Quite possibly the best foundation ever: DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation

DecorteIt’s true. Without a good foundation, the quality of the rest doesn’t matter. The house will fall. The relationship will crumble. The makeup will melt. The foundation is, in essence, everything.

I was recently sent a foundation that is so good I wore it for three weeks straight thinking this HAS to be some sort of a mirage…there is no foundation this lovely, this luminous, this freaking fabulous. But it’s no hallucination…wow I love this foundation! What is my amazing foundation find?  DECORTE Soft Creme Foundation ($110).soft_creme_foundation_-_cool_pearl_9

Soft Creme Foundation is a spendy foundation from an upscale Japanese line that you can find at Saks Fifth Avenue. The feel and quality of the DECORTE line is similar to Cle de Peau. In fact, the Soft Creme Foundation immediately reminded me of one of my other favorite foundations, the even spendier CDP Radiant Cream Foundation. The DECORTE Soft Cream Foundation has a more liquid consistency though and while it builds to full coverage the initial coverage is medium. The coverage is fantastic and long-lasting, looking as good at 6 pm after a very sweaty hour-long work out as it does at 8 am in the morning.

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

It gives a gentle, youthful radiance that is fresh and believable. One jar will last years, I swear, because I use so little and get such great coverage with it. My shade is Cool Ivory, which I have heavily swatched on the left above and buffed in on the right.

DECORTE Soft Creme Foundation Guide

DECORTE Soft Creme Foundation Guide

I just can’t gush enough about the way this foundation covers. It evens skin tone, makes pores nonexistent, and gives this incredible glow that looks so healthy and sweet. I do use concealer – typically IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye – and then with a tiny dusting of finishing powder the end effect is truly incredible. The foundation makes every other bit of makeup I apply look fantastic. It’s magic.

Wearing DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

Wearing DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

DECORTE says, “uber-antioxidant Shirakaba Tonic infuses skin with clarity and renewal. Washi Paper Optics™ create a low-definition look for a luxe new luminosity.”  I say right on, DECORTE!  Whatever it is, it works, and it creates the most beautiful foundation ever for the rest of my makeup.

You can find DECORTE Cosmetics at Saks Fifth Avenue. I really hope you will try the Soft Creme Foundation…this is one solid foundation that you will always be able to count on no matter what.  – Lisa

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  1. This sounds like an incredible foundation, indeed!

  2. I love how natural it looks, I can still see freckles! I have to confess, I clutched my pearls when I saw $110. I will never spend that much but if I ever did, I would want to spend it on a luxury item like this!

  3. You had me at “cream”! I know I’d love this!

  4. Oooh. This looks so lovely and creamy!

  5. It looks like a nice foundation, but I hate that it comes in a jar. I prefer tubes or pumps to keep things sanitary.

  6. I had never heard of this brand but it looks great!

  7. I would love to try that but it’s too pricey for me. It looks beautiful on you Lisa–very natural!

  8. Wow, your skin is so radiant! You are glowing! Lovely review! Great to see your face <3

  9. I always enjoy trying out new foundations and this sounds amazing!

  10. I don’t know if I could ever justify foundation at that price, but it does sound spectacular.

  11. Crystal Fuentes says

    This just sounds incredible!! Even the picture looks like the softest, silkiest, and richest cream!!

  12. This seems like a fantastic product! The price kills me though.

  13. Was so excited to read your review. Your up close picture is amazing. Love that it is a cream too. But those of us on a fixed income can just drool as the price is a no go!!

  14. I’m glad this worked so well for you!

  15. Thank you for introducing me to this brand! I’ve never heard of it before, but now that I read about your amazing experience, I’m intrigued.

  16. Looks so natural!

  17. Wow!!!! This sounds amazing but the price does scare me a little….may have to give it a try in store first.

  18. Sounds amazing! I’m sure for that price it’s gotta be worth it!

  19. Lacquerexpression says

    Great review. I much prefer a natural look like this and I’m willing to pay the higher price tag for it.

  20. Crystal Fuentes says

    I recently saw a review of this product and the girl looked as if she had brand-new skin! It looks so creamy, and Rich, and had the best silky smooth flawless finish I had ever seen! Definitely a luxury item, seems well worth every penny if you ask me!

  21. Michelle Castagne says

    I’m impressed that one jar of this foundation will last for years. It looks great on your skin.

  22. Ehmkay nails says

    It covers so smoothly. Looks great!


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