Recipes for gorgeousness! DIY Beauty by Ina de Clercq

DIY Beauty by Ina de Clercq

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? If so, I have an excellent book for you! As cosmetics lovers we are well aware of the monetary cost of being aficionados…although our significant others may not be (ha!). Making your own products can save tons of money, plus there is a real satisfaction in choosing which quality ingredients go into your creations. And let’s face it – it’s just cool to know how to make deodorant, whipped body cream, and bath bombs. There are quite a few excellent do-it-yourself books on the market, but what makes DIY Beauty by Ina de Clercq  ($17.99) different is all of her recipes are inspired by favorites from current lines. So, do you love La Mer’s The Body Crème but just can’t afford it right now?  You can make your own! How about Nars the Multiple? No problem. MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil? The recipe is easy.

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There are over 100 recipes in DIY Beauty that range from face masks to cream eyeshadows. The recipes aren’t difficult, although some do require using a double boiler. DIY Beauty addresses proper storage for each recipe, as well as how long the homemade product will last.

The chapters include recipes for every kind of face mask, hair products, moisturizers and eye cream, deodorant, blemish cream, lip gloss and lip balm, bronzer, eye shadow, highlighter, loose powder, makeup cleanser, body scrubs, body oil, hand soap, bath bombs, foot soaks…the list is incredible! The recipes are inspired by products from lines like Kiehls, Dr. Jart+, Tom Ford, Moroccanoil, Lush, Dior, Korres, La Mer, Bumble and Bumble, The Body Shop, Nars, MAC…too many to list!

What I really appreciate are the notes on how to customize the recipes so you can create products that are perfect for you. I am also not the most artistic person, but I find these recipes to be extremely easy to follow, and the ingredients aren’t things that are difficult to find. While DIY Beauty doesn’t list specific resources for ingredients and containers, I have a few to recommend that I think are wonderful.

For supplies, I like Mary Tylor Naturals. I reviewed this company a few years ago HERE which is actually what started my love of DIY beauty products. I made a moisturizing cream that I still love and I have some friends who ask me to make it for them. Mary Tylor Naturals has almost everything that is called for in the DIY book – the only ingredient I couldn’t find was the cosmetic mica for colored cosmetics products, but you can find that at any of these links:

DIY Beauty is an excellent book with creative but easy to make recipes for beauty products, all based on our favorites from big lines. It is a ton of fun, and your products will last for months! You can find DIY Beauty at most book stores, as well as online at Amazon.  – Lisa


  1. Claudia Materdomini | 11th Jul 19

    How fun! I actually used to make my own line of bath and body products from home and sold on Etsy. I always really enjoyed getting to source my ingredients and fragrance it how I liked. I even tried makeup as well but just lipsticks.

  2. Stacie | 11th Jul 19

    I have this book and love it! I agree that it’s so great that she shares ways to customize the recipes to make them more personal.

  3. T | 11th Jul 19

    This looks so amazing!! I wish I was more crafty and DIY. Most of my stuff looks like something from a fail page.

  4. Courtney | 11th Jul 19

    I love this book! It was so well researched.

  5. Lola Seicento | 12th Jul 19

    DIY beauty projects are so much fun to do!

  6. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 12th Jul 19

    I’ve never successfully made a DIY bath bomb so I’m interested in trying this recipe!

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  8. MelodyJ | 13th Jul 19

    I got this book as soon as I saw it at B&N.

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  10. My Nail Polish Obsession | 15th Jul 19

    I want to get this book! I love lip scrub and bath bombs and body scrub and…..

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 15th Jul 19

    I want to get into making more of my own! Seems like it would be fun and when you are making it your self you most certainly know exactly what you are using and what’s going in.

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