Recap for the Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

After each of the big giveaway hops that Beauty Info Zone is involved in I like to do a recap to help readers find the giveaways that suit them best. This time around there were so many giveaways for youngsters that I included them since they make helpful gifts. What I didn’t include though are the many $10 gift card giveaways. The only one included is the one for Sephora since this is a beauty blog after all. Let this be a start at least to winning.  —  Marcia




My Style Spot  –  big variety of cosmetics, US

Confessions of a Frugal Mind  –  $10 Sephora, US

Style on Main  –   FinchBerry Best Sellers Soap Sampler, US


Rita Reviews  –  Nikon Camera, US

Still Blonde  –  2019 Craft Books and Craft Kits, US

Hollybee Tells  –  Leaf necklace, US

Simply Sherryl  –  Wireless Earbuds, US

Lindsay Blogs  –  Silicone Wine Glasses + $5 Starbucks gc, US

Anderson’s Angels  –  earrings, US

Celebrate Woman  –  Air Fryer, US

Ice Fairy Treasure Chest  –  Dental Guru Charcoal White Toothpaste With Peppermint 6-Pack, US

Dashing Bling Read  –  2 Holiday shape and scented wax melts and a  $5 Gift Certificate from Sweet Candle Melts. US

Finding Sanity  –  custom Canvas Factory Photo, US/Can

Versatileer  –  iLLASPARKZ Women’s Black Pearl Ring, US

Dish Dish  –  Silver Pendant by Vita Art Jewelry, US

How Was Your Day?  –  Crown and Paw 8×10 Pet Portrait, US


The Kids Did It  –  $200 worth of children’s items, US

The Mommy Island  –  $200 worth of children’s items, US

Zombie Parenting  –  $200 worth of children’s items, US

Luv Saving Money  –  Avoseedo 2.0 kit, US

The Homespun Chics  –  Meri Meri Wooden Train Advent Calendar, US

Mom Does Reviews  –  The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection, US/Can

Java John Z  –  The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection, US/Can

The Review Wire  –   MAM Baby Prize Pack for Either a Boy or Girl, US

Kerrific Online  –  2 holiday DVDs, US

This N That With Olivia  –  Wink Naturals Prize Pack, US

Create, Play, Travel  –  Kids Adventure Stocking Stuffers, US


     AMAZON  Beauty Info Zone, $30 or paypal, WW  ||  Silver Dagger, $100, WW  ||  Sharing Life’s Moments, $50, US  ||  Parenting in Progress, $25, US  ||  Freebies Deals and Steals, $25 (or paypal), WW  ||  Candid Cover, $20, WW  ||  Raising Three Savvy Ladies, $50, US  ||  Eclectic Evelyn, $25, WW  ||  The Jersey Mama, $25, US  ||

||  Sonya’s Happenings, $25 e gc of choice, WW  ||  Tammie’s Take, $25 Walmart, US  ||  Calm the Fork Down, $25 Kohl’s, US  ||  When is Dinner, $25 Target, US/Can  || Comeback Mama, $20 Visa, US  ||  Pawsitive Living, $50 Cariloha gc, US/Can  ||  Life Within the Pages, $35 for Book Depository, WW  ||  Wickedly Romance, $50 Barnes and Noble, US  ||

There are quite a few $10 Amazon prizes too but I didn’t recap those.