Saks says, “EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. It’s a paradox: Hyper-color and condition in one. Double-pigment technology provides extreme tonal color while helping soften delicate skin with botanicals for a most comfortable, just-matte finish. Long-wearing. Non-drying. Made in Japan.”

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette swatched
Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette
Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette
Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette
Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

The New Reds is a fantastic combination of brighter and deeper shades that is truly perfect for transitioning into fall.  I love mixing and matching the shades together, and sometimes mix them with The New Nudes to create ombre looks.

The New Reds Lip Palette is expensive but boy, it’s wonderful.  The formula is simply elegant, the pigmentation is excellent, and the colors are fantastic.  If this fits into your budget I highly recommend it.  In fact, all the color products I’ve tried so far from Decorte are some of the best I’ve come across – take a trip to Saks just to check them out!! – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 10th Aug 17

    What a very pretty palette of reds!

  2. Jen Mathews | 10th Aug 17

    Very pretty reds!

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 10th Aug 17

    I’ll be in Boston next week, and now I want to go to Saks to check out this cool brand. I love reds!!!

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 10th Aug 17

    These are beautiful shades, but for that amount of money, I would not want them in a palette.

  5. Polarbelle | 11th Aug 17

    Those are pretty shades. I like that it’s easily portable and not a huge lip palette.

  6. Bailey | 11th Aug 17

    I don’t really like lip palettes, but I do love the shade selection.

  7. Julie Waldron | 12th Aug 17

    Red is such a daring color of lipstick. Some people can really pull it off, while others cannot. I’m still “afraid” to try it out. 😉 These are some pretty shades though.

  8. Anastasia | 13th Aug 17

    Love these colors, they are so classic and chic! Can’t go wrong with red 🙂

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