Ready for a Beach Break with KBShimmer polish?

No denying that it’s summer and, no matter how your life is, it’s great to get outside with the sun shining. Pep up your life by pepping up your nails. Your lips may be hidden behind a mask but your nails are out there for everyone to see.

KBShimmer Beach Break

KBShimmer has created a 9 piece collection that is perfect for summer wear. We’ve already highlighted 5 of the polishes (here and here) and now I’ve got the other 4 ready for you. Out of these 9 polishes I’m sure you’ll find several that will bring beauty to your personal beach break.

The Tide is Right is on my nails right now and will be gracing my hands for July 4th (wherever we might be). I am a huge fan of multichrome polishes and KBShimmer is the company that started me with this love. The Tide is Right is a metallic aqua that celebrates water. It’s such a happy polish. “At first glance, a bold aqua color dances with a bright emerald shade. A change in lighting or angle reveals navy and royal hues that give way to indigo and purple.” Whatever light I’m in gives me a new view of this happy place.

KBShimmer The Tide is Right
KBShimmer The Tide is Right
KBShimmer The Tide is Right

KBShimmer The Tide is Right has a pal in Mermaid in the Shade. This too is a multichrome but one with shimmer. I love KB’s description: “A pale, violet-purple base is boldly accented with a shimmer that shifts in a rainbow of hues. In the shade, see pops of pink, copper, gold, lime, blue and indigo. In brighter lighting, the gold and greens shine through. Extreme angles reveal a pop of deep purple.” I’ve yet to see the purple but I’m sure one day this summer it will pop out to visit me knowing how much I love that shade.

KBShimmer Mermaid In The Shade
KBShimmer Mermaid In The Shade
KBShimmer Mermaid In The Shade

KBShimmer Mermaid In The Shade often looks very green on me but in pics you can see more of the golden hues.

Sparkle is the name of the game with Isle Drink To That. It is an amazing shade and the sparkle will attract crowds! This needs to be seen to believe. It has a soft rosy cast with metallic holo flakes. You’ll love this on hands or feet since it’s so unique.

KBShimmer Isle Drink to That
KBShimmer Isle Drink to That

Isle Drink To That is a sparkly metallic shade full of holo bits and platinum flakes.

Last for my group is the wonderful Lovers Coral, this is a shade I’ll be wearing often through the fall. It was the first polish I wore once I could get to my manicurist because I was blown away by the softness of it. “Lovers Coral starts as a soft, coral-leaning pink. See hues of bright pink, gold and green shift with different lighting and angles. In bright lighting, a rainbow of linear holo sparkle comes out to play.”

KBShimmer Lovers Coral
KBShimmer Lovers Coral
KBShimmer Lovers Coral

KBShimmer Lovers Coral was the perfect polish to get me back into the world of great looking nails. There’s a light load of shimmer with a slight holographic finish. It’s a polish that will be loved by absolutely everyone.

I am always explaining the virtues of KBShimmer. The brushes make the polishes easy to apply. They are cruelty-free and 5 free. It’s so wonderful to support an indie US company. — Marcia

kbshimmer beach break


  1. Lola Seicento | 1st Jul 20

    These are just so gorgeous, and The Tide is Right is AMAZING!

  2. Claudia A. Materdomini | 1st Jul 20

    These are really beautiful! Love the beach themed shades!

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 1st Jul 20

    Love Isle Drink to That – the name is so cute and adorable and I love soft pinky sparkles!

  4. Cassie Tucker | 2nd Jul 20

    I can appreciate the theme for these polishes. I’m loving the Tide is Right, I think was the name. I love polishes that have that blue and green shift to them.

  5. 25 Sweetpeas | 2nd Jul 20

    Isle Drink to that! Oooo SO Pretty!

  6. Laura | 2nd Jul 20

    The tide is right is so freakin gorgeous!!

  7. Sarah L | 4th Jul 20

    Clever names and pretty polishes.

  8. Nina Kasper | 5th Jul 20

    I’m really digging Mermaid In The Shade! Totally has a full mermaid vibe for sure!

  9. Glamorable | 7th Jul 20

    Oh my! Mermaid in the shade has the prettiest shift!

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